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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...................

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2014 Pacnorwest Officers' Submarine Birthday Ball

April 12 - mark your calendars and get your formal attire in order.

Announcing the 2014 Pacnorwest Officers' Submarine Birthday Ball, sponsored by Commander Submarine Group Nine, and celebrating 114yrs of Submarine Service. The event will be held at the NBK Bangor Plaza Ballroom on April 12th, 2014. Social hour will start at 1800 with dinner to follow. We hope to see everyone at the event. Keep an eye out here for new announcements!


'Joe Negri' shipmate Gilbert P Shaddock Departing...

PNC Pat Householder Informs

(Posted 1-28-2014)


With great regret, I must tell you that our Shipmate Gil Shaddock departed on his final patrol on Jan 28, 2014.

In his 32 year Navy career Gil rose from E-1 to O-5, and qualified aboard USS Grampus (49-51) in 1950.

He also served aboard USS Tunny 53-57, USS Darter 58-59, USS Robert E Lee 59-63, USS Simon Lake 64-68 and USS Hunley 71-74.

In recognition of his many accomplishments and service to his USSVI Shipmates, Gil was chosen USSVI "Joe Negri Shipmate of the Year" for 2010, received the 2009 Bob Link Nat'l Commanders Commendation Award, and was Holland Club Vice Commander for many years.

Gil joined USSVI in 1997 and was a member of the Snug Harbor (Founding Base Commander), Lockwood Internet and Scamp Bases.

In addition, Gil was President of the Robert E Lee association for many years, and was a member and supporter of the Naval Submarine League.

Gil was instrumental in helping Tim VeArd with his DECKLOG project from the start, which 'transitioned' into the vital USSVI online database that we use today and it was my pleasure to work with Gil on this project for many years.

In Gil's honor, a Gilbert P Shaddock Scholarship program was established several years ago, which now becomes the Gilbert P Shaddock Memorial Scholarship.

Gil had been in declining health for several years and, truth be told, was ready to join his beloved wife in eternity.

Gil slipped the lines of life in the comforting presence of his faithful friends Ralph and Leslie, and he will be laid to rest in honored glory at Arlington National Cemetery.

For those wishing to honor Gil's memory with a contribution to his Scholarship Fund, you can send a check made to USSVCF and notated for the Gilbert P Shaddock memorial scholarship, to USSVCF, PO Box 3870, Silverdale WA 98383.

WWII Bremerton Base Life & Holland Club Members in Recovery

(updated 1-26-2014)

Ervin O. Schmidt


Yet another WWII Subvet is in the hospital


Our most senior and revered member, Ervin O. Schmidt, nearly 98, of the Seattle Base, Bremerton Base and the Barbel Base was admitted into Overlake Hospital in Bellevue WA. on 23 January with a suspected stroke.  He has been incapacitated little if any.  He is in the South Tower room 418, 400 - 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

A member of his family is with him.  More to follow as his diagnosis is further developed.


Erv served in surface ships and submarines from 1941-1946.


As a radioman, he was a USS California (BB-44) survivor at Pearl Harbor and also survived sinking of the heavy cruiser USS Chicago (CA-21) sunk in action off Renell Island 1/27/1943.  Then Erv lucked out again,  and was assigned to ships that were designed to sink, the USS Saury (SS-189) for 5 war patrols and the USS Torsk (SS-423) for 2 war patrols.


Erv left the Navy in 1946, an RM1(SS). (more action than most of us have seen in a Navy career/ed)


Robert "Robbie" Robertson USN (Ret)


One of my WWII Subvet heros is recovering from a pneumonia at Anderson House in North Seattle.


Mustang Commander Robert "Robbie" Robertson USN (Ret), 88, has been suffering from a pneumonia since early January, while in and out of the hospital and recovery house a couple times. Robbie also has a bad heart and suffered a heart attack in January. He is weak but would like to accept phone calls and visitors (best after 6PM).  I am sure he would like a get well card too.


As a young sailor, Robbie served in USS Tirante (SS-420) with Medal of Honor recipient  Lieutenant Commander George L. Street III on all Tirante war patrols. An electrician, Robbie converted to ET, served in Amberjack and Odax before going to Nuke School in 1953 and qualified as an officer in Seawolf (1955-1960). Robbie then went on in repair billets and was promoted to commander before retiring in 1974.


Robbie is an active member in several veterans organizations.


