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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...................

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Welcome Aboard new members: Bud Sullivan (Grouper, Plunger) and Robert "Scott" Bruneel (Michigan)



Summary of Monthly Bremerton Base General Meeting Tues, June 17, 2014

(updated 6-19-2014)


The June meeting featured the presentation of 6 Bremerton Base Annual Lt William "Willie" Spoon Memorial Scholarship Awards, each $1000.  Four of the recipients were present. 



Four of the recipients present. 

L-R:  Cdr Jim Demott, Dylan Heber, David Deanen, Justine Morris, Rebekah Kordray and Scholarship Chairman John  Gardner.

Photos by Dennis Nardone

Two recipients not present were represented by their Dad's as shown above.

L-R: Member Steve Wiltz, , receiving Joseph's Wiltz's award, and member James Sheridan receiving daughter Bethany Sheridan's award.


Base Commander Jim Demott has issued the scholarship raffle prize winners list.  Please review the pdf file listing to see if you are one of the lucky winners.  More to follow.



Help Needed to Fill In Fireworks Sale Watch Bill (updated 6-19)

(Posted 6-19-2014)


Please give 2 to 4  hours as a sales person at the the base fireworks stand which will be located, as usual, in front the now defunct QFC on Kitsap way.  Go to the watch bill, pick a watch or two where needed and e-mail your choice to Mike or Sam, and cc me.


PS:  This sale support all base activities including the SCHOLARSHIP FUND.



Celebrating 50 years of USSVI
Submitted by: Michael Bircumshaw Natl Cdr on 6/9/2014
On the 24th of May 2014, to the day exactly 50 years since the official launching of USSVI, we honored the creation of our organization with the dedication of a historical plaque now forever enshrined in the Navy Memorial in Washington DC.

Officially dedicated, the USSVI plaque is now displayed in the Naval Memorial Foundation building in Washington, DC.

It is to be noted that the USSVI plaque is on the obverse side of a rotating panel on which is mounted the WWII Sub Vets plaque that was initiated and completed by Charley “Scurvy” Brown (recently deceased) a WWII Submariner Stew Burner, whom I was privileged to know and in fact spoke with him on the day (13 May 2014) he went on Eternal Patrol. His last words to me were, “Please don’t forget us.” I promised him that we would not ever forget.

There were about 100 shipmates and guests in attendance and I was honored to read the history of USSVI as written by Peter Koester. I will admit that I had trouble reading about the Thresher SSN 593, which was one of the primary motivating factors in Joe Negri’s desire to form USSVI. I lost one of my best friends, Laird Heiser MM1 (SS) and the shipmate I went to SINS school with in 1961,Roger Van Pelt, who took the SINS job on the Thresher so I could go the USS Scamp SSN-588.

Sincere congratulations to everyone involved in the celebration, from Al Singleman NJVC, who organized it and made it happen to Paul Halle, Director of the Memorial, to RADM Fritz Rogge of OPNAV and RADM Walker, who always improves the quality of personnel in attendance, wherever he shows up.

The parade on Monday was a hoot. I rode with Pete Koester in his jeep with no top, which allowed me the opportunity to stand in a precarious manner for the entire parade, not know or ever having seen the “King” wave, I went ahead and used the “Queen” wave for the duration of the ride.

Four bases had floats in the parade, Columbus Base, Rhode Island Base, Marblehead Base and Nathan Green Base.

Most of us wandered around the museums and memorials. The WWII memorial was particularly impressive and to tell the truth.  Not only myself, but everyone that I spoke to within our group had a great time and USSVI was very well represented by the marchers and the Bases who pulled the floats and sounded those Klaxons



Message from the Commander

(Posted 6-11-2014)


It is with a heavy heart that I send this message. Today I received an e-mail from the National Office that informed me of the passing of Theron Davis, on Friday, June 6. Theron qualified in submarines on the USS Sea Owl (SS-405) in 1966 and was a LCDR when he left the Navy. He joined USSVI in 1999 and was a member of the Bremerton Base. With Theron departing on Eternal Patrol, let it be known that we have lost another hero. Sailor, rest your oar!

James DeMott
Base Commander
USSVI Bremerton Base



Attention Soup Down Participants - Schedule Changes

(Posted 6-10-2014)


A recent review of Soup Down restaurants who have not donated to the scholarship raffle have caused us to change the schedule to reflect those establishments that have made donations.  Some of those changes make the schedule in the recent issue of Puget Soundings obsolete. Please check the base calendar which does reflect the latest changes./Red




(Posted 6-7-2014)


As many of you know I have always felt that USSVI belongs to the membership. My last goal as NSVC is to have more members of USSVI to understand how USSVI functions. The more knowledge you have as members about USSVI structure and policies, will do nothing but make USSVI stronger. Communications is what can make any organization stronger.

Each month the USSVI E-board your elected officers has a monthly meeting to conduct USSVI business. Only the E-board members and District Commanders can post on these monthly E-Board BBS meeting, but any USSVI member can monitor and follow the Monthly E-Board Meeting. Here is the address you will need to enter to see what is being discussed during June on the E-Board Meeting :

At this time the E-board is discussing Insurance that will cover all 166 USSVI bases in all 50 states. We haven’t had this type of insurance in the past 5 years.

Shipmates many of our members aren’t aware that they have the ability to monitor the USSVI monthly E-Board meeting. I’m sending this e-mail with an attachment to my USSVI e-mail shipmates and I hope you forward this e-mail also to your e-mail list.

Please vote for the candidate of your choice in the current USSVI election. You will be electing a slate of officers that will be the E-Board in Charge of making decisions for USSVI members for the next (2) years.


