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Updated: Saturday August 23, 2014

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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...

Lest We Forget: USS Cochino (SS-345) USS Bullhead (SS-332), USS Flier (SS-250), USS Harder (SS-257) ,USS S-39 (SS-144), USS Grunion (SS-216), USS Robalo (SS-273),  USS S-28 (SS-133), USS Runner (SS-275)

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Online voting to 8-10: Only 26 base members have voted, 10.95% of base membership

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August Base Meeting Summary
(Posted 8-20-2014)

The USSVI Bremerton Base August General Meeting was held at the FRA #29 facility at 521 National Ave, Bremerton on Tuesday Evening, August 19, at 1900.


Holland Club Chair Dick Litscher officiated a ceremony presenting inductees Shirley (Marty) Crutcher and Ron Lewis with their certificates and paraphernalia for their long standing (50 years), "qualified in submarines". Marty qualified in  Pickerel and Ron in Sargo in 1964. See BIG images here.   Images by Dennis Nardone

Vcdr Steve Corcoran and Adm Harlow


Bruce Harlow, Rear Admiral USN (Ret) gave a very

 educational short talk on his experience as a

legal authority is creating a treaty with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He gave all, credit for their submarine service during those times which showed our potential advisories a deterrent to be reckoned with. He closed with a short review of his experience in leadership establishing and ongoing help at  the Navy Undersea Museum at Keyport which included an effort to obtain Narwhal for the museum.



This was followed by a rousing introduction of Mike Loby, operator of the H&C.  He made a review of his family's ownership of the famous "Horse and Cow" and its newest location on 4th Street in Bremerton.  He then provided schnapps for a toast to his Dad and Uncle for all in attendance.


After a break, a business meeting was held.



Celebrating Military Service Parade, Daffodil Festival, Tacoma

(Posted 8-17-2014)


Ten members, including charter member Dene Rogers pulling the Bonefish float, showed for the annual Military Service Parade in Tacoma this past Saturday evening.

Photos provided by Don Bassler. Dutch Kaiser and Jim DeMott (see this page for full size pictures)


(Our showing was good, but from my prospective, the spectator numbers were not what I would expect from the 3rd largest city in WA/ed) (Also backed up by the Tacoma Tribune.)



Web Master Needed (and noted)

(Posted 8-11-2014)


In response to "Web Master Needed", I responded to the National Commander offering my support (i.e. advice) of his initiative.  His response is below.


I have already had three very capable individuals contact me and am confident that we can get this done. I appreciate your interest and support. I will be working out the details this coming week and will be glad to keep you and your "mailing list" informed as well. The initial phase was to find willing web nerds to step up for the task. That being well underway I now am looking to see what they think and what their capabilities might be. Once that is established, I will be looking for input from the BOD and anyone else interested in what their thoughts might be on the process. My extensive computer training was initially being shown where the ONOFF switch was and from that I did all of the setup and editing of an English language newspaper that ran up to 48 pages broadsheet and in color in addition I published a dozen or so 8 X !! 1/2 newsletters that ran up to 36 pages. Never missed an edition. Following seventeen years of that plus book publishing I was taught everything I know about the USSVI data base by my friend and mentor, Pat Householder. So I have some severe limits in the technical arena, and know absolutely nothing about design, even though I have put up a half dozen websites for my charitable efforts with the Scholarship programs that I manage.
Anyway, thanks again..
T Michael Bircumshaw
USSVI National Commander 2010-2014
Holland Club
Executive Director Path of Honor Scholarship Trust
Executive Director American Scholarship Trust

(I see this as a very positive step in the right direction to involve and recruit younger members "to perpetuate the memory". /ed)


Base Storekeeper Ordering Base Challenge Coins

(Posted 8-11-2014)


Base Storekeeper Ralph Harris is placing an order for base challenge coins.  He also wants to order base challenge coins of silver.  The cost to you would be $75/ea.  Assuming silver coins would vary in worth as the metal markets change,  in the long run, inflation would make them a worthy investment and perhaps a nice gift to a loved one.


If you are interested, please contact Ralph (360-876-0830)



July - September Puget Soundings on-line

(Posted 8-05-2014)

Click here for a color copy with more definition than this printed black and white copy!


Bluejackets Host Subvets

(Posted 8-04-2014)


The Kitsap Bluejackets Baseball Team hosted the Bremerton Base members for an August 1 evening game against the Walla Walla Sweets.  About a dozens members showed up.  John Mansfield and Ralph Harris threw out the first balls.  The weather was perfect for the game. 


Bluejackets lost to Walla Walla Sweets 4-2.  See all pics


L-R:  John Mansfield and Ralph Harris throw out the first balls of the game, Later watch the game.   Photos provided by John Mansfield



Greg Fessler Memorial Service, Sailor, Rest your Oar!

(Updated 8-04-2014)





Bremerton Base members, near 18, were in attendance at Greg's memorial service at the Christian Life Center in Port Orchard, Friday afternoon, August 1.


Two to three hundred  people were attendance.  It was clear that Greg, a local boy, was highly respected as a person and a submarine veteran. We made comments about Greg when attendees were asked for input.


Greg's participation in base activities was also shown in a very nice video tribute.


               Sailor, Rest Your Oar!

Connie Fessler Sends:


"Please pass on to all the other sub vets for their attendance at the memorial service. Seeing all those guys with their vests on made me so proud to have been a part of that special organization.
Thanks for all the help you have given us.
Connie (and family)"




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