Direct Telephone Number to Robbie: 206-418-5264

Address: Anderson House,  Rm 41, 17201 15th Ave, Shoreline, WA 98155

Terry's number:  206-525-1553


Please make Contact!



USS Nautilus: A record-breaking sub

Listen to narrative and Nautilus sailors here

(Posted 1-23-2014)


 (Posted 1-21-2014)


New Bremerton Base Member WRD John Mansfield (Menhaden)



January Monthly Meeting Summary

(Updated 1-20-2014)


   Photo provided by John Mansfield


This past Saturday morning, the base held its January General Meeting at the FRA.  After traditional opening ceremonies, 2014-15 Base Officers were installed by USSVI Western Regional Director John Mansfield.

 Photo provided by John Mansfield


They are left to right: COB Wayne Peterson, Vice Commander Steve Corcoran, Commander Jim DeMott, Treasurer Dennis Nardone and WRD John Mansfield. (Absent was Base Secretary Wayne Sieckowski)


This event was followed by ceremony recognizing outgoing Cob Hank Hollis for his dedicated and long service to the base as COB.  Below image Vcdr Steve presenting Hank with a Challenge coin while Cdr Jim looks on.

Then our guest speaker, Capt George Norman, skipper of USS OHIO (SSGN 726), gave a presentation that informed us of the weapons and type missions the SSGN's are tasked to accomplish.  He described in 3 leters what his ship's does, SSN.  After answering questions related to technical items, Capt Norman addressed Navy personnel items.

Photo provided by John Mansfield


Above, Capt Norman accepts challenge coin from Vcdr Steve while his son, Andrew, and Cdr Jim look on.



    Photo provided by John Mansfield


This was followed by a break, a business meeting, and National Office manager Fred Borgmann showing us a banner that represents a USSVI partnership with 5200 other organizations nation wide recognizing Viet Nam veterans' service on the 50th anniversary of the Viet Nam War.



Bremerton Base Captures Traveling Dolphins

(Posted 01-12-2014)

Photos taken by WRD John Mansfield. 


Base Cdr Jim DeMott led 5 other base members to Olympic Peninsula Base meeting Thursday evening, January 9th at the Community Center at Chimicum.  Oly Base provided guests with libations. 


WRD John Mansfield was also in attendance and informed all of national items and fielded questions, along with taking photos.  All enjoyed the camaraderie.



Monthly Meetings

Winter Hours

Starting in October
3rd Sat, 1000

 at FRA 29

521 National Ave,

Bremerton, WA


2014 Calendar below, Email  Red to change
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Thanks for sending along my 10-year USSVI pin. It arrived the day before our last Dallas Base meeting!

Our Dallas Base Commander also contacted me, and they will be presenting pins to various members at a future meeting, so I will hand it over for them to present at the right time with the rest of our base. Dallas Base has given my wife Carol and me a wonderful welcome, and I am actively involved now. Even rode the float in the Dallas Vet's Day Parade.

I will continue to refresh my ties with Bremerton Base any time I'm in the area. I still have the Bremerton Base patch on my vest, too. Thanks for keeping in touch. I enjoy reading the Puget Soundings and Gertrude Check each time they come my way.

Best regards,
Angus McColl

(Bremerton Base Life member)








Comical Irish: Irish Pubs and Other Signs




Base Has Historian

(Posted 01-06-2014)


Bremerton Base has an official historian. His name is Bob Paul. Bob is a USSVI Life member and has been active in helping SK Ralph Hariis in setting up a web page(s) that should be on-line soon. Bob served in the submarine service from 1964 to 1987.


If you are hording any base historical stuff, consider tuning it over to Bob (360-692-0165)



May 2014

Deterrent Park Brick Install Sponsors




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All Star Lanes, Silverdale


   Photos provided by Dennis Nardone




Gertrude Check Contributors

 (Posted 1-16-2014)


Gertrude Check contributors:  Most are local, but I do receive several items from others through out the world.  Some are images members have taken and I try to recognize those contributors. Thank you for your contributions to the content of this web site.  It greatly assists me in preparing this continually updated site.


I do a review, daily, of military sites to "copy and paste articles" I think may be of interest to you;  normally they show up on the "Back Page".


Others, please consider submitting stuff you think would interest members and others. Red       (Skipjack, May, 1968)





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'Joe Negri' shipmate Gilbert P Shaddock Departing...

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