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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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(Posted  Sep 2, 2012)


Editor on break, can be reached by cell phone or e-mail.


FLASH-01: Stick a fork in it, cus it's done...
Submitted by: Pat Householder -Elections Master on 9/2/2012
The fat lady has sung and the 2012 election is now over with 2,671 votes cast of 12,644 elgibiles.

A special thank you to all our Shipmate/Leaders who stepped up and volunteered their services to do the work and advance the purposes of our organization.

Regardless of election outcomes, there are no losers here.

T Michael Bircumshaw, Bill Andrea, Carl Schmidt, Al Singleman, Richard McPherson, Jim Van Vranken, John Clear, Tom Conlon, Len Heiselt, Michael Naughton, Dick Kanning, Ken Recoy, Wayne Standerfer, John Mansfield, and Bob Miller.

And the winners are to be announced at the Annual Business Meeting in Norfolk!



Number of Bremerton Base Members Voting in National Election to Date

(Posted  Sep 2, 2012)


Fifty-three of the 235 (22.55%) eligible Bremerton Base members have voted.  The final tally will be known by the Banquet, Sept 8th.



Deterrent Park Paver Donation Order Deadline Extended for Sep/Oct Installation

Now's the time to act, especially if you would like an engraved brick close to the WWII Submarine Force Medal of Honor recipients.

(updated Sep, 2, 2012)


The semiannual installation of Paver Donations for Deterrent Park's (NKB BANGOR) in the full scale replica of the USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN 624) submarine topside missile deck will be in late September or early October, 2012. The deadline for making these donation orders has been extended to 18 September, 2012. An application order form may be filled out online, printed out and mailed in (w/check). 


Please give your order broad consideration as some have made orders and requested additional pavers at a later date and want them placed next to their older donations.  This is not the policy.  So, if you are considering a group order, which are common for families, boats, divisions etc, please include all that you would like in the order you make.


We currently have eleven pavers in the queue for fall installation. We would like to see it 20 or 30.  Please help us out.  Below is image of last install.  Note pavers will weather and appear uniform in 2 to 3 years.  They are a lasting memento.


Click for Big Image



Base Storekeeper Shows Off New Bremerton Base Challenge Coin at Soup Down this Past Friday

(updated Sep, 2, 2012)


Friday, Aug 31, Base SK Ralph Harris gave Soup Down attendees a look at the first, and only challenge coin the base has ever had.  Give Ralph a pat on the back for his tenacity in obtaining the coin shown below.



Ralph reports that he will have 100 to sell.  They are made of antique brass with a smooth edge.  They are 47mm in diameter and will be available at the September meeting,  The cost to you will be determined by the E-board this week.



Old News but very informative: Click for pdf file

(Posted Aug 30, 2012)




Scuttlebutt, check SAOC's recent news letter.

(Posted Aug 29, 2012)


Lots of good pictures and information on RIMPAC 2012  Read it here



SSMC Visits One of the Oldest WWII Subvets.

(Posted Aug 28, 2012)


Ervin O. Schmidt, going on 97, enjoys visit from the Silent Service Motorcycle Club.  Erv, a WWII Subvet, and  life member of 3 bases including Bremerton Base is quite a guy.  Erv is in the middle holding up some "younger" guys, including SSMC Base Commander Bob Opple.



Nationally Known Military Artist to be Speaker at Sept 18th Meeting

(Posted Aug 28, 2012)


A project consisting  of five 8 X 10 foot oil paintings that honor Veterans, not in any particular war, is in progress.


A committee of Veterans commissioned Minnesota-based artist Charles Kapsner to complete the paintings, each depicting the contributions of the men and women who have, and are, proudly serving in our Nation's Armed Forces. The five paintings ensure that each branch is showcased-Army, Marine Corps, U.S.Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard (with a tribute to the Merchant Marine).

Charles is now working on the initial sketch for the Navy composition.  More info about Charles and his work can be viewed at


Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at

FRA 29

521 National Ave, Bremerton,

Click on Date to Show Events


Vice Commanders' Corner


I am continuing to look for meeting speakers.  Especially into the new year.


Current Sked:

Sep  -  Nat Known Mil Artist Charles Kapsner

Oct  -  Active Duty Member John Perkins

Nov -  WWII Subvet Paul Christofferson


The E-board is looking into a daytime breakfast or lunch monthly meeting in Feb.


Please let me know if you have any ideas on improving our base in all aspects.




 Steve Corcoran

 Vice Commander



Soup Down 

   (8-24-2012 Moon Dogs Too, Port Orchard) Clcik for Soup Down Info    Photos by Don Bassler



So you want to be a Snow Bird and enjoy a beautiful winter in Yuma, AZ. Rent this neat park model home, completely furnished for $750/month. There is a three month minimum. Bring your soul mate, your clothes, car, or fly into Yuma Airport. You could rent a car or buy one.

Call SubVet Ervin Schmidt at 425-265-1022 or write to Ervin Schmidt. 520 112th St, SW, Apt 246, Everett, WA 98204.

If you are down in Yuma, AZ and would like to biew our park model, call Shipmate Al Durkee at 928-342-368







   Hennegan (3)

Roth (3)



Communications Supporters

They help us keep up our communication efforts, i.e

these ads here and in Puget Soundings


U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK)


        FLASH-01: Stick a fork in it, cus it's done...

        Step Aboard The Navy's $2.4 Billion Virginia-Class Nuclear Submarine  (a good look)

       Voting ends September 1st

       Cheating to save the Nukes   (Wow! Sounds like the way Chicago & other large cities would do it!)

        Repairing USS Miami

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