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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 05:56:00 PM


Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

May General Meeting, Tues, May 21...Annual Tolling the Boats Ceremony, Thursday, Mat 23, 1000 at Keyport

Ivy Green Memorial Day, Mon, 27 May, 1300...Fire Works Watch Bill, Here

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2013 Lt William "Willie" Spoon Memorial Scholarships ($1,000/ea)

(Posted 5-19-2013)

Gray Kimberly University of Washington Mike Gray
Heber Caitlin MIT George Verd
Morris Justine South Kitsap Gregory Fessler
Sheridan Ariana TCU Jamie Sheridan
Sheridan Bethany Klahowya Secondary School Jamie Sheridan
Wiltz Joseph Grand Canyon University Steven Wiltz


(Posted 5-19-2013)



Your new edition (2013-1) electronic American Submariner is posted on line at
Press "USSVI Magazine" and read or download after you log in.

The delays we have recently suffered would appear to have greatly improved the AS in photo quality.

We should be back on track with future editions. I wish you all a great read.



"Twice Forgotten", Story of USS R-12

(Posted 5-19-2013)



Thanks to Ric Hedman of Seattle Base, A project to produce a documentary film about the loss and location of the hulk of the USS R-12 recently came to the attention of your USSVI Board of Directors. As you know, it is the primary purpose of USSVI to "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gavetheir lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country."
This project seems a natural fit for our interests and purposes, so your Board voted to pledge $ 1,000 towards the completion of this mission.

The board endorses and encourages ALL bases and members to join with us in also pledging financial support towards completion of this project. A unique factor in this request is that we are asking you to 'PLEDGE' your support now. They need to raise $ 89,000.00 by June 30, and your pledgewill convert into a donation ONLY if this goal is reached by that time.

Your participation via Kickstarter will enable them to complete thedocumentary "Twice Forgotten". Our collective participation will help empower them to finally tell the story of the USS R-12 Submarine's tragic sinking, the families left without any information and the quest to solve the mysteries that have been unanswered after all this time. The history books are wrong, it is time to do things right!

How does it work:

1. Go to
2. Click the Green BACK THIS PROJECT button
3. Choose your support level and click the CONTINUE button
4. Complete the Log-in information and enter info for AMAZON Payments

When complete you will get a email notification thanking you for the pledge. At the end of the pledge drive on June 30, the donor list will be reviewed by us so that USSVI gets recognition for all our collective donations.  This project will only be funded and your pledge converted to a donation ONLY if at least $89,000 is pledged by Sunday Jun 30. $20,400 has been
pledged as of the date of this message.

Overview: The WW-II submarine USS R-12 sank off the coast of Key West, Florida at midday on June 12, 1943. She took 40 American sailors and 2 Brazilian officers to their grave at 600 ft on the ocean floor. They have been missing for nearly 70 years until found in 2010 by a team of explorers working with state of the art technology and fascinated by R-12's tragic
story and the mystery.

Since USS R-12 was discovered in late 2010 the team has put forth a herculean effort to locate the family members of the entombed, research government and historical files and launch a major expedition to film and document the sub in its final resting place at 100 fathoms in the Straights of Florida. The documenting of the data and family information amission to resolve the mystery of the sinking while bringing closure to thefamilies, recognition to the entombed men of R-12 and raise awareness of alost and forgotten crew to a young generation of people.

The team continues to work under Navy permits and needs to return to site for filming underwater in the summer of 2013. They have been assembling a documentary of our findings, interviews, underwater robotic technology, exclusive underwater footage of the submarine in her final resting place and have been on a quest to solve the mystery of her sinking. This is an
important and significant discovery and we are dedicated to sharing it withthe public. These entombed servicemen deserve to be acknowledged today (70years later) as any of our lost and missing military would deserve if theirremains were found seventy years from now.

USS R-12 is the sixth WWII US submarine to be found of the fifty-two missingand the only US Sub to sink within the continental United States.

Pride Runs Deep,
T. Michael Bircumshaw
National Commander

Bremerton Base Life Member Takes the Helm of USSVI Western Region District 4.

(Posted 5-18-2013)


It is my esteemed pleasure to inform you that Al Durkee (CDR USN Ret) and a 20 year member of USSVI and Bremerton Base, has been appointed Western Region 4 District Commander, relieving John Mansfield.

He was given the oath of office today, May 16, 2013 by Western Region Director, John Mansfield, and has agreed to have his name placed on the upcoming District Commander election ballot in June.

Al's brief bio:
He entered the US Navy as a FN in 1951 and retired as a full Commander in 1978.
His ships were
USS Esperance CVE88
USS Neches AO47
Qualified on USS Grenadier SS525 in 1957
USS Seawolf SS575
USS Becuna SS319
USS Hunley AS31
Shore assignments:
Submarine School Staff
Fleet Submarine Training Facility Norfolk
Submarine Repair Officer, Bremerton
Operations/Security Officer Submarine Base Bangor.

Al lives in White Salmon, Washington six months and in Yuma Arizona six months.
His primary Base is Bremerton and is Past Base Commander of Barbel Base (where all the snowbirds migrate)

Al's contact info:
Phone: 360 908 3050

WRD4 POC's, please distribute to all Base members.
WRDC's, please welcome Al into our region.

