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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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 Submitted by: James A Fox on 2/26/2013
This the last Call for scholarship application request which will be honored up to 15 March 2013. Any request afterwards will be turned down. Remember also that ALL Scholarship Applications must be in the Scholarship Chairman hands on 15 April 2013, a Monday. Do not wait till the last minute to mail or ship your Scholarship package. You have any questions email me at  or call me at 1-860-334-6457. Paul Wm. Orstad, NSC


Welcome Aboard 6 New Members..

(Posted 2-25-2013)


Rick Atkins (Omaha, Florida, Portsmouth, Los Angeles, La Jolla), Patrick Guderski, (Georgia, Michigan, Alabama), Luis Talavera (Henry Jackson, Ohio, Kentucky), Terry Fessner (William H Bates), Joseph Pastorella (Georgia, Ohio, Alaska, Nevada) and Dale McVey (Alabama, Nebraska)


Base Recaptures Traveling Dolphins 6 Days Later, Now Challenge from SSB

(Posted 2-24--2013)


Hello all. I must thank John for the great e-mail and publicity for the Bremerton Base. We had a great meeting last Saturday and enjoyed the guys from the South Sound Base. I know their primary reason to come to our meeting was the free breakfast and the dolphins were secondary. Last night was my second time to be a guest of the South Sound Base and they did welcome us and we had a good time. They are a good group.

I told John on Saturday to just keep the dolphins warm for us as I did say we would be there to re-capture the fish. I gave fair warning. They even changed their meeting date "due to Valentine's Day" to throw us off the trail. On behalf of the Bremerton Base, I welcome all bases to come retrieve the fish and enjoy sea stories and some fun. But be warned, I do enjoy a good road trip, have "partners in crime", and enjoy barley pops when I arrive. So we will re-capture the dolphins from which ever base dares to come to our next meeting. Take care all, and hope to see you soon. Have a great weekend!!!

Steve Corcoran

Vice Commander, Bremerton Base Submarine Veterans

Prior to recapturing the traveling dolphins from SSB last Thursday, we witnessed the Army troops having a turn over as they prepared to go off to Afghanistan  at the VFW.  One of their members invited us for a group shot with him.  His name is Mike Bruner, standing behind us.


Photos provided by Steve Corcoran and John Mansfield





Be it known that there are shenanigans going on in our midst.

Four members of South Sound Base, Vice Cdr Dave Richards, Capt. Hal Barker (Sabalo), Jon Schoenfeld and Western Region Director John Mansfield ventured to Bremerton last Saturday to capture the Traveling Dolphins that had been held in captivity for four months.


At our Base meeting tonight, three pirates from Bremerton Base, Vice Cdr Steve Corcoran, Don "Red" Bassler and Ralph Harris, managed to infiltrate our group and recaptured the dolphins. This means WAR! I am spreading the word to everyone in the District 4 kingdom to make their way to Bremerton to free the dolphins from those rascally varmints. Their meetings are the 3rd Tuesdays at 1900 at the Fleet Reserve.

Remember, all you need are three or more members from your base; one has to be an elected officer, and come armed with sea stories to capture the Traveling Dolphins and take them back to your hideout. Good hunting


John Mansfield WRD



Base Members and Their Guests Enjoyed Social Meeting

(Posted 2-15--2013)


Nearly 70 base members and guests enjoyed the Feb 16th social breakfast/meeting at the FRA 29 facility at 0930.  The event was led by Cdr Jim Demott and Vice Cdr Steve Corcoran.  It commenced with an hour of a good buffet breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage etc.


The commander opened the meeting with traditional ceremony.  He then introduced WWII vets Harold Barker and Paul Christofferson.


Led by WRD John Mansfield and SSBase Cdr Dave Richards, South Sound Base retrieving the Traveling Dolphins and a Sea Story was told by Harold Barker.


The commander introduced our guest speakers of USS Maine (SSBN 741)(Blue)  CO,William (Bill) Johnson, XO, LT Commander William (Bill) Johansson, newly qualified officers, Lt John Schaeffer and Lt(jg) Jennifer Noonan.  They all presented their backgrounds and answered questions from the big picture side of the submarine force to personal.  If you were not there, I am sorry.  It was enlightening.  Enlisted female sailors will be on their way to submarines. 


Accommodations will be made for females on the new Virginia class being built in the future.  Likely no females will be serving permanent duty in current fast attacks.


A very short meeting followed with short reports from base officers.


Closing ceremonies included the exchange of challenge coins between guest speakers and the Cdr & Vcdr.  A good time was had by all!


