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Gertrude check


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Saturday, November 16, 2013 06:26


Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country....................

Wow! Take a Look at Our Base Boosters.  They are great!

Annual Christmas Party Reminder

$40.00 per couple SUBVETS pay per couple paid or mailed prior to Nov. 22, 2013.

$20.00 per single SUBVET pay per person paid or mailed prior to Nov. 22, 2013.

$50.00 per couple SUBVETS pay per couple after Nov. 22, 2013.

$25.00 per single SUBVET pay per person after Nov. 22, 2013.

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USSVI 50th Anniversary Patch & Coin For sale

(Posted 11-16-201)


The USSVI 50th Anniversary Coin is $10.00 each, the 50th anniversary Patch is $10 each, or in a combination for $ 20.00.  Base SK Ralph Harris has 45 of each for sale.



A Home Away From Home

(Posted 11-15-201)


 A Rusian sailor has his own large walrus for a pet. The pet is taking a nap on the deck near the aft fin of an Oscar Class (?) Russian sub like the Kursk, in one of Russia's northern ports.



Veterans Day event focuses on Korean War vets
By Ed Friedrich, Kitsap Sun

AIRGROUNDS — Korean War fighters and John “Bud” Hawk drew special attention Monday during Kitsap County’s annual Veterans Day ceremony.

Keynote speaker Lourdes “Alfie” Alvarado-Ramos, director of the state Department of Veterans Affairs, asked those among the 2,000 guests at Kitsap Sun Pavilion who served during the Korean War, which ended 60 years ago, to stand up. A couple of dozen men in their 70s and 80s rose from their folding seats. Read All


Today, 11-11, Veterans Day Event at the Kitsap Pavilion

(Posted 11-10-2013)


Click for big flyer

Be there in your colors!  Doors open 0900, Ceremony at 1030.


A day to honor their dedication (Click)
By Kitsap Sun staff
Posted November 9, 2013 at 5:32 p.m.



Base Monthly Meeting this Saturday, Nov 16, 10AM

(Posted 11- 10-2013)


The November Base Meeting, this Saturday, November 16th will feature the Bi-annual Bremerton Base Election.  Nominees for the for the 5 officers are listed below and will be voted for at the meeting.


Biannual Base Officer Elections


Nomination Chairman Dutch Kaiser reports the following members in good standing have been  nominated:

Here are the candidates:
Steve Corcoran Nominated for Commander and Vice Commander
James DeMott Nominated for Commander
Dennis Nardone Nominated for Treasurer
Wayne Peterson Nominated for Vice Commander and Chief of the Boat
Wayne Sieckowski Nominated for Secretary

Please post this list on Gertrude Check and Puget Soundings and remind the
membership that nominations are open until October 30th and elections will be
held at the November Business Meeting.

Thousands turn out for Auburn's Veteran's Day Parade
Staff writer November 9, 2013 Updated 16 hours ago

Instead of sitting in the reviewing stand where he was an honored guest, World War II Navy veteran Don Hanson, 91, of Kent walked the parade route Saturday during the 48th annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade. DEAN J. KOEPFLER — Staff photographer
AubParade  (Note, Improved Base Float in the background and Dutch Kaiser to the right side of image.  I got to shake hands with Don, a right armed rate first class gunners mate
...He made me proud./ed)

“Thank you for your service.”

Thousands of people lined Auburn’s Main Street on Saturday for the city’s annual Veterans Day Parade, a mile-long extravaganza that’s billed as the biggest such event west of the Mississippi River.

More than 5,500 people participated in this year’s parade, according to organizers. The official count of 215 entries included 25 marching bands and remnants of military units from several generations of war.  Read All!



Group Picture in Front Of Seattle Base Float...Seattle, South Sound and Bremerton Base Participants Led by Admiral Smith, PNC Pat Householder and WRD John Mansfield.  

Photo Provided by John Mansfield


Sam Swenson, Associate Life Member, Makes Vast Improvement to Bonefish Parade Float
(Posted 20131110)


Photos provided by Dennis Nardone


Sam manufactured the bulwark that surround the bridge deck.  He made scale models of a 40-mm machine gun on the cigarette deck (aft) and a 20-mm machine gun forward.  Give Sam a great deal of credit for "perpetrating the memory...."



Life Member Mike Sullivan Takes A Challenge!

(Posted 11-7-2013)





Best to you Mike!







Brian Heckel (Alexander Hamilton, Ohio, Kentucky)

(Posted 11-4-2013)


Latest Edition of the Puget Soundings is On-Line (CLICK)

(Posted 10-30-2013).


Call for 2014 Nominations for National and Region Elections - March 1 2014 deadline for submissions.

(Posted 10-26-2013)


In accordance with the requirement of our Constitution & Bylaws, The Nominations Committee Chairman Tom Conlon announces this call for 2014 National Election nominations for the following offices.

1.National Commander
2.National Senior Vice Commander
3.National Junior Vice Commander
4.National Secretary
5.National Treasurer
6.NE Region Director
7.SE Region Director
8.Central Region Director
9.Western Region Director

The nominations for the Region Director positions are included for convenience in this procedure.

Any member in good standing (self nominations are allowed) may nominate any other member in good standing for any elected National Office, provided that the Nominee qualification for National Office shall be in accordance with Constitution Article XI Section 1 paragraph (b) and the nomination is accompanied by a letter from the Nominee indicating his willingness to accept the nomination, details of his qualifications in 100 words or less, and willingness to serve if elected.

