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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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FLASH-01: 2013 National Awards Nominees requested
Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 3/31/2013
All Hands: High importance!
The absolute deadline for award nominations is April 30th. As of this date, there is barely a small handful of nominations submitted. The Awards Program is an important and integral part of USSVI, as it is the only means we have of honoring and thanking our shipmates who have dedicated themselves and contributed to the success of our great organization, USSVI.

There are several categories to choose from, and virtually every Base has a member or members that go “above and beyond” in one or more of these categories. It is our duty to acknowledge these Shipmates by nominating them for these various awards. It is our way of saying “Thanks, and Bravo Zulu” for your extra effort to make USSVI the premier veterans organization in the world.
 Visit the Awards Manual at the below listed link, check out the various awards, look around at your shipmates and put those in for an award they qualify for.
Remember that the Award on Committee only has your letter of nomination to make the sel from, so the better it is written, the better chance your Nominee has of being selected. Also remember that not everyone nominated can get an award, but the mere fact that they were nominated makes them a “Winner”. It is an honor and a great feeling for a Nominee to know that their shipmates thought enough of them and their efforts to put them in for an award.

 Please don’t put this on the “back burner” any longer. The deadline will come and go before you know it.

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

Bill Andrea
BCG Chair
 Past ESRD

The USSVI 2013 National Awards Program began accepting nominations on February 1, 2013.

The Awards Manual with descriptions of each award and the criteria for each is posted on the USSVI site under the Awards tab and also is linked here for your convenience.

Take a look at the Manual, and start thinking about your Shipmates which should be nominated for the various Awards.

Any questions about the Manual or the Program, please contact me at the address or phone numbers listed.


John Stanford
National Awards Chairman



Message from the Base Vice Commander

 (Posted 3-30-2013)


Hello all, I stopped by the VFW off National yesterday. I spoke with the commander and we will be on the agenda for the Memorial Day ceremony at Ivy Green. No date yet, but I will inquire. Actually all we need to do is show up early, speak with the individual in charge of reading the groups as they present their respective wreath. I will check on the progress of our wreath soon. I did get a letter last week from her and she has started it. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks.


To all Western District 4 Base Officers: (WRD4, please forward)

To all bases that failed to come to collect the "traveling dolphins" at our last base meeting. Please see if you can

show your leadership by making the effort in attending our April meeting (Tues, April 16th, 1900) with at least one elected officer and 2 other members to take the dolphins home with you.  Of course the farther away you come from, the longer you may keep them as Bremerton Base will make every effort to get them back ASAP.  Also you must share a sea story as required. Aar, Aar, Aar!


Still need Speakers at future Meetings. You or and associate may speak on any subject you desire for 20 minutes

Call me or e-mail me




Steve Corcoran

USSVI Bremerton Base Vice Commander

(360) 471-2704



Thank You Note from Thresher Base Commander

(Posted 3-26-2013)



To say we are grateful is an understatement. Bremerton Base has made the largest donation pledge ($1500) to the 50th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service Fund out of all USSVI Bases.

Your generous donation, along with other donations and pledges received last week, helped us to meet our financial goals in only 8 days.

On behalf of Thresher Base, and on behalf of the 687 family and former crew members of USS Thresher who are attending the 50th, Bravo Zulu to you and your members at Bremerton Base.

Kevin Galeaz
USSVI Thresher Base Commander




Posted 3-30-2013)

Base POCs please give this the widest distribution to each of your Members.

We have the month of April remaining in which to provide the name(s) of Nominees for Western Region District 4 Commander. Click please to find details for qualifications and responsibilities, and how to nominate either yourself or a Shipmate. (Bylaws, Art VII, Section 6) I have been filling the roles of both District 4 Commander and Region Director since last September, and it would be so nice to have someone step up as District 4 Commander.


We have great bases in the district and traveling around to their meetings and events is very rewarding, and you run into some of the neatest people.

I extend my thanks and gratitude to those who have supported my activities these past four years as DC, and know that you guys will turn and burn on putting up our next DC.

Warmest regards to All,

John Mansfield
District 4 Commander

360 569 0507



Deterrent Park Brick Order and Installation                    ORDER FORM

(updated 1-27-2013)


Deterrent Park Engraved Brick for May 2013 Installation, Gift?

Click for Application

How about lasting memory of your family member(s) and/or shipmates?  It would make a good gift and show your love and respect for someone.


Hopefully, before Memorial Day at the end of May, the base will make their fist engraved brick installation of 2013 on the missile deck of the mock up of the topside of  the USS Woodrow Wilson. The bricks require a donation of $40 apiece which is deductible from the sponsor's federal income tax.


Please consider ordering up a brick or more if you desire.  In the past, families and groups have ordered up together. More than 2300 bricks have been already installed.  The cut off for this order will be May 1, 2013.


Go to this page for details and order form for your donation


Please Get Your  Order


 in for


a Brick  or Several

(Deadline, 1 May)

Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at FRA 29

     521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA 

Click on Date to Show Events





Communications Supporters

They help us keep up our communication efforts, i.e

these ads here and in Puget Soundings



Above the base challenge coin is show in its protective plastic capsule, and engraved ($5) by member Ken Northfield. Below the coin is shown out of the capsule. The coin comes with the capsule for $12.


Base SK Ralph Harris will have base challenge coins available to purchase at meetings! Or come to soup down, he is usually there with them too. Or contact: Phone: 360-876-0830. Email







Floyd (2)

Litscher (2)



The 113th Officers' Submarine Birthday Ball will be held April 13th at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront! Come celebrate our wonderful heritage and traditions with your fellow PACNORWEST officers.


Click for Details











U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK)

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       Groton Anniversary Celebration
       CPO Rank 120th Birthday!

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