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Gertrude check


  Issue/Date 20131125



P O. Box 465, Silverdale, WA 98383-0465


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013 07:22


Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country....................

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Annual Christmas Party Reminder

$50.00 per couple SUBVETS pay per couple after Nov. 22, 2013

$25.00 per single SUBVET pay per person after Nov. 22, 2013


Boosters Boost!


and have a


Happy Thanksgiving

American Submariner Editor Change

(Posted 11- 22-2013)

Shipmates, My name is Chuck Emmett and, beginning with 2014, I will be the new editor of our magazine, the American Submariner. To ensure that a clear pipeline is available for information flow to me, I have established a dedicated phone line and e-mail address just for the magazine. They are:




From the Commander

(Posted 11- 17-2013)


In the past, the Bremerton Base has taken up a collection to provide a holiday gift for a worthy cause. This year, the Base continues the tradition and once again has selected the Retsil Veteran’s Home. Money raised will go for buying phone cards and other gifts for the veterans residing at the home.

On December 14, 2013, at this year’s Base Christmas party, we will “pass the hat” to collect for the donation. The Base has agreed to match the total amount collected. The gifts will be presented after the party, on a date not yet determined (but before Christmas).

If you don’t plan on attending the party, you can still contribute. Donations can be made, payable to “USSVI Bremerton Base”. Please note that the contribution is for the Christmas Party collection. Contributions can be given to me, Base Treasurer Dennis Nardone, or mailed to USSVI Bremerton Base, P.O. Box 465, Silverdale, Wa, 98383.
Thank you for your support in this venture.

Jim DeMott
Base Commander



Longevity Awards

Building and maintaining Base cohesion is an ongoing and never-ending process. Scheduled meetings, memorial services, shared trips, picnics, parades and projects all help us to grow closer as a SUBVET family, enjoying each other’s company, while we honor our fallen heroes and support our current day submarine forces.

Most all our members have busy lives and many demands on their time, yet many willingly set aside the time to actively participate in USSVI related activities and functions. While many members are relatively new to USSVI, we have others who have maintained faithful allegiance for 5, 10, 15, 20 and more years.

When a member achieves a milestone year, it is altogether fitting to recognize and acknowledge their longevity in USSVI. This year, the listed members have reached a longevity milestone. The Bremerton Base would like to say “Thank You” for staying the course in USSVI and helping to make it what it is today.



Jim DeMott
Base Commander


10 Year Awards

20 Year Awards

James Adkins, Jr.

Dale Boyle

Richard Chwaszczewski

Charles Deer

William Delaney

Christopher Dreyer

Henry Fishel

Jack Ford

Donald Goldsberry

Michael Heberling, Jr.

James Henry III

Ronald Hnatovic

Clifford Lightfoot, Jr.

Michael Madden

Richard Maddy

Michael Marfut

Charles Martin

Angus McColl

Charles O’Hara

Jerry Parker

Edwin Parry III

Irwin Pierson

William Ridley

Tommy Robinson

Ken Schonauer


Ted Hunt

William McKenzie, Jr.

Daniel Simmons, Jr.





Deterrent Park - Fall Engraved Bricks Installed

(Posted 11- 20-2013)


On Sunday, Nov17th, my relief, Mike Sullivan, installed 4 bricks in addition to a replacement for the MOH flag brick that was damaged last summer.

Please note that the appearance of  the bricks will be similar to those above them, installed last year. It was raining and we also used some solution to remove the white color in some places that will be effective in the near future.



We have one donated brick order in house for a May, 2114 install.  You may want to consider a donating engraved bricks as Christmas presents for family members or respected shipmates.

Go to this page for details.  Happy Thanksgiving./Red



November Base Monthly Meeting Summary

(Posted 11- 17-2013)


The November Base Meeting, held Saturday morning , November 16th featured the Bi-annual Bremerton Base Election.  The Officers elected were as follows.  They take on their duties on 1 Jan 2014.