The prerequisite for National Office is that

•A Nominee must be a Regular Member in good standing a minimum of thirty consecutive months.
•Nominees for Senior and Junior Vice-Commander must have completed at least two years as a Member of the Board of Directors. (This includes all National Officers, Region Directors, District Commanders, past and present, who have met the two years in office requirement.)
•Nominees for National Commander must have completed at least two years as a voting member of the Board of Directors by the time they take office as National Commander (NC). (This includes all National Officers and the District Commander of the Year, past and present, who have met the two years as a voting member of the board requirement.)

The term of office for all National officers will be two years or until a successor is elected.

The nomination must be received by Tom Conlon, Nomination Committee Chair on or by March 1, 2014 by email at or by mail at 8 Davis Ave, Harrison, NJ 07029.

          Monthly MeetingsGO TO BASE FACEBOOK PAGE

Winter Hours

Starting in October
3rd Sat, 1000

 at FRA 29
521 National Ave, 
Bremerton, WA



2014 Calendar below, Email  Red to change
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 Ed's (Soriano) on the  Sick List

(Blenny, Grouper, Queenfish, Hawkbill)


Hi everyone,
This is just to let you know that Ed had  a total knee replacement, right  12 days ago ( 29 Oct.) the surgery went very well at the Naval Hospital Bremerton  but other problems not connected with the surgery aroused and he had been in and out of the Intensive care Unit and 5 days ago his condition worsened, was intubated and was placed on a respirator then was transferred to Harrison Medical Center, here in Bremerton to the present. This morning he was extubated, respirator was removed and breathing on his own. He is still very weak and tires easily.
For those who wants to come and visit please wait until he is transferred from the Intensive care Unit to a regular floor. (Ed is in Rm 403, still weak, 11/12/13/ed)
To everyone who had been praying for his fast recovery our million thanks.
Take care.
(Ed's Personal secretary) 

Submarine Videos

Ohio Class Submarine | Combat Countdown

Navy - Trident Missile Launch From a Submarine

watchout from below

Fast Attack

Submarine USS Virginia Documentary

Secret Russian Sub - Mission Invisible

Borei Class Submarine

HMS Victorious Trident Class Nuclear Submarine

Oberon Arrival in Halifax

RCN Submarines HD

Family Inn at Manchester


(Posted 8-16-2013)

So you want to be a Snow Bird and enjoy a beautiful winter in Yuma, AZ. Rent this neat park model home, completely furnished for $750/month. There is a three month minimum. Bring your soul mate, your clothes, car, or fly into Yuma Airport. You could rent a car or buy one.


Call SubVet Ervin Schmidt at 425-316-8922 or write to Katie Purdue. 15611 22nd Ct. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012


If you are down in Yuma, AZ and would like to view our park model, call Shipmate Al Durkee at 360 908 3050.





They are 'outta here'!!! Boomers 2014 Calendar sold out! (However, SK Ralph Harris may have some)

(Updated 11-03-2013


Barry, our National Storekeeper, reports that all the 2014 "The Boomers" calendars have been sold.

Some of the Bases still have a few to sell, so contact your Base Storekeeper for availability.




PNC Pat Householder sends

(Posted 11-1-2013)


A limited number of official posters from the Smithsonian exhibit "FAST ATTACKS & BOOMERS: Submarines in the Cold War" is available for $17.50.

Full-color, 18 X 24 in., printed on heavy stock, suitable for framing.

Offer limited to five per customer, while supplies last. 4-6 week delivery. Make $17.50 check payable to SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, and send order to:

Smithsonian Ship Plans
MRC 628
PO Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012

See Poster at




Help Wanted.  Volunteer Again!

(Posted 9-09-2013)


The USSVI National Office in Silverdale is in need of a volunteer that would require minimal computer skills to assist the office manager in conducting national business, primarily mailing out documents.


The volunteer would need to work 1 to 3 hours a week on a day and time negotiated with the office manager.


Helping the organization at the  national level will increase your knowledge of the Subvet doings at the national level and the 160 bases located around the country.  It is also gratifying.


You would be 1 of 5 local volunteers.


Call Fred at 360-337-2978 for more info.





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U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK)

Click this Link

SUBVETS, Sailors honor past and present veterans at annual ceremony

Submarine North Dakota christened in Groton

Auburn WA Veterans Day Parade (one of the largest in the Nation!)

Cold War sub to go on display at museum as its military missions remain secrets

The 2012 USSVI Federal Tax Return (Form 990) (Inc 369K)

2014 50th Anniversary Patch and Commemorative Coin

Navy Virginia Payload Module Design Concept to replace Ohio Class SSGNs.

Holland Club Challenge Coin



Stuff you won't see in the local fish wrapper

Typhoon-struck Philippine city begins mass burial

Navy kickbacks schemer from Ga. to be sentenced

Mabus: Expand Strike Missions for Carrier Drones

George Washington Arrives for Philippines Relief

Veterans Day event focuses on Korean War vets

USS Seawolf’s missions and technology are secret

History: Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare

Commissaries to start scanning IDs

USS City of Corpus Christi Departs for Western Pacific Deployment

Coast Guard Officer Faces Court-Martial

Two Admirals Caught In Widening Bribery Scandal

Hagel Says Cuts to Pay and Benefits are Needed

Red October no more: Russia scraps Cold War-era Typhoon submarine

Navy Selects Virginia Payload Module Design Concept

The Day A German Submarine Was Sighted In The Bahamas

War hero, educator 'Bud' Hawk dies

U.S.: Navy secrets bought with prostitutes, bribes

Japan launches newest submarine Kokuryu amid party atmosphere

German U-Boat wreck off Rhode Island coast a dark reminder of WWII

Navy Asks Court To Reject Claims Over Bangor Wharf

Plumbing the depths of surveillance with submersible drones

Nook & Cranny Tours offer intimate look inside USS Cobia submarine

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