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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

Deterrent Park Brick Order and Installation

(updated 1-27-2013)


Deterrent Park Engraved Brick for May 2013 Installation, Gift?

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How about lasting memory of your family member(s) and/or shipmates?  It would make a good gift and show your love and respect for someone.


Hopefully, before Memorial Day at the end of May, the base will make their fist engraved brick installation of 2013 on the missile deck of the mock up of the topside of  the USS Woodrow Wilson. The bricks require a donation of $40 apiece which is deductible from the sponsor's federal income tax.


Please consider ordering up a brick or more if you desire.  In the past families and groups have ordered up together. More than 2300 bricks have been already installed.  The cut off for this order will be May 1, 2013.


Go to this page for details and order form for your donation.



Thresher Base Announcement

(Posted on 1-25-2013)


This year on April 10th, marks the 50th anniversary of the loss of the USS Thresher (SSN 593) with 119 sailors and civilians aboard.

A Special Ceremony of Remembrance will be held on Saturday, 6 April, at 1300 hours at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where the Thresher was built.

Adm Richardson, Head of Naval Reactors, will be in attendance as will almost 1,000 other guests. You are also invited to attend.

If anyone in your Base, as a submarine veteran would like to attend in person, we need their full info by email before 1 March so all the tickets and other security details can be taken care of. If you can’t make it to Kittery, Maine, this Special Ceremony will be broadcast live via the DOD Video Department, on the Internet for all to share.

So we are asking you to take 3 actions before this ceremony:

1. Take a picture or a video of your Base and submit it along with an appropriate Memorial Statement to   before 1 March. These will be collated and shown to all the ceremony participants as a streamed video before the ceremony begins.

2. Invite your Base to watch this ceremony together, as it has such significance for all of us who steamed under the sea. You can get a large monitor or several and just join the ceremony at a URL which will be provided before the event.

3. If there are any Thresher family members who might live in your area, and they cannot attend the actual ceremony, we are asking that your Base provide a loaner PC to them with help so they can watch the ceremony live.

Your Memorial Statement along with the picture or video from your Base will provide evidence of the continuity that all Brothers of the Phin are part of.

Would you please send back an email to confirm that you will do this to as I am the Thresher Base secretary and am helping our Base Commander organize this part of the event.

Many of us can remember when the Thresher went down. As fellow submariners, this day is an important date in our long and storied history.

Pride Runs Deep,

Frank Hood
Secretary Thresher Base



Gertrude-Check Available for viewing on Smart Phones

(posted 1-20-2013)


Thanks to Life member Grant Romaine's request, arrangements with the provider, Aplus, have made it possible for you to view Gertrude Check on your smart phone, i.e., iphones, window phones and the like.  I have been informed that within 5 years most folks will use mobile devices to read the web to keep up on the latest.  Good Luck.



Red Bassler

Your Editor


Speech given by VADM Al Konetzni USN (Ret) at the decommissioning ceremony of our World War II Submarine Veterans Charter

(posted 1-20-2013)


I am forwarding the attached speech with great pride and sadness. This is the speech given by VADM Al Konetzni USN (Ret) at the decommissioning ceremony of our World War II Submarine Veterans Charter.

The ceremony was conducted at the Joint Gathering of Submarine Shipmates of the World War II era and those of us who have followed and are now known as the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated (USSVI), September 2012 at Norfolk, VA, home of the largest U.S. Naval Base in the world.

Len Heiselt
Western Region District 6 Commander



Jan 15th General Membership Meeting notes

(posted 1-20-2013)


After opening ceremony, Sheriff Boyer, USSVI Life Associate MAL, gave a short talk on his duties, his career, family etc and took questions from the members. Of note that the sherriff's patrol has been reduced by 35 officers since 2008 and the ratio of officers to population  would require an additional 175 to equal Bremerton's staff.


Base officers and committee chairs gave their short reports.  All in order with dates of events and places updated in base calendar.







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FLASH-01: War Veteran Status for 2013

Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr NJVC on 12/31/2012
As of today we are 34 members over the 90% requirement for War Veteran Status. This means we good to go to take in Tax Deductable Donations for 2013. While checking the data base for War Veterans Status I noticed some Bases are NOT including time in service info in the applications for new members.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FILL IN ALL THE APPLICATION INFO AND MARK THE WAR VETERNN BOX IF THE MEMBER IS A WAR VET SO THE DATA BASE IS CORRECT. Not doing so will affect our War Veteran Status and we need your help in keeping the number over the 90% limit.



There's been a lot of fog lately, but it cleared up enough on Wednesday to give USS Henry M. Jackson's crew a stunning view of the Olympic Mountains



Base Challenge Coins in Stock ($12) with plastic Capsule

(Posted 1-20-2013)


Base SK Ralph Harris will have base challenge coins available to purchase at meetings!Or come to soup down, he is usually there with them too. or contact: Phone: 360-876-0830. Email


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