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Fireworks Watch List

Gertrude Check: Before political correctness, a  universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer

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Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade

(Published 5-6-2012)


Parade Coordinator John Gardner reminds us that the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce - Armed Forces Day Parade is close at hand, Saturday, May 19th.  Wear your colors and show up before 10 AM.  Our space is C18 right behind the Seattle Base on 4th St, near intersection of Veneta Ave. Map




Gertrude Check 101

(Published 5-5-2012)


Please take a look at some information at this PDF file that hopefully will explain how the the newly formatted Gertrude Check web site is organized, etc.


As with most web sites today, many links are used to quickly get you to something that may interest you, vice scrolling down a long page. Most will be bolded in Red or Navy Blue (with no underline, but exceptions sometimes); so please use your mouse cursor to glide over text and graphic to locate links.


Upwards of 10 browsers are used  to view the web; Firefox, Chrome and IE dominate.  I am not a professional and really do not have the time to check how Gertrude Check looks on even those browsers, let alone all the rest.  My advice is to use one of the dominate browsers with the latest update.  They are all free to download.


I expect to receive your help in working out the bugs.  So feel free to help me (and provide content too).




Don "Red" Bassler

Gertrude Check Web Master





Scholarship Selection Committee Opportunity - Bremerton Base Members Only

(Published 5-3-2012)


This Saturday, 5 May, is the deadline for submission the scholarship application for the 2012 Lt William “Willie” Spoon Memorial Scholarships. Eight $1000 Scholarships will be awarded at the June 19th General Meeting.

For those who may be interested in understanding how the selections are made, here is an opportunity for you to be on the selection committee. It will meet next time next week. It takes about 2 hours of your time.

Please call John Gardner (360-692-8994) or e-mail him.


May-June-July Puget Soundings Online

(Published 5-2-2012)




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2012 “Tolling Of The Boats”

(Published 5-2-2012)

May 24, 2012, at 10.a.m.      
Naval Undersea Museum
Sturgeon Sail – Fair Weather
Auditorium – Foul Weather

This annual event is filled with pomp & circumstance; crews from many Bangor Boats, guest speakers and this year
ADM Bacon will be honored and inducted into the Holland Club.

John Mansfield
WRD4 Commander
360 569 0507





Candidates for USSVI National Secretary
(Published 4-20-2012)


I am in the running for National Secretary, USSVI, I thought it important to release my biography in regards to seeking that position, please see attached and give it whatever distribution as called for - thank you...

Best Regards,


John Clear EMC(SS) USN Ret.
Submarine Memorabilia, Inc., President
Olympic Peninsula Base, USSVI, Commander
180 Robin Lane
Port Ludlow, WA 98365-9522

Greetings Shipmates,

I have thrown my hat in the ring and will running for election to the office of USSVI National Secretary.

Attached is a summary outline of my experience, and what I consider my qualifications for the position, and ask the District Commanders and Base Commanders receiving this to please Distribute to those USSVI Shipmates you have in your E-Mail Address Book. Your vote for me during the balloting process will be greatly appreciated.\

Best regards,

Len Heiselt
Western Region
District Six Commander




USSVI Western Region Director Nominees


Robert J (Bob) Miller, PAST Western Region District 6 Commander
(Published 4-15-2012)

Hello Shipmates,
After much contemplation and deliberation I have decided to run for the USSVI Western Region Director. I think John Mansfield is a great guy and offers much to the organization but I think I am better.


I want to represent every single person in the Western Region on the USSVI Executive Board. I will be soliciting what you want to do for the organization and what you want to get from the organization. If you see something that USSVI is doing wrong let me know about it and what should be done to correct it let me know t6hat too.


If you feel there is something that USSVI should be doing and how it should be implemented let me know that also. If you have any ideas as to how USSVI could improve their fundraising, community involvement, recruiting, commemoration of our lost shipmates and brotherhood activities I especially want to know those. We have a great outfit here but every organization can’t just sit on its laurels or it will stagnate. We need to constantly striving to improve ourselves, get our name out to the public, find new members, and find new ways we can honor our fallen shipmates. The E-Board can’t do this on its own. They need the input from you guys. You’re the strength of the organization. I want to be the channel through which you can get your ideas heard, acted upon and brought to fruition to make this organization what you want it to be. I will greatly appreciate your vote in helping me achieve my vision of the USSVI that you will be extremely proud to be a member.

Take care,

Robert J. (Bob) Miller
US Submarine Veterans Inc.
PAST Western Region District 6 Commander

Silent Strength - Pride Runs Deep


John Mansfield, WRD4 Commander

(Published 4-5-2012)


Vote for John, Click for bio

Western Region District Commanders, Base Commanders & POC's,
Please give this your widest distribution to all Base members.

I am seeking the position of USSVI Western Region Director in the upcoming election.

Your support and vote will be sincerely appreciated. I will continue, as always, with any position of responsibility that I've held within our organization, to provide leadership, guidance and support to You, the members, in efforts to achieve goals as set forth in our Constitution and Bylaws. I have always believed that 'communication' is the foundation and building block of an organization, and it can be done without expense as our internet technologies advance.


Our primary purpose is to honor those submariners who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, and, at the same time, I believe we can improve our presence within the communities in which we live. It would be an honor to represent all the the Bases within the Western Region as a member of the USSVI Executive Board. I will solicit your input for those meetings and at the same time, I am not a micro-manager. so I ask that if you have an issue that needs to be addressed; be prepared with suggestions and answers on how to get them resolved within your Base(s) and District(s).

My photo and biography are attached. Thank you for listening. (Reading)




John Mansfield
WRD4 Commander
360 569 0507 Home (no cell coverage)
253 202 6433 Cell



Do Something to Help Other Veterans

(Published (5-3-2012)




Monthly Meetings, 3rd Tue, 1900 at FRA 29

521 National Ave, Bremerton, W


Click on Date to Show Events










Soup Down

Azteca, Poulsbo, 5-4-12, Click






  Ralph's Ware's



Communications Supporters

They help us keep up our communication efforts, i.e

these ads here and in Puget Soundings




2012 Fireworks  (See Watch Bill)

(updated 4-20-2012)


In preparation for the subject event, please consider signing up for a watch at the Fire Works Stand. Early bird gets the worm!  E-mail or call Sam or Mike.  See Watch Bill here.


It will be located at its traditional spot in front of the QFC on Kitsap Way in Bremerton.

Base Fireworks Sale Manager Mike Sullivan suggests that we join the TNT club to help the base make the most out of our hard work, selling fireworks. No matter whether you work the sale or buy fireworks, or not participate, you can still help. Join the TNT Club on-line. Besides their literature you will be sent a $10 discount certificate by snail mail and also one by e-mail for purchases totaling over $50. If you do not use them, turn both of them over to Mike and he will ensure that those credits are made to people that are buying at the fireworks stand, and it will not effect our bottom line, but will be used to encourage buyers to purchase over the $50 mark. Go to TNT Fireworks and sign up. The fireworks sale is our primary money maker that supports base functions and our charitable donations, like scholarships. Help Please!


Kap(ss) 4 Kid(ss)
(Published 4-20-2012)


I have coordinated with the Child Life Specialist at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to have our next Kap(ss) 4 Kid(ss)visit on May 9th at 0930. You know the rules, but if you need a refresher, let me know.

Thank you

John Mansfield
South Sound Base Kap(ss) 4 Kid(ss) Chairman
360 569 0507


U S Submarine Veterans NEWS (LINKS)


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USS Arizona - Eternal Peace

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