USSVI Bremerton Base Soup Down

Letter for Requesting Gift Certificate from past gift certificate donor Restaurants

Soup Down Starts at 11:30
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(Soup Down, on Fridays, was established by the late Willie Spoon to serve two equal purposes 1: to bring members together on a weekly basis to maintain the fraternity, and 2: encourage the establishments to contribute a raffle prize or direct contribution to the Bremerton Base's annual Lt. William "Willie" Spoon Memorial Scholarship Fund.)




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  Sizzler (4-20-2012)
Red Robin (3-30-2012) Clear Water Casino (3-23-2012)
Fujiyamas (3-9-2012) Moon Dogs Too (3-2-2012)
Azteca, Bremerton  (2-24-2012) Pancake House, Port Orchard  (2-17-2012)
Sunset Grill (2-3-2012) Family Inn at Manchester (1-27-2012)
Aloha Kitchen, Silverdale ((1-13-2012) All Star Lanes, Silverdale (1-06-2012)
Josef's, Silverdale Hotel 12-23-2011 Los Cabos, E Bremerton 12-2-2011
Pancake House, E. Bremerton (Nov 25, 2011) MoonDogsToo, Port Orchard (Nov 18, 2011)
All Star Lanes (Nov 4, 2011) Azteca, Poulsbo (Oct 28, 2011)
Sizzler (Oct 14, 2011) Tony's Pizza (Oct 7, 2011)

Brother Dons (Sept 30, 2011)

Clear Water Casino (Sept 16, 2011)
Family Pancake House Bremerton (9-9-2011) Fugiama's Steak House (9-2-2011)
MoonDogs Too (8-26-2011) MoonDogs Too (8-26-2011)
MoonDogs Too (8-26-2011) MoonDogs Too (8-26-2011)
Pancake House, Port Orchard (8-12-2011) Azteca, East Bremerton (8-19-2011)
Manchester Inn (7-22-2011) Aloha Kitchen (7--8-2011)
Joeff', Silverdale Hotel (6-24-2011