2014/2015 Base Officers


Commander: James DeMott

Vice Commander:  Steve Corcoran

Secretary:  Wayne Sieckowski
Treasurer: Dennis Nardone

Chief of the Boat: Wayne Peterson

About 40 members showed up, about 20 ate breakfast there.

Officers & committee chairman made their reports.

Next Event: Christmas Party, Saturday, Dec 14, Elks Club, doors open at hi noon. Festivities begin at 1230 PM. Base will match individual donations made for presents for Retsil Veterans Home residents


USSVI 50th Anniversary Patch & Coin For sale

(Posted 11-16-201)


The USSVI 50th Anniversary Coin is $10.00 each, the 50th anniversary Patch is $10 each, or in a combination for $ 20.00.  Contact Base SK Ralph Harris.



A Home Away From Home

(Posted 11-15-201)


A sailor has his own large walrus for a pet. The pet is taking a nap on the deck near the aft fin of an Oscar Class Russian sub(?) like the Kursk, in a northern port.





          Monthly MeetingsGO TO BASE FACEBOOK PAGE

Winter Hours

Starting in October
3rd Sat, 1000

 at FRA 29
521 National Ave, 
Bremerton, WA



2014 Calendar below, Email  Red to change
 Click Date to Show Event





Medicare/Tricare Rehabilitation now available at Retsil for Spouses of Military Retirees

(Posted 11- 20-2013)

Spouses of military retirees enrolled in Tricare for Life are eligible for admission to Washington Veterans Home, Retsil, located in Port Orchard, under a Medicare/Tricare after a qualified hospital stay and are in need of a rehabilitation skilled nursing stay. This skilled nursing admission entitlement is only for the qualified covered stay, on a space available basis, and upon completion of the qualified covered stay, the spouse will be discharged back to their private residence or to another facility.

Under Tricare for Life, Tricare pays for the first 20 days of skilled nursing and the co-payment from day 21 to the end of the rehabilitation stay, up to 100 days. If the stay extends beyond 100 days, Tricare covers a percentage of the costs and a co-payment is required from the insured spouse.

For more information contact WVH Retsil at 360-895-4700 or 360-791-0951.

Surviving spouses of veterans needing long term care are eligible for admission to WVH Retsil on a space available basis. Applications can be submitted at any time and the eligible surviving spouse will be put on a waiting list if no bed is available at the time of application.

Willie Slusarski
Administrative Assistant
360-895-4453 (Fax)


Recovering at Northwoods in Silverdale

360) 698-3930

Ed  Soriano

(Blenny, Grouper, Queenfish, Hawkbill)

Al Sanders

    (Snook, Permit)



Submarine Videos


Ohio Class Submarine | Combat Countdown

Navy - Trident Missile Launch From a Submarine

watchout from below

Fast Attack

Submarine USS Virginia Documentary

Secret Russian Sub - Mission Invisible

Borei Class Submarine

HMS Victorious Trident Class Nuclear Submarine

Oberon Arrival in Halifax

RCN Submarines HD



Family Inn at Manchester

Photos by Dennis Nardone


(Posted 8-16-2013)

So you want to be a Snow Bird and enjoy a beautiful winter in Yuma, AZ. Rent this neat park model home, completely furnished for $750/month. There is a three month minimum. Bring your soul mate, your clothes, car, or fly into Yuma Airport. You could rent a car or buy one.


Call SubVet Ervin Schmidt at 425-316-8922 or write to Katie Purdue. 15611 22nd Ct. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012


If you are down in Yuma, AZ and would like to view our park model, call Shipmate Al Durkee at 360 908 3050.







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How DoD Can Save America’s High-Tech Edge

Somalis Get 19 Life Sentences in Piracy Slayings

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Amphibs to Replace Carrier in Typhoon ReliefMedicare/Tricare Rehabilitation now available at Retsil for Spouses of Military Retirees

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