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  Gertrude check


  Issue/Date 20131007



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Saturday, October 05, 2013 17:52


Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country....................

Wow! Take a Look at our Base Boosters.  They are great!

GET YOUR DET PARK DONOR BRICK(S) ORDERED...Deadline Extended to October 15th, Install by End of October


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USSVI Olympic Peninsula Base's Memorial To Chuck WinsorClick for more images

(Posted 9-30-2013)


Chuck was memorialized by the Olympic Peninsula Base in Chimacum on Saturday. Sept. 28th. Chuck passed away on September 23, 2013.


Chuck served his country on several ships and boats in his Navy career.  The last two, he was the COB.  They were: ARS-6,Ajax1955-56; AF-38 Merapi 1956-57: ARS-7 Grapple, 1957-57; CGN-9 Long Beach ,1959-61; SSBN-600 Theodore Roosevelt 1961-64;  Cabezon,SS-334,1964-67, Hammerhead, SSN-663; and  SSBN-657 Francis Scott Key ,1970-74.


Sailor, rest your oar!


2013 Navy Birthday Ball

(Posted 9-30-2013)


This year's Navy Birthday Ball themed "A Walk Through Time", will be held Saturday, 12 Oct at Bangor Plaza Ballroom, Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. The guest speaker will be Mr. Earl Johnson, a twin tower survivor and author of "Stairwell to Heaven."

Tickets will be available for purchase starting 17 Sep through 09 Oct, Mon - Fri from 1130-1230 at Samuel Adams on Bremerton (360-476-6719) and Inside Out Café on Bangor (360-535-5928).

Schedule of Events:
1800: Hospitality
1840: Ceremonial Events
1900: Dinner (choice of prime rib of beef, teriyaki salmon, or pasta prima vera)
2100: Dancing

Military Dress: Service Dress Blues or Better
Civilian Dress: Semi-Formal or Better

Ticket Prices:
$25: E1-E4, GS1-4
$35: E5-6, GS5
$50: E7 to O3, GS6-12
$60: O4 to O10, GS13 and above
$40: Retirees and Civilians

Member Joe Hanisko Sends



SSB Bubbleheads in touring over 500 vintage vehicles

(Posted 9-27-2013)


All SubVets from Seattle and Bremerton Bases are invited to join the SSB Bubbleheads in touring over 500 vintage vehicles at the LeMay Marymount Event Center on SATURDAY 5 October 2013. Mark your Calendar and Muster at Noon in front of the Gift Shop. Mud and Gut Bombs (coffee and donuts) will be on hand for the crew. (SSB Members, this is in lieu of our regular October meeting.)

The normal General Admission fee is $15.00, but for our group of bubbleheads, it is only $10.00 per person! Our tour will shove off at 12:30, so don't be late! Plan on a 2-2½ hour tour of the extensive collection of vintage vehicles located here.

From its roots as the original automotive collection of Harold & Nancy LeMay, started in the 1960's, the LeMay Family Collection Foundation (LFCF) is an expression of the continued growth of the LeMay Collection and a desire from the community to preserve the amazing LeMay Collection for the future. The LeMay family collections include over 1,500 vintage vehicles, plus related Americana (dolls, toys, antiques, farm equipment, etc.) and much of that is located at Marymount, a distinct campus with a unique history all its own.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP to Mike Ellis at  / 253-222-6948



Bremerton Base on Facebook, OMG

(Posted 9-26-2013)


We have finally succumbed to the world of social media. Like it or not, you will find it very helpful and immediate in expressing your thoughts and suggestions to improve the base.


Essentially this is a web blog registered with Facebook.  Member Dale McVey volunteered his expertise in this area and is the Webmaster of this site.  However, you are the ones that provide the content (text and images).  Dale will monitor the site and has the authority to edit out what he thinks is inappropriate. 


In order to participate you must register with facebook, takes a minute. But you can view right now without registering, but cannot comment. Being a newbie myself, I can't give you much help, but let your conscious be your guide, the whole world is watching!/Red



Biannual Base Officer Elections

(Up-dated 9-20-2013)

Nomination Chairman Dutch Kaiser reports the following members in good standing have been  nominated:

Here are the candidates:
Steve Corcoran Nominated for Commander and Vice Commander
James DeMott Nominated for Commander
Dennis Nardone Nominated for Treasurer
Wayne Peterson Nominated for Vice Commander and Chief of the Boat
Wayne Sieckowski Nominated for Secretary

Please post this list on Gertrude Check and Puget Soundings and remind the
membership that nominations are open until October 30th and elections will be
held at the November Business Meeting.

Deadline for Deterrent Park Engraved Brick Orders Extended to October 15th

(Posted 9-15-2013)


Two factors caused the extension of your opportunity to order engraved bricks by October 15, 2013.


1.  Engraver will be very busy through mid October

2.  An extension of the deadline could result in additional bricks orders, installed in late October.



Help Wanted.  Volunteer Again!

(Posted 9-09-2013)


The USSVI National Office in Silverdale is in need of a volunteer that would require minimal computer skills to assist the office manager in conducting national business, primarily mailing out documents.


The volunteer would need to work 1 to 3 hours a week on a day and time negotiated with the office manager.


Helping the organization at the  national level will increase your knowledge of the Subvet doings at the national level and the 160 bases located around the country.  It is also gratifying.


You would be 1 of 5 local volunteers.


Call Fred at 360-337-2978 for more info.


Deterrent Park - Oct 15, 2013 Deadline for Donation Brick Order

          Monthly MeetingsGO TO BASE FACEBOOK PAGE

Winter Hours

Starting in October
3rd Sat, 1000

 at FRA 29
521 National Ave, 
Bremerton, WA



2014 Calendar below, Email  Red to change
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Auburn Veterans Day Parade

(Posted 9-20-2013)


POC Shipmates,


I attended the Auburn Veterans Parade Committee meeting Tuesday and received the following:

Please distribute this info to all Base members.


The Auburn Veterans Parade is the 7th largest this side of the Mississippi.


For more details, forms and full schedules of events, visit


Best regards,

John Mansfield



   Photo Provided by Dennis Nardone  (9-13-2013)

Whiskey Creek, Keyport


(Posted 8-16-2013)

So you want to be a Snow Bird and enjoy a beautiful winter in Yuma, AZ. Rent this neat park model home, completely furnished for $750/month. There is a three month minimum. Bring your soul mate, your clothes, car, or fly into Yuma Airport. You could rent a car or buy one.


Call SubVet Ervin Schmidt at 425-316-8922 or write to Katie Purdue. 15611 22nd Ct. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012


If you are down in Yuma, AZ and would like to view our park model, call Shipmate Al Durkee at 360 908 3050.



Deterrent Park - Oct 15, 2013 Deadline for

Donation Brick Order

(Updated 9-15-2013)


You can apply NOW, and pay by October 15th when order is sent in.




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