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Fireworks Watch List

Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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2012 Fireworks Sale

(updated 6-24-2012)


Those who have gone to the effort of contacting TNT fireworks have starting getting their $10 discount coupons, which if not used should be turned into the Fireworks Chairman so we can give it to other buyers to run their purchase up over $50,  increasing Base share of the profits.  If you do not intend to use the coupons, please turn them over to Mike Sullivan or leave them with the Fireworks stand, opening this Thursday, June 28th.


The fireworks stand will be located at its traditional spot in front of the QFC on Kitsap Way in Bremerton.


For the sales force, See the Watch list.


For everybody, please encourage your friends and neighbors to buy their fireworks at our stand, for submarine veterans and their children, and grandchildren will be supported by their purchases.



Welcome Aboard New Member:  Gary Siemens MM1 (SS), USN (Kentucky)

(Posted 6-22-20120)



Ralph Harris Invites Parade Participants to Party After Fathoms of Fun Parade, Saturday, June 30th

(Posted 6-22-20120)


Muster up in your finest colors for the Saturday, June 30 Fathoms of fun Parade.  Staging will be on Port Orchard Bvd.  Muster at  1700.  Parade starts 1800.  May be able to park at the Bethel Lutheran Church on the corner of Tremont and Port Orchard Blvd.


Ralph says,


"Drinks and snacks after the parade at my place, 3131 Forest Villa Ct., Port Orchard, I will be parking at the church on Tremont by parade starting place, which is Pt. Orchard Blvd. Attendees can follow me home. 5 minute drive. Last year Sam brought everyone back to the church on the float. Worked out well. Wives not watching parade can go right to my place."


USSVI Participates in Reenlistment Ceremony

(Posted 6-22-2012)

Contributed by Fred Borgmann

On June 15, 2012, a group of SubVets from the Seattle and Bremerton Bases gathered at the Keyport Undersea Museum and in front of the USS Sturgeon sail to participate in the re-enlistment ceremony of Garry Siemens MM1(SS) of the Bangor Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF). Garry’s grandfather, Charles Rowan, served on the USS Spinax (SS-489) as an EN2(SS),so to honor his grandfather’s memory, Garry wanted to re-enlist with a former Spinax CO conducting the ceremony. Jay K. Davis CDR, USN (Ret), a former CO of the Spinax and a Seattle Base member, enthusiastically agreed. After the ceremony, Garry was presented with a membership in the USSVI and a Base membership in the Bremerton Base.



    Photo by Dennis Nardone

(L-R) James Creighton ETC(SS) of the IMF, Schell Harmon, Sarge Preston, Jay K. Davis, Katie Moxon    (Garry’s fiancé), Gary Siemens MM1(SS) and Fred Borgmann


Bremerton Base Awards Eight $1000 Scholarships

(Posted 6-20-2012)


Last evening, Tuesday, June 19th, eight $1000 scholarships were presented to eight  deserving graduating high school seniors and continuing collage students.  Six were present for the presentation.  Scholarship Chair John Gardner and Base Cdr Jim DeMott presided.


The major $300 raffle winner was drawn and will be contacted  Other prizes will be drawn this week. More to follow.


Photo by Dennis Nardone



Norfolk Convention Heads Up!
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 6/18/2012

A important message for all potential attendees that they need to get their registrations in soonest if they plan to attend the banquet or the cruise.

John Pearl of Hampton Roads Base, the host reports "Both hotels we contracted with for the convention are booked up. We are looking for more hotel rooms now.

Projections indicate we will reach the maximum capacity for the Spirit of Norfolk Cruise and the Awards Banquet. This means that at some point we will be having to tell people there is no room left for them. We are keeping track of the time and date we receive registrations and only those who get their reservations in before we meet the maximum number can participate.

We are checking to see in the Spirit of Norfolk Cruise will be operating on additional nights so that attendees can book reservations themselves, once our trip is full.

We cannot do much regarding the banquet, about 900 attendees. The only options we have to get another hundred or so in is to do away with the band, dance floor and head tables.

John Pearl



Wanted: Navy Wool Donald Duck Flat Hat

(Posted 6-18-2012)


Storekeeper Ralph Harris (360 876 0830) is looking for subject flat hat to wear with his parade uniform.



FLASH-01: The USSVI National Election is now open

Submitted by: Pat Householder - Elections Master on 6/15/2012

Please give this message the widest possible distribution.

All Regular (US Submarine Qualified) members have several ways to vote.

1. Go to, then click the VOTE NATIONAL ELECTION button.Follow the instructions to log in as a member, then register your vote. (Be sure to have your copy of AMERICAN SUBMARINER Magazine at hand so you can review the full text of the Proposed Amendments and the Candidate Bios.)

2. In AMERICAN SUBMARINER Magazine, you will find a paper ballot you can complete and mail in. If you do so, BE SURE to enter your name and Base on the ballot so that I can verify your eligibility to vote before entering it into the vote tracking system.

