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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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(Posted 4-23-2013)

Redfish Video of Golet Memorial (Click)

(Posted 4-23-2013)


(Posted 4-22-2013)

Shown here are images of Bremerton Base Members attending 2013 Submarine Ball in Seattle on Saturday evening, April 20th.

They include WRD John Mansfield, Dutch Kaiser, Ralph Harris and WWII Subvet Paul Christofferson.  Paul is informing Adm Kuhlmann how it really was!

Not shown is photographer Base Secretary Wayne Sieckowski (Click on Picture for Big picture.)

More, lots of Images

Welcome Home USS Ohio

(Posted 4-21-2013)Welcome home to the men and women of USS Ohio (Gold)...and thanks to the great volunteers of USO Northwest for greeting our Sailors at SeaTac!  Especially welcome member John Perkins!

Need to Get Deterrent Engraved Brick Orders in. Will accept IOUs for this Order

(Posted 4-21-2013)

IOUs will be accepted for this order so we can get engraved brick order to engraver on May 1.

This will permit us to get bricks installed before Memorial Day.

Click here for form. Print, and bring to National Office in Silverdale. IOUs will be payable by May 5. E-mail me or call if you need help. 509-0250 Don Bassler

Base Preps for Annual Fireworks Sale (27 Jun -4 Jul)

(Posted 4-18-2013)


Fireworks Manager, Mike Sullivan, passes this preliminary info along to those of you wish to learn about this year's Sale.  More to follow.  Call Mike at 360-377-9243 to coordinate.


7pm (Doors will open at 6:30pm)

Nominations for Bremerton Base Elected Officers Are Open

Submitted by Nominations Committee Chairman Dutch Kaiser

(Posted 4-17-2013)


Members in good standing and state that they are willing to serve if elected can be nominated. See Bylaws

The election will be held at the November business meeting.

Bremerton Base Prepares for Memorial Day at Ivy Green

Submitted by VC Corcoran and Dutch Kaiser

(Posted 4-17-2013)


VC Steve Corcoran has taken the lead on the base's participation on this Memorial Day Ceremony at Ivy Green Cemetery on Monday, May 27th.  He has ordered the wreath shown in these pictures.


He urges all members to attend this ceremony for those who have given their lives in to defend our country.


FYI:  Bremerton Subvets have an area reserved for we Subvets to be interned. Details may be found here Ivy Green is at the corner of Naval Ave. and 13th street in Bremerton. Some of our members may not be familiar with Ivy Green if theydon't live in Bremerton. The memorial has started at 1300 for all the memorials I have attended. It is usually attended by many veterans organizations including Canadians. (Dutch Sends)

Base Officers/Members Attend USS Thresher Memorial Service.

(Posted 4-16-2013)


Shown here are active duty and submarine veterans that attend the subject memorial service at the Bangor on Wed, April 10, 2013.

2013 William "Willie" Spoon Memorial Scholarships

(Posted 4-7-2013)

Scholarship applications must be in by 4 May 2013. Scholarship Chair John Gardner (360-692-8994) has apps and their are some in the national office.  Recipients will be presented with their scholarships at the June 18th general membership meeting and raffle prizes will be drawn.

USS Thresher Memorial Service

(Updated 4-13-2013)


On Sat, April 6th, Members watched live memorial at FRA, as show here.


Bremerton base was recognized with others here for their donation.



See all here






One of our S Boats was patrolling in the Guadalcanal area in the spring of 1942 when she torpedoed her first ship in WW II. The Captain thought it would be a moral builder to let each member of the crew file by the periscope for a quicklook at the sinking Maru.


The escorting destroyer had departed in the other direction. No one had noticed the escort aircraft. The periscope was waving for all to see. Suddenly all hell broke loose. The aircraft had dropped depth charges.

The submarine immediately started for the bottom, completely out of control. Everything possible was done to bring her back. Finally, far below her test depth the emergency measures took effect and the submarine eased back to a safe depth.


The boat was very quiet, and everyone was very tense. The helmsman, wishing to do his part to ease the strain, turned to the skipper and said, "Captain, they say when you are real scared and think you might die that your whole life passes before you. I just want you to know that I didn't see a thing." The skipper patted him on the back and replied, "That's fine, Smitty. When we passed 200 feet I was just getting out of high school!"

Captain Marshall H. Austin USN (Ret)











Monthly Meetings

3rd Tue, 1900 at

FRA 29

     521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA


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Binnacle List

(updated 4-21-2013)


I have not kept a binnacle list on GC.  I will if you inform me when a member is sick and when he/she is well.


Bud Berg      Artery OP (Home)

Dee Bassler   Hip Repl Rescission (Home)

Johnny Dilg     Serious Heart Op, UWMEDCTR

Shane Foraker  Cancer (Home, on chemo)                       

Olympic Peninsula Base Takes "our" "Traveling Dolphins"

(Posted 4-17-2013)

Four members of Olympic Peninsula Base showed at last nights meeting to steal away "our" "traveling dolphins". They were led by Base Commander John Clear. He was accompanied by Dale Derricote, Bob Rowley and WWII Subvet Ed Ferris.

Shown here, a very happy Ed Ferris takes our dolphins from a reluctant VC Steve Corcoran. (We consider them ours as they spend most of the time at our meetings)

Also mention that 3 of the 4 Oly vets are Bremerton Base Life Members. We train em.

Shipmates and Friends,

The Olympic Peninsula Base members (John Clear, Dale Derricote, Bob Rowley and Ed Ferris) traveled down to the Bremerton Base meeting last evening to "Capture theDolphins" (see picture #1 attached). This exercise wasstarted by the South Sound Base as a means to get meeting visitation from our fellow base members and in doing such if you have at least three members (including a base officer)at such meeting, you are able to "Capture the Dolphins", a beautifully cut wood plaque with (of course) dolphins.

The humor in all of this is that Jim & Steve (Commander & Vice Commander, both MT1(SS)'s) think that they will be back up at our meeting on Thursday, May 9th at the Tri Area Community Center at 7:00 PM to "recapture"The Traveling Dolphins! Gentlemen, I say "bring it on"
because our "Goat Locker of Leaders" (E7, E8 & E8) are a crafty bunch of officers that will insure that the next meeting a Bremerton will mean, yet again, they will have to give them back to us!!! LOL - - AND, we have already added to the back of this plaque to signify our intentions
(see picture #2 attached).

Anyhow, the Bremerton Base is a great bunch of guys (although mis-guided somewhat in their planning concerning this email). They treated us great, although I had to buy my own drink, but I know they will do better next time (right?).

Thank you Jim & Steve, it was fun...

AND thanks to Dale, Bob and Ed from our base for making the trip with me (at least I covered their drink!).

Best Regards,


John Clear EMC (SS) USN Ret.
Submarine Memorabilia, Inc., President
Olympic Peninsula Base, USSVI, Commander
Naval Submarine League, PNW, Secretary





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