Thank you for stepping up, Shipmate.
For all you young whippersnappers out there, Al is 83 years young and looks forward to meeting you along the way and at National Convention.

John Mansfield
Western Region Director
360 569 0507

New Base Meeting Banner May be installed at FRA by Next Meeting, May 21

(Posted 5-13-2013)

It will be 8'x3' and look like this!

Naval Undersea Museum's Annual Tolling the Boats Ceremony

(Posted 5-10-2013


The Naval Undersea Museum's annual Tolling the Boats ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 23rd at 10:00am. This ceremony is held every yearto honor the submarines and crews lost during World War II. The principal speaker for the event will be CDR Jeffrey S. Smith, Commanding Officer, USS Kentucky (SSBN 737).


The Navy Band Northwest will also perform. The ceremony will take place outside the museum in front of the USS Sturgeon sail. In case of foul weather, the ceremony will be held in
the museum's auditorium.

Bremerton Base Prepares for Memorial Day at Ivy Green
Submitted by VC Corcoran and Dutch Kaiser

VC Steve Corcoran has taken the lead on the base's participation on this Memorial Day Ceremony at Ivy Green Cemetery on Monday, May 27th. He has ordered the wreath shown in these pictures.

He urges all members to attend.

FYI: Bremerton Subvets have an area reserved for we Subvets to be interned. Details may be found here. Ivy Green is at the corner of Naval Ave. and 13th street in Bremerton. Some of our members may not be familiar with Ivy Green if they don't live in Bremerton. The memorial has started at 1300 for all the memorials I have attended. It is usually attended by many veterans organizations including Canadians.



Monthly Meetings
3rd Tue, 1900

 at FRA 29
521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA

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                  Binnacle List

(Updated 5-5-2013)

I have not kept a binnacle list on GC. I will if you inform me when a member is sick and when he/she is well.

Shane Foraker Has Good News

Today I received some great news from the oncologist.

One of the measures of the status of cancer is derived from a blood test known as CA 19-9. It is a quantification of the Carbohydrate
Antigen (CA) released by a tumor as it consumes glucose, for which tumors have a huge appetite.

While CA 19-9 is not to be depended upon as a sole confirmation of cancer it is a good adjunct test when combined with other assessments; these I have had and CA is a reliable measurement in my case.

When first diagnosed in Feb my CA was being generated both by the pancreatic and lung tumors as well as the backed up gall bladder duct which forced the liver to add it's own contribution. It is estimated that the liver contributed no more than half of the 3300 units/ml of CA.

For a healthy person the CA values run from 0 to 37 units/ml, so my 3300 (1600 or more from the tumor alone) after several chemo
treatments had declined to 160!

Not out of the woods, but it sure is a step in the right direction!

At this rate I think I'll go buy a lottery ticket.


Al Sanders Knee Repl Recovery,Northridge, Silverdale

Johnny Dilg Serious Heart Op,
UWMEDCTR. Johnny has been at UW for almost 2 months. They were getting him healthy enough to install Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). He is under several types of physical therapy at the U and will be there a few more weeks He able to walk a little bit with help but has a long recovery ahead. Its a life saver. Lots of info on the net.

Base Preps for Annual Fireworks Sale

(27 - Jun -4 Jul)

Fireworks Manager, Mike Sullivan, passes this preliminary info along to those of you wish to learn about this year's Sale. More to follow. Call Mike at 360-377-9243 to coordinate.

7pm (Doors will open at 6:30pm)

Nominations for Bremerton Base                 ElectedOfficers Are Open
Submitted by Nominations Committee Chairman Dutch Kaiser
(Posted 4-17-2013)

Members in good standing and state that they are willing to serve if elected can be nominated. See Bylaws

The election will be held at the November business meeting .

May 25th Installation of 24 Engraved Bricks at Deterrent Park

(Posted 5-15-2013)


Twenty Four Engraved Bricks will be installed starting at 0930 on Saturday, May 25th in the missile deck of the "Woody" full scale model at Deterrent Park, Bangor,NBK.


Images and brick locations will be posted on line the following week.


(Posted 5-19-2013)



U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK)

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Associate members process reminder

U.S.S. Minnesota SSN-783 Commissioning Reminder


HMCS Victoria is much more than torpedoes

Nuclear sub due home after 11 months

Navy Dolphins Find Rare Torpedo Off California Coast


South Sound Base Breakfast Gathering

XO fired for 'inappropriate' texts, emails

Mystery of French submarine disasters can never be unveiled


U36: Another Fuel Cell Submarine for the German Navy

USS Key West heads to Guam

Navy tests anti-mine drones in Gulf drills

Guity plea set in Navy kickbacks case

Prosecutors: Ex-sailor tried to pass "top secret" info

Pearl Harbor Survivor (Don Green) Remembered

DoD employees to get 11 furlough days

Chaos on bridge before brutal ship collision

Russia detains alleged CIA officer in Moscow

Japan On Alert Over Unidentified Submarines

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