3. At, under the DOCUMENTS button, then the ELECTIONS button, there are downloadable documents covering the Proposed Amendments, Candidate Bios and A Ballot, all of which can be printed out for use.

It is important to remember that Proxy Voting is not allowed. This means, each member must do his own voting, regardless of method chosen. Bases cannot vote as a bloc, and any votes received as such will not be accepted. Proxy voting can lead to a loss of membership for the person attempting to do so.

Your vote is your voice in the future direction and operation of our organization, so please carefully consider your alternatives and vote your choices.


Bremerton Base Retrieves the Traveling Dolphins

(updated 6-17-2012)


Bremerton Base, with competition from the Seattle Base, showed up at the June 14th South Sound Base with 8 members and 1 guest to retrieve the Traveling Dolphins. All members got to tell a "true" sea story from their Navy experiences.  They were Jim DeMott, Steve Corcoran, Hank Hollis, Bud Berg, Ralph Harris, Dutch Kaiser, Wayne Peterson and Red Bassler.


Western Region District 4 Commander John Mansfield, a South Sound Base member, was on hand to lead the competition.  John is still searching for a relief, as he will need one if he does win the Western Region Director (an E-board Position)  he is running for.  Suggest you vote for John, as he will give the Northwest some clout at the national level.


Past National Commander and 2012 Election Master Pat Householder was also present and informed us about election procedures.


Click for other pictures

   Photo by John Mansfield


Base Member goes on Eternal Patrol

(Posted 6-17-2012)


Life and Holland Club member Denny Davenport went on eternal patrol on June 11, 2012 in Longmont, CO. Denny served in Spinax, Sand Lance, Segundo and Sculpin.  Denny retired in 1983 as an RM1(SS). Sailor, rest your oar!







Buy Fireworks From Us!!! Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at FRA 29

521 National Ave, Bremerton,

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The Election


The biannual USSVI National election is upon us. By the time you read this post, the polls will be open and the latest hard copy edition of the American Submariner (AS) will be in your hands.

You can vote with a mail in ballot from the AS, or via the national web site. I prefer the internet method. It is very simple. See Election Master’s instructions in left column. If you do not know how to log in, follow the instructions. If not call me 360-509-0250, and I will help you.

On-line voting was opened Friday, June 15th. No rush, that form of voting will not close until Sept 2, the beginning of the national convention in Norfolk. Mail in ballots should mailed in so they arrive no later than 25 August, 2012

Only 4 of the 8 national positions are competitive. Senior Vice Commander, Secretary, Treasurer, and Western Region Director bios are on pages 26 through 30 of the
American Submariner Volume 2012 Issue 2. I have my preferences and would be glad to express them to you in person, or by phone. However, all candidates are willing to compete and have shown their willingness to lead in the American Submariners.

The details of all proposed amendments are on pages 29 through 35 of the AS. To me, the proposed change #2012-02 (PA-2) to amendments to the constitution is vital and needs to be passed and my preference of the synonymous names is “American Submariners”. It will identify us for what we are from the day we qualified. Hopefully, it would encourage active duty submariners to join up as many think they need to be out of the service to be submarine veterans. The American Submariners name would also be easily recognized by all Americans. At the bottom of page 30 are the details of PA-2.

Also, PA-8, gives the national organization authority over local leadership of national conventions. Apparently, the national organization has financial responsibility but had but an advisory role in organizing and operating the conventions. At the bottom of page 33 are the details of PA-8.


I do not think we can expect a volunteer at the national level to watch dog convention preparations, as there may 2 or 3 in early to late stages at once. Most conventions take 2 to 4 years to plan and prepare. I will vote no on PA-8.

I have no problems with the other PA’s.

Vote, and vote wisely. Don’t vote more than once for frauds have been detected before.


Red Bassler
Bremerton Base Webmaster


Soup Down

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 Photo by Dennis Nardone

Ralph's Ware's



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First Female Submariners Find Few Obstacles

by Ed Friedrich The Sun

(Posted 6-17-2012)

Bangor— Female submariners are fitting right in.

Since reporting to their boats in November, 25 women who broke one of the Navy's final gender barriers have gone on patrol and been accepted among their crews.

"The men adjusted to us being there, and we adjusted to them," said Lt. j.g. Megan Bittner of the USS Ohio gold crew. "It was quick. There were no big problems. No stumbling blocks along the way. It was just learning as a junior officer how you fit on the boat."
 Read Whole Story


Puget Soundings Editor Sets 30 June as Cut Off Date for Next Issue Input

(Posted 6-7-2012)


Editor Dave Pittman requests input for next issue of Puget Soundings.  Got an image, article or announcement to submit, e-mail to Dave.



General Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 14th, 10 AM

Keyport Undersea Museum

Lower Level

Mary Bonnin Room

Guest Speaker

Bill Galvani

Coffee & Donuts Too!

Deterrent Park Donors


for Sep-Oct 2012


Paver Installation








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