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Saturday, 10 August 2013 07:47:38 AM


Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .



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Deterrent Park - Sept 15, 2013 Deadline for

Donation Brick Order

(Updated 8-09-2013)

You can apply NOW, and pay by September 15 when order is sent in.


Bremerton Base Takes Back the Dolphins

(Posted 8-09-2013)


Last evening, Thur, 8 August 5th , Bremerton Base pirates hit the road to take back the coveted traveling dolphins from the Olympic Peninsula Base.  They were met with an anti-pirate proclamation from the John Clear, Olympic Peninsula Base Commander.  It was entertaining, but didn't keep the pirates from succeeding.


A good business meeting was conducted.  GOOD NEWS!


1.  Olympic Peninsula Base will not close.

2.  Aug 24th Steak Dinner Feed at Port Townsend Elks is on for 5 PM.  Chef Milo will provide a great dinner with steak and fish.  (Ralph Harris has tickets ($16.25)  Stay Tuned!

FLASH-01: Announcing the USSVI Member Questions and Comments Bulletin Board System (BBS)
Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 8/4/2013

I am pleased to announce that USSVI has a new Bulletin Board System (BBS), the USSVI Member Questions and Comments BBS at

This is a place where any member can ask a question, comment or make a complaint.

Ground rules, identify yourself, keep it clean and fraternal. Got a problem? Offer a solution.

We want to build a better and more satisfying organization for all our shipmates.

Our mission is to remember our fallen shipmates, encourage fraternalism between
subvets and benefit our submarine family. Your questions and suggestions to help
achieve these ends will be very much appreciated.

Your National E-Board

Next Event...Take Back the Dolphins from the Olympic Peninsula Base

(Posted 8-04-2013)


VCDR Steve Corcoran will lead a pirate raid on the Olympic Peninsula Base this Thursday evening, August 8th.  Come on along. Leave from Target Parking lot (Silverdale) about 1730.



Annual Picnic Draws About 50 Members & Guests

(Posted 8-04-2013)


Saturday morning, Aug 3rd, at 1130, Cdr Jim Demott opened the base August meeting with traditional ceremony at the Bremerton Elks picnic grounds in front of the coveted USS Bonefish Float.  Introduced were WRD John Mansfield,  WWII Subvet Paul Christofferson, new members, and Canadian  SAOC members. Meanwhile VCDR Steve Corcoran and Wayne Peterson were cooking up the burgers, dogs and brauts.                                                                 Photo by Dennis

Jim then called on Holland Club Chairman Dick Litscher who presented HC awards to Bill Ridley and Doug Smith in recognition of 50 years qualified in submarines.  Each gave a brief sea story that were significant to their careers.


Announcements about a Military Recognition Day Parade in Tacoma and a Olympic Peninsula Base steak and fish event at Port Townsend Elks Club which conflict time wise with each other in the late afternoon of Saturday, August 24th.                                                            Photo by Dennis Nardone


All this was followed by a grand feed with more to eat than all these folks could handle.


We owe a big thank you to COB Hank Hollis for setting up this event!


(Of interest, we were very happy to have some active duty submariners/members at the picnic.  They are the ones who will walk in our footsteps, not only defending our nation, but ensuring our creed is carried out.)


The Silent Service TV series are now available as a free download

(Posted 7-30-2013)

Thanks to the generosity of USSVI Northern VA Base member Ray Stone, the following episodes are available for downloading at this site are from thesubmarine adventure series 'The Silent Service' which aired during the1957-1958 television seasons.

The Silent Service is a documentary styled anthology series about the U.S.Navy's submarine fleet and their missions during World War II and the KoreanWar. Every episode was fact based and the realism of the show was elevated by the use of actual combat footage from the files of the United StatesNavy.

The stories, which varied between the South Pacific during World War II, theAtlantic campaign and the Korean War, were the brainchild of Rear AdmiralThomas T. M. Dykers, himself a WWII submariner who commanded USS Jack(SS-259) and retired from the Navy in 1949 after 22 years of service. Click

Admiral Dykers also did an intro piece for each episode, narrated the actionand filmed a closing segment, usually with a member of the crew of thesubmarine that was highlighted on that particular episode.

Each season was comprised of 39 episodes. All of the episodes for season onare complete, however there are three missing episodes for season two. Ifanyone has copies or knows where they are available, please let Ray know.

In addition to the episodes, Ray has included copies of the press kits thatwere issued to the stations along with the films. He also included episodesummaries which are handy in preparing notices / programs for individualviewing.

