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Bremerton Base History

Updated October 1, 2017


   The Bremerton Base of the United States Submarine Veterans (USSVI) was formed in November 1981 under the leadership of World War II Subvet, Tudor F. Davis.  He gathered together five others: Thomas Fiacco, Richard Litscher, William Dean, Kenneth Kerns and Charles Whitlock who were the founding members of the Bremerton Base.


   In July, 1982 the USSVI issued the Bremerton Base a charter and the base was officially in business.  Tudor was elected Commander. All members that were paid up by July 17, 1982 were considered Bremerton Base charter members.  There were 119 of them.


   Early on, monthly business meetings were held alternately between the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard CPO Club and the Bangor Subase CPO Club.  As membership grew and all did not have access to the bases, arrangements were made to hold meetings at the Fleet Reserve Association #29 facility on National Avenue in Bremerton, as they are today.


   In 1984, Tudor was elected USSVI National Commander, and he led the way for Bremerton Base to hold the 1985 USSVI National convention at the Bayview Inn in Bremerton.  About 250, counting better halves etc, were in attendance.


   From the beginning, The Bremerton Base has been involved in community projects which included (but not only) cutting and providing fire wood for the elderly, tree planting, Deterrent Park inception, development and maintenance, and the annual scholarship program.


   Traditional annual events have been a summer picnic and Christmas party.  Participation in three or four parades a year has been a standard of late.


   A good number of the Bremerton Base members have held national offices in the past.  They are Tudor Davis, NC; Jim Foote, NSVC; Bud Berg, NJVC and Dick Litscher, NT.  Currently some base members are volunteer workers at the USSVI national office in Silverdale, WA under the management of base Life and Holland club member Fred Borgmann.


   Bremerton Base, under the leadership of 2007 National Convention Committee Chairman Bud Berg, organizing and conducted a very successful 2007 National Convention on the 1000 foot cruise liner, ms Oosterdan to Alaska from Sept 15 to 22, 2007. About 1600, including guests were in attendance. 


   The Bremerton Base, led by Base Commander Don Bassler and WWII Subvet Ed Ferris, hosted a joint WWII Subvets/ USSVI Western District 4 conference from 20 to 22 May 2009 at the Silverdale Beach hotel.  Over 120 attendees participated with Seattle Base member Bob Opple giving an inspiring speech at the banquet recognizing our WWII mentors.


   In 2010, under the leadership of Base Commander Dave Niemy, the base took on the marketing, donation reception, engraved brick acquisition and installation at Deterrent Park, Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor.  Base members Tom Roper and Don Bassler led this effort. 


   On December 10, 2011, the base membership celebrated the base's 30th year by honoring the founding members at the annual Christmas Party in the NBK Bangor MWR facility.   Founding members present were Tudor Davis and Richard Litscher.


    In 2012, the base was inspired by younger volunteers, who were elected to lead the base for two years.  They were Jim DeMott, BC, Steve Corcoran, VBC, Wayne Sieckowski, Base Secretary and Dennis Nardone, Base Treasurer.  They were reelected to take on the following two years starting in 2014.  They were joined by Wayne Peterson, Base COB.  They brought on new events to push the base forward.


     In January 2016, Steve Corcoran was sworn in as Base Commander, and Doug McKay as Vice Commander. Other E-board members maintained their positions, Wayne Sieckowski, Base Secretary, Dennis Nardone, Base Treasurer and Wayne Peterson, Base COB. Jim DeMott remained on the E- board as Immediate Past Base Commander, the 6th E-board member, as prescribed by base bylaws (Art5-Sec1).


  Current membership( 3/2016), including dual members, is 256. Base wise, by membership numbers, Bremerton Base is fourth, behind, Groton, San Diego and Charleston….to be expected as this area has one of the newer Submarine Bases at Bangor.


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