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Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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Veterans Life July 2012

World War II Submarine Veterans fade into history, intentionally 

(Good Read, Robbie Robertson & Fred Borgmann interviewed)

(Updated 6-28-12)


For many World War II submarine veterans the end of an era will occur in September 2012 when the United States Submarine Veterans of World War II will end its charter and vanish into the waters of history.

The organization had its earliest beginnings in 1955 when founding member Bud Trimble and other submarine veterans organized a national convention in Atlantic City in September of 1955.

The group then incorporated in 1956 in New Jersey and after multiple attempts received its federal charter in 1981 during the Reagan administration.  Read it all



Welcome Aboard a New Member

(Posted 7-9-2012)


During the Fathoms of Fun Parade, believe Wayne Sieckoski recruited Doug Mather into the base. Doug served in Tang, Sturgeon, Lewis & Clark, George C Marshall, Queenfish and Bremerton.  Doug,welcome aboard! (Sure would like your e-mail ad (ed))


July General Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 14th, 10 AM
(updated 7-9-2012)

Keyport Undersea Museum, Lower Level, Mary Bonnin Room
Guest Speaker:
Bill Galvani

Coffee & Donuts



Forks Grand Old 4th of July Parade
(Posted 7-9-2012)

n exhausting day - but a really great time. 215 miles round trip from my house to Forks and back with Ed, Dale, Dick and I as your sole representatives. ((Larry Carter was also there but doing his own "politicing thing".))

We took SECOND place OVERALL with a bevy of beauties on a landscaped float beating us out. Somewhere near 100 entries and we were number TWO!!! (Now see pictures attached). I'm proud of our base!!!

Our next parade is a week from Saturday (the 14th) for the Hadlock Days Parade kicking off at 1:00 P.M., if you'd like to ride the float great "but" our small numbers seem to do well even without much representation (so there!)... LOL If you need further details and would like to ride, give me a shout!

Best Regards,


John Clear EMC(SS) USN Ret.
Olympic Peninsula Base USSVI Commander
Naval Submarine League PNW Secretary
Submarine Memorabilia, Inc., President
180 Robin Lane
Port Ludlow, WA 98365-9522


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Photo by Joe Gavasso



Veterans Life July 2012

(Posted 6-28-12)


World War II Veterans Fade Away... See Page 9  Members of  Bremerton Base Interviewed



USSVI Participates in Reenlistment Ceremony

(Posted 6-22-2012)

Contributed by Fred Borgmann

On June 15, 2012, a group of SubVets from the Seattle and Bremerton Bases gathered at the Keyport Undersea Museum and in front of the USS Sturgeon sail to participate in the re-enlistment ceremony of Garry Siemens MM1(SS) of the Bangor Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF). Garry’s grandfather, Charles Rowan, served on the USS Spinax (SS-489) as an EN2(SS),so to honor his grandfather’s memory, Garry wanted to re-enlist with a former Spinax CO conducting the ceremony. Jay K. Davis CDR, USN (Ret), a former CO of the Spinax and a Seattle Base member, enthusiastically agreed. After the ceremony, Garry was presented with a membership in the USSVI and a Base membership in the Bremerton Base.



    Photo by Dennis Nardone

   (L-R) James Creighton ETC(SS) of the IMF, Schell Harmon, Sarge Preston, Jay K. Davis, Katie       

   Moxon  (Garry’s fiancé), Gary Siemens MM1(SS) and Fred Borgmann


Bremerton Base Retrieves the Traveling Dolphins

(updated 6-17-2012)


Bremerton Base, with competition from the Seattle Base, showed up at the June 14th South Sound Base with 8 members and 1 guest to retrieve the Traveling Dolphins. All members got to tell a "true" sea story from their Navy experiences.  They were Jim DeMott, Steve Corcoran, Hank Hollis, Bud Berg, Ralph Harris, Dutch Kaiser, Wayne Peterson and Red Bassler.


Western Region District 4 Commander John Mansfield, a South Sound Base member, was on hand to lead the competition.  John is still searching for a relief, as he will need one if he does win the Western Region Director (an E-board Position)  he is running for.  Suggest you vote for John, as he will give the Northwest some clout at the national level.


Past National Commander and 2012 Election Master Pat Householder was also present and informed us about election procedures.


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   Photo by John Mansfield

Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at FRA 29

521 National Ave, Bremerton,

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Soup Down

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    Photo by Joe Gavasso

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Blog From Subvet Gertrude Check Reader
(Posted 6-26-2012)

"Looking through the list under Gertrude check……I still have my Dad’s WW2 issue blue wool flat hat….not a chance I’m going to part with it before I die. After that, not sure……

Dolphins are “magic” in that earning them both transform the individual into a unique person who then transcends the common understanding of “sailor.” Sub Sailor…it’s like magic! Congratulations to the First Woman Officer to make the grade…..I’m sure there are more who could (or could have), given the chance. A hearty whoop on the sound powered phone to all the ladies who transcend and qualify! Welcome aboard, and don’t take all the hot water.


Bremerton Base Awards Eight $1000 Scholarships

(Posted 6-20-2012)


Photo by Dennis Nardone


Last evening, Tuesday, June 19th, eight $1000 scholarships were presented to eight  deserving graduating high school seniors and continuing collage students.  Six were present for the presentation.  Scholarship Chair John Gardner and Base Cdr Jim DeMott presided.


The major $300 raffle winner was drawn and will be contacted  Other prizes will be drawn this week. More to follow.

Wanted: Navy Wool Donald Duck Flat Hat (Posted 6-18-2012)

Storekeeper Ralph Harris (360 876 0830) is looking for subject flat hat to wear with his parade uniform.


General Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 14th, 10 AM

Keyport Undersea Museum

Lower Level

Mary Bonnin Room

Guest Speaker

Bill Galvani

Coffee & Donuts













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