All episodes are in MP4 format. Ray suggests downloading to your devicerather than trying to view online. Each episode is about 30 min. in lengthso consider that when trying to download.

For those interested in short-cutting this process, the entirean bepurchased on DVD from USSVI Member John Clear. Visit for more information.

To download the TV episodes, go to and click on the DOWNLOAD

Welcome Aboard New Member:


Joe Hanisko (Jimmy Carter)       




Bremerton Base Members Enjoy Whaling Days Parade From The Side Lines

(Posted 7-28-2013)


Photos by Dennis Nardone


As shown (others came and went), members, guests and Firestone Tire employees pose for group photo in front of Bonefish float in front of the Firestone Tire Store in Silverdale .  This year the base sat out the parade and watched from the side lies, but still got visibility by all parade participants .  It was enjoyable, but  I think most of would prefer to be in the parade. From what I saw there were very few or no active duty or veterans groups participation. Vet groups could not afford or individual members could not take on the responsibility (liability insurance) required by the parade.  (Noted:  Most entries were tax payer supported entities or commercial firms. I enjoy participating in the parade much more than watching it.  Too long, too much spacing between entries and no bands. If any one has other images to post, please send/ed)

Remember These Scholarship Winners!

(Posted 7-21-2013)


Life Member Angus McColl's daughters, CPT Heather McColl Morgan and 1LT Amber McColl, have just returned from 9 month deployments to Afghanistan.


(Angus Sends)


Monthly Meetings
3rd Tue, 1900

 at FRA 29
521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA

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The Commander's Corner

Dated 7-30-2013

From Bremerton Base Commander:

   The NW Navy Life newspaper now has a Facebook page and they are trying to build a following and get as many 'shout outs' as they can. I know some of the group may not be much into social media, but I wanted to make you all aware of this. They have invited us to send things their way (announcements, photos/captions) that we think might fit in on their page and the Editor will take a look at them.  I looked the other day, and there was a photo and story about one of our Base members.  The address is

Jim DeMott

Base Commander

USSVI Bremerton Base


Dated 7-30-2013


From Bremerton Base Commander:

Recently, I formed a group e-mail listing for the Bremerton Base. The list was made of all Base members, whether primary or dual, that had e-mail addresses listed on the National website. In most cases, the addresses used were the ones listed on the website. If you have not received an introductory e-mail from me, it could be that your address is not correct on the National website, or that I entered it incorrectly. There were 15 e-mails, out of 253, that were not deliverable. If you want to be added to this mailing list, send an e-mail with a message “Please add” (or something similar) and your name, to

Jim DeMott
Base Commander
USSVI Bremerton Base


  Dated 7-29-2013


This e-mail is a reminder to all Base members of the annual Base picnic this Saturday, August 3rd, at 1100.  We will be at the Elks picnic area, 4131 Pine Road, in Bremerton.   The picnic is a pot luck, with the Base providing hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats.  The event is for all Base members and their guests.  We will be having a short meeting at 1130, which will include a Holland Club Induction.  I have attached a flyer for the event.  Hope to see you all there.

Jim DeMott
Base Commander
USSVI Bremerton Base



Biannual Base Officer Elections on the Horizon

(Up-dated 7-21-2013)

Nomination Chairman Dutch Kaiser reports the following members in good standing have been

Commander:  Jim DeMott,  Stephen Corcoran
Vice Commander:  Wayne Peterson,  Stephen Corcoran
Secretary:  Wayne Sieckowski

Treasurer: Dennis Nardone



Section 1. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall conduct the nominations for the

five elected offices.


Section 2. The chairman of the Nominating Committee shall call for nominations of eligible candidates for

the five elected offices to all members on or before August 30. Nominations shall be submitted by

any member in good standing on or before October 30, to the Chairman of the Nominating

Committee, but only if such nominations are accompanied by consent of the nominee that he will accept the nomination and serve if elected and he must be a member in good standing. Upon

receipt of all nominations, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall have published the

names, in alphabetical order, of all candidates properly nominated, at least thirty days prior to the

date of elections. Additional nominations, when called for, shall be made from the floor, on the

day of the election, and shall be accepted upon the oral or written consent of the nominee that he

accepts the nomination and will serve if elected. Elections will normally be held at the business

meeting in November. The new officers shall be installed during the month of January. (Amd

10-19-10 & 10-18-11)


Section 3. All elections shall be by secret ballot vote of the members in good standing.


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Announcing the USSVI Member Questions and Comments Bulletin Board System (BBS)

The Silent Service TV series are now available as a free download

New Base in PA, the Williamsport Base



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