Images provided by John Mansfield and Dennis Nardone


Click on here to see the big pictures



Sub duty helps Henry learn ‘All things are possible’ (Base Life Member)
By: lesliekelly

(Posted 2-15--2013)


The storied life of Poulsbo City Councilman Jim Henry may have begun in humble surroundings, but by striking a difference, building relationships and choosing service, his legacy endures as a quiet but influential leader for North Kitsap County.

The Chicago-born first son of James Henry Jr. and Gladys Pollard, James Henry III was born on Sept. 9, 1937, at Cook County Hospital in Illinois. Growing up in the Maxwell Street district, Henry had to make tough choices early in life. With the help of his uncle Charles Henry, who was a steward in the Navy during World War II, he chose Navy service as a way to move up.

Henry graduated from David G. Farragut High School in 1955 and promptly enlisted in the Navy. Graduating from boot camp at nearby Naval Station Great Lakes, he was accepted into the submarine service as a quartermaster and never looked back. Like Admiral Farragut, it was full speed ahead for Seaman Henry.

“I was James until I went into the Navy,” Henry said. “Overnight, I became Jim Henry for 31 years.”

It was on his first submarine, the USS Hardhead (SS-365), where the wide-eyed Henry learned one of the most important lessons of his life. After taking an opportunity to ask a warrant officer on watch, “Do warrant officers really have to know everything?,” the warrant soberly replied, “No, Henry, you simply have to know who does.”
This was important news to a young man who was just getting out of his neighborhood into a very big world.

“Suddenly, all things became possible,” Henry said. “That, I could do.”

Henry’s romance with the Pacific Northwest began on July 24, 1967. As a new warrant officer on the USS Arikara (ATF-98), he was standing his first watch afloat as officer of the deck as the fleet tug made a sunrise passage eastward through the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

“The morning sky was beautiful — blue and without a cloud,” Henry said. “I was enthralled and decided right at that moment I would tell my wife that this is where we would live.”

The needs of the Navy were not as easily swayed. It took 14 years for Henry to land orders at Keyport, where he led as range control officer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station until his retirement in 1986. Henry returned to Keyport as a civilian the following year, and retired from civil service in 1999.

Henry’s entry into local politics evolved from an invitation from Poulsbo’s mayor, Richard “Mitch” Mitchusson, to join the planning commission. As he dove in and nurtured new relationships, Henry’s innovation and good nature helped to develop a strong and enduring governmental relationship between the Suquamish Tribe and Poulsbo City Council.

Henry’s ability to collaborate and bridge cultural barriers is a credit to his appreciation of how differences can make us stronger. Soon, he became a member of the Suquamish Warriors, a group of Suquamish Tribe and community veterans, and was ultimately honored by the Suquamish Tribe as an honorary elder.

In part, Henry attributes his success in life from a deep drive to be busy but also his willingness to try different things. It isn’t a surprise that he advises younger generations to do the same.

“Do something,” Henry said. “Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done before. The first time you succeed, it becomes easier. And I’ve discovered that when you are working at things that are fun, it’s not work — it’s fun.”

Concerning education, Henry is equally impassioned.

“I know you want to get out of there and are tired, but those teachers are priceless assets. Listen. It will all come back to you later.”

With almost 60 years of global and community service, the life of James Henry III is an enduring profile of giving that leads and inspires generations to come.


Western Region Director John Mansfield Attends USS WASHINGTON (SSN 787) Naming Ceremony, Port of Seattle, 2-7-13

(Posted 2-10--2013)


Western Region Director John Mansfield poses with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Governor Jay Inslee after  USS WASHINGTON (SSN 787) Naming Ceremony.















Deterrent Park Brick Order and Installation                    ORDER FORM

(updated 1-27-2013)


Deterrent Park Engraved Brick for May 2013 Installation, Gift?

Click for Application

How about lasting memory of your family member(s) and/or shipmates?  It would make a good gift and show your love and respect for someone.


Hopefully, before Memorial Day at the end of May, the base will make their fist engraved brick installation of 2013 on the missile deck of the mock up of the topside of  the USS Woodrow Wilson. The bricks require a donation of $40 apiece which is deductible from the sponsor's federal income tax.


Please consider ordering up a brick or more if you desire.  In the past, families and groups have ordered up together. More than 2300 bricks have been already installed.  The cut off for this order will be May 1, 2013.


Go to this page for details and order form for your donation

Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at FRA 29

     521 National Ave, Bremerton, WA 

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Above the base challenge coin is show in its protective plastic capsule, and engraved ($5) by member Ken Northfield. Below the coin is shown out of the capsule. The coin comes with the capsule for $12.


Base SK Ralph Harris will have base challenge coins available to purchase at meetings! Or come to soup down, he is usually there with them too. Or contact: Phone: 360-876-0830. Email







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