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4-8-2012  2012 Fireworks Sale


In preparation for the subject event, please consider signing up for a watch at the Fire Works Stand. Early bird gets the worm!  E-mail or call Sam or Mike.  See Watch Bill here.


It will be located at its traditional spot in front of the QFC on Kitsap Way in Bremerton.


Base Fireworks Sale Manager Mike Sullivan suggests that we join the TNT club to help the base make the most out of our hard work, selling fireworks. No matter whether you work the sale or buy fireworks, or not participate, you can still help. Join the TNT Club on-line. Besides their literature you will be sent a $10 discount certificate by snail mail and also one by e-mail for purchases totaling over $50. If you do not use them, turn both of them over to Mike and he will ensure that those credits are made to people that are buying at the fireworks stand, and it will not effect our bottom line, but will be used to encourage buyers to purchase over the $50 mark. Go to http://www.tntfireworks.com/tntclub.php  and sign up. The fireworks sale is our primary money maker that supports base functions and our charitable donations, like scholarships. Help Please!


4-6-2012   USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2012-027

NEWS-01: Looking for a lifting yoke and lifting rods for a Type 2D 'scope
Submitted by: Office on 4/1/2012
As some may know, periscope manufacturer Kollmorgen has been "acquired" by L-3 (a company with whom I am not familiar). New name is L-3 KEO, according to this: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/l-3-completes-acquisition-kollmorgen-214200430.html.

I was notified of this by Paul Lapinski, a retired Kollmorgen technician. Paul has about 48 years of history with Kollmorgen, and is helping me with the details of installing a periscope from SSBN-658 in the Mare Island Museum. We are trying to locate a lifting yoke and maybe even the lifting rods for a Type 2D 'scope. Because we (the museum) have most of the equipment from the 658 Control Room (including the periscope stand and periscopes) we don't want to do the typical museum installation where the scope sits on a pedestal. We've built a steel structure from which the scope will hang, and then penetrate the roof of the building by about 20 feet.

Anybody know where we might find any of these parts? (Yoke, rods, bearings. Any help would be much appreciated. Not necessarily looking for freebies, but we are on a budget.) Thanks in advance!

Bill Linne

NEWS-02: New District (7) in the Western Region
Submitted by: Jim Dunn WRD on 4/3/2012
It is with great pleasure that I formally announce that I have formed Western District 7 within Western Region. I have just spoke with Shipmate Ron Martini and have appointed him WDC of new formed Western District 7.

Western District 7 will encompass Montana, Wyoming and a part of Eastern Idaho. The Bases included are Montana Base, Cheyenne Sub Vets Base, Wyoming Base, and Hawkbill Base.

Please join me in congratulating Ron Martini on his new Position. This will provide much better coverage of this area, and I know Ron will do an outstanding job. I look forward to working with you Ron.

NEWS-03: USSVI Needs You!
Submitted by: on 4/4/2012
Do you support the purposes of USSVI and want to help guide the organization as it grows?

You have the most direct influence on the management of USSVI if you are a national officer, so toss your hat into the ring for the position of National Secretary or National Treasurer.

The general requirement to run for either position is that you must be a submarine qualified member in good standing for at least thirty consecutive months.

Generally speaking, the duties of the National Secretary include serving as a voting member of the national board of directors where you will be the clerk of USSVI and the keeper of the seal. You will oversee the retention of all non-financial USSVI records, which will be transferred to the USSVI Archives when no longer current. You will maintain and distribute minutes of all national meetings of the board of directors, and serve as the official organization correspondent, forwarding to officers and committee chairman such correspondence as may be appropriate to the performance of their duties. You will prepare and distribute the National Ballot and issue calls to the committee chairmen for activity reports for publishing in American Submariner. When new Bases are established and the required information has been received, you will issue a new Base Charter for the new base. In the course of your duties, you will keep records of your work to turn over to your relief as well as any official materials assigned to your care.

Generally speaking, the duties of the National Treasurer include serving as a voting member of the national board of directors where you will be the Chief Financial Officer of USSVI. You will be responsible to maintain accounts appropriate to the structure and activities of the organization and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. These records are maintained in Quicken software to be provided to you and you will make such reports and returning as required by Federal, State and Local governments. In the course of your duties, you will keep records of your work to turn over to your relief as well as any official materials assigned to your care.

