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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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Bremerton Base History

(Posted 8-5-2012)


"From Whence We Came".  Most maintain their membership in USSVI and the Bremerton Base because they are proud and take pride in their service to our country whether it was for 2 years or 40 years. 


At the most recent E-Board meeting, a WWII SubVet and long time base member, Paul Christofferson, showed up unannounced.  While this senior submariner was making constructive comments, he urged, more than once, that we (USSVI) not "quit". That gave me the incentive to write this article as sometimes we make comments that demonstrate we have not "looked" back in history, not only at a world or country level, but at our Navy and submarine service histories as well. 


I, looking back at history from a longer view than some younger, have noted that over the last 20 or 30 years, the culture of the world has and is changing rapidly, and as we have noted recently, dramatically in the submarine service. I believe the addition of advancing digital technology is greatest factor (Quick worldwide

communications), but there are others, including education.


There were submarine veterans before us, and we should recognize and appreciate their contributions.


The USSVI was organized by WWII SubVets that realized that their service, many draftees and reserves, would be forgotten in history if an organization, such as the USSVI, was not created.  Founders met in late 1963.  The national organization was chartered in May 1964 with 408 charter members. Lo and behold, at least one of our Bremerton Base members, #32 on that list was Louis Caretti, then serving on the USS Thomas Edison (G). More on USSVI national history.


Over 30 years old, Bremerton Base was founded by WWII Subvet Tudor Davis in 1981. Over 100 members were on the base charter.  Several were WWII SubVets, but few are left. More were  post WWII  submariners and many, including Lou and myself, are still kicking.


"To perpetuate the memory" Please review the base history.



Webmaster Red Bassler



Annual Summer Picnic (collage)

(Updated 8-5-2012)

Click for collage


Saturday, August 4th, 35 to 40 members and guests enjoyed the great weather at the annual base picnic at the Bremerton Elks' picnic grounds.


Cdr Jim DeMott led the event off with a traditional ceremony reminding us of our purpose.  He then introduced distinguished guests, new members and recognized WWII SubVet Paul Christofferson.  That was followed by Jim presenting national scholarship awards to Joe Wiltz and Arianna Sheridan (received by her Dad, Life member Jamie).  Jim showed off the first place Fathoms of Fun parade award for the best float and recognized  associate life member Sam Swenson for his diligence in keeping the float in top notch shape. Jim also informed all of our first prize award in the Whaling Days parade.  Two new members were introduced, Wayne Peterson and Mike Friend. (image collage)


We then sat down and enjoyed a great picnic feast which included, hamburger hot dogs and brots (cooked by vice commander Steve Corcoran) and side dishes and desserts brought by the members.  USSVI Regional Director Jim Dunn and his wife Jean stopped by, as did base life member and former national senior vice commander Jim Foote. 


COB Hank Hollis, assisted by Vice Commander Steve Corcoran, make it all come together.  Thanks guys.


Deterrent Park Paver Donation Order Nearing Deadline for Sep/Oct Installation

(Posted 7-30-2012)


The semiannual installation of Paver Donations for Deterrent Park's (NKB BANGOR) in the full scale replica of the USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN 624) submarine topside missile deck will be in late September or early October, 2012. The deadline for making these donation orders is 30 August, 2012. An application order form may be filled out online, printed out and mailed in (w/check). 


Please give your order broad consideration as some have made orders and requested additional pavers at a later date and want them placed next to their older donations.  This is not the policy.  So, if your are considering a group order, which are common for families, boats, divisions etc, please include all that you would like in the order you make.


We currently have seven pavers in the queue for fall installation.. We would like to see it 20 or 30.  Please help us out.  Below is image of last install.  Note pavers will weather and appear uniform in 2 to 3 years.  They are a lasting memento.

Clickfor bigger image



Have you voted yet?
(Submitted by: Pat Householder on 7/15/2012)

Please give this message the widest possible distribution to your base members.

If you are one of the approx 1,400 members who have already voted, thanks and read no further.

If you HAVE NOT yet voted, our national USSVI election is underway and all Regular (US Submarine Qualified) members have several ways to vote.

1. Go to, then click the VOTE NATIONAL ELECTION button. Follow the instructions to log in as a member, then register your vote. (Be sure to have your copy of AMERICAN SUBMARINER Magazine at hand so you can review the full text of the Proposed Amendments and the Candidate Bios.)

2. In AMERICAN SUBMARINER Magazine, you will find a paper ballot you can complete and mail in. If you do so, BE SURE to enter your name and Base on the ballot so that I can verify your eligibility to vote before entering it into the vote tracking system.

3. At, under the DOCUMENTS button, then the ELECTIONS button, there are downloadable documents covering the Proposed Amendments, Candidate Bios and A Ballot, all of which can be printed out for use.

It is important to remember that Proxy Voting is not allowed. This means, each member must do his own voting, regardless of method chosen. Bases cannot vote as a bloc, and any votes received as such will not be accepted. Proxy voting can lead to a loss of membership for the person attempting to do so.

Your vote is your voice in the future direction and operation of our organization, so please carefully consider your alternatives and vote your choices.



July General Membership Meeting
(Posted 7-15-2012)


On Saturday, July 14th at the Keyport Undersea Museum, Guest Speaker Bill Galvani gave a crowd of 25 or 30 a very interesting educational presentation on "Presidents in Submarines"  He started off with a few questions that we mostly got right.  An easy one was "which president was actually qualified in submarines?", to a much harder one, "which was the first president to submerge in a submarine".  Bill also added many more historical facts to his subject.


Vice Commander Steve Corcoran arranged this meeting with doughnuts and coffee to boot. Thank You Steve and Bill.




Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at

FRA 29

521 National Ave, Bremerton,

Click on Date to Show Events

Vice Commanders' Corner


I am continuing to look for meeting speakers. 

Especially into the new year.

Current Sked:

Sep  -  Active Duty Member John Perkins

Oct -   WWII Pilot

Nov -  WWII Subvet Paul Christofferson


The E-board is looking into a daytime breakfast or lunch monthly meeting in Feb.


Please let me know if you have any ideas on improving our base in all aspects.




                                  Steve Corcoran

                                  Vice Commander



Soup Down 

 Click for all photos

    Photos by Sonny Dilg & Don Bassler

Ralph's Ware's


Ralph still has 6

Western Style Hats

on  Sale!



Communications Supporters

They help us keep up our communication efforts, i.e

these ads here and in Puget Soundings



Base Scholarship Chairman Announces Raffle Prize Donors and Winners

(Posted 7-12-2012)





   Hennegan (3)


U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINK)


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       USSVI National Elections,VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!

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