Carl Schmidt


FLASH-01: Election Ballot Typo to be aware of
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 6/1/2014


(Posted  6-02-2014)

Please share this info with your base members ASAP!

There is a a typo error on AMERICAN SUBMARINER page 32 (Election Ballot).
"PA 2014-3" should read "National Junior Vice Commander" instead of
'National Senior Vice Commander".
The full text of the proposed change is properly stated applying to the
Natl Junior Vice Commander in the Proposed Amendment 2014-3 shown on page 27.
Kudos to Shipmate Vic Van Horn for catching this error!

This is an official email communication from the United States Submarine Veterans.
Contact the sender if you do not want to receive these messages.



The USSVI online voting booth is now open to all Regular members (US Submarine Qualified).
(Posted  6-01-2014)

The Candidate’s statements and the Various Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws are printed in The American Submariner. Please read them carefully and then vote for the candidate of your choice and vote to approve or reject the Proposed Amendments.

To vote online in the 2014 USSVI election, go to WWW.USSVI.ORG. When you get there, click on the green [VOTE NAT ELECTION] button (in the upper left corner). This will take you to the login page.

1. Enter your login name and password.
2. If you do NOT know your login info, CLICK the Red [GET PASSWORD] button and answer the questions there. (Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, 3 digit hull number of your first qual boat)

This will, in turn, take you to the ballot page. When you get to the ballot page, make your choices accordingly and then cast your ballot.

The ballot is also printed in The American Submariner magazine. To vote using the paper ballot, remove the appropriate page from the magazine, mark your votes, include your name and Base on the ballot and send it to the Election Master at the address printed on the ballot. Make sure you include your name and Base, otherwise your vote will not count.

You can also download a copy of the ballot from the web site. Go to the USSVI web site, click on the green “Documents” button (lower left side) and then click on Elections. The ballot for the 2014 election will be available for you to download. Complete the ballot and send it to the Election Master.

A word to Base Commanders: you may print as many copies of the ballot as you require and bring them to your Base meetings between now and when the election closes. Members may complete their ballots at the Base meeting. However, each member MUST complete HIS OWN ballot in his own hand. Members may assist other members, but each member must complete his own ballot.

Also, you may bring a computer to your Base meeting for the convenience of members to vote online during the meeting. However, as before, each member must log in himself and complete his own ballot.

As a reminder, the USSVI Constitution does not allow “proxy” voting. Proxy voting means that one member casts a ballot for another member. The election Master will reject such ballots.

Finally, the electronic voting booth will remain open until August 28, 2014. If you are mailing your ballot, it MUST arrive at the Election Master no later than August 28 as well. If you’re mailing your ballot, make sure you mail it out early enough to reach the Election Master by that date.





Click here to See Fireworks Sale Watch Bill



Pledge of Allegiance



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Bremerton Base Founder Turns 90!


Silverdale, 6-13-2014

Photos by Dennis Nardone


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50th USSVI Anniversary Memorial Day Week End (W/E) Activities

The USSVI 50th Naval Plaque Dedication Ceremony was conducted on May 24, 2014 in Washington DC at the Navy Memorial Foundation Building. The planning for the USSVI 50th Dedication Ceremony and Washington Parade was done by Al Singleman NJVC with the assistance of the Eastern Region Director Michael Naughton, NOVA and Capital Base that made this event such a success. Guest speaker was Rear Admiral Frederick “Fritz” Roegge (SS). Introduction of quests by Al Singleman Jr. History of United States Submarine Veterans by: USSVI National Commander T. Michael Bircumshaw. Tolling of the Boats by Northern Virginia Base Commander Howard Chatham. There were nearly 100 Submarine Veterans and quest in attendance. Closing remarks were by M/C Al Singleman Jr. USSVI NJVC. Carl Schmidt NSVC and Tom Conlon NS were in Attendance. The USSVI plaque is now displaced in the Naval Memorial Foundation building in Washington, DC. A BZ to all that made this event a success.

Parade Memorial Day

There were four Submarine floats in The Washington Memorial Day Parade. The following bases had floats in the parade, Columbus Base, Rhode Island Base, Marblehead Base and Nathan Green Base. USSVI was 16th in the parade line up. All floats had Klaxons sounding throughout the parade which the parade participants cheered when submarine floats passed. Again a BZ to Al Singleman NJVC for all the planning and working with the parade committee and his two trips to Washington, DC. prior to the Memorial Day W/E to made both events on the Memorial day W/E a success.

Shipmates please forward this summary of the 50th Anniversary and Washington, DC. Memorial Day parade  to your USSVI shipmates and other submarine veterans on your e-mail list.


Carl Schmidt



Medal of Honor   Recipient
CDR Samuel D. Dealey



Samuel Dealey was born on September 13, 1906, in Dallas Texas, to a prominent Texas family. Indeed, his uncle was the founder and publisher of the Dallas Morning News. After graduation, as expected, young Samuel was appointed to the United States Naval Academy. However, after posting poor grades, Dealey bilged out of the Academy. (According to tradition, midshipmen never walk out the bilgers gate a pedestrian gate in the Naval Academys outer stone wall. However, those who flunked out of the Academy exited through the bilge gate, leading to the term bilge out.) Amazingly, Dealey won reinstatement, eventually graduating from the Academy in 1930. Read All!


U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK


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Paper Ballot Voters take note!

2014 USSVI Scholarship Donation list to date

Chicago TV: Crash Dive Base: Chicago Memorial

Celebrating 50 years of USSVI

50th USSVI Anniversary Plaque Dedication and National Memorial day Parade



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