Both positions involve attendance at periodic Board of Director meetings called by the National Commander, typically at the National Convention and another meeting midway between conventions. Your travel and lodging costs to attend are reimbursed as a cost of doing business subject to guidelines.

All the specific details are spelled out in the Bylaws, Article V, Section 4 and 5.
Ref: https://www.ussvi.org/Documents/Online_Organization_2010_Bylaws_Revised.pdf

If you have the time and desire to make a difference in USSVI, your organization needs you! Please get back to Patrick Householder, Nominations Chair at householderp@comcast.net no later than April 30, 2012.


4-6-2012   Western District 4 Commander Needed


Regarding my candidacy for Western Region Director; If I am elected, it means a new District 4 Commander will need to be appointed to finish out my term which is due to end September of 2013. Any member who is or has been a Base Commander in good standing is eligible for the position. If you are interested in serving our organization and having some fun at the same time, I would love to hear from you. I am willing to offer any assistance required of the position (You can see the requirements on the ussvi website) or provide answers to your questions. We have an excellent cadre of Bases and officers in District 4 who perform their duties in service to us all, which really makes the DC position effortless for the most part. If you know of someone whom you think would be a good candidate, please contact me.

John Mansfield
WRD4 Commander
360 569 0507 Home


4-5-2012  USSVI Western Region Director Nominee

Vote for John, Click for bio

Western Region District Commanders, Base Commanders & POC's,
Please give this your widest distribution to all Base members.

I am seeking the position of USSVI Western Region Director in the upcoming election.

Your support and vote will be sincerely appreciated. I will continue, as always, with any position of responsibility that I've held within our organization, to provide leadership, guidance and support to You, the members, in efforts to achieve goals as set forth in our Constitution and Bylaws. I have always believed that 'communication' is the foundation and building block of an organization, and it can be done without expense as our internet technologies advance.


Our primary purpose is to honor those submariners who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, and, at the same time, I believe we can improve our presence within the communities in which we live. It would be an honor to represent all the the Bases within the Western Region as a member of the USSVI Executive Board. I will solicit your input for those meetings and at the same time, I am not a micro-manager. so I ask that if you have an issue that needs to be addressed; be prepared with suggestions and answers on how to get them resolved within your Base(s) and District(s).

My photo and biography are attached. Thank you for listening. (Reading)


John Mansfield
WRD4 Commander
360 569 0507 Home (no cell coverage)
253 202 6433 Cell



4-02-2012  USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2012-026

Submitted by: Joseph M. Loffredo on 3/30/2012
This POC is in response to the POC posted by the Groton Base Commander.


I would like to take a minute to clarify a few thing regarding the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS Mississippi SSN 782 in the port of Pascagoula, MS.

Based on the message from the Groton Base Commander, I feel some informational comments should be made. based on contact from COMSUBLANT to the Commander of Groton Base.

Tullibee Base in Mississippi is and has been involved with the Commissioning of the USS Mississippi for over 18 months and has had the first Commissioning Committee established since then. It joined forces with the Meridian Navy League in conjunction with the director of ship's commissionings, Bill Husemann.

As Commander of Tullibee Base, I sit on both the Navy League Committee and Pascagoula Host City Committee. The Navy League has been designated by Mr. Huesman as the primary agency charged with accepting requests for general attendance to the commissioning and forwarding same to the Navy.

The process for the Navy, in turn, is to send an RSVP to the individual requesting. That individual reponds with the quantity of tickets needed and supplies the names and all other pertinent data. Once you send your RSVP back you will receive color coded tickets to the event. This is very important, IF YOU DO NOT SEND YOUR RSVP BACK TO THE NAVY YOU WILL NOT GET ACCESS TICKETS TO THE EVENT!

If you go to USSMISSISSIPPI.ORG you can sign up there and identify what organization you belong to. Veterans will be accorded veterans seating. USSVI members will be wearing their vets and will have seating assigned within the veterans group.

No committee can issue tickets, this event is not open to the public, except, by receiving access through the Navy's procedure will you get the necessary invitation. The commissioning is being held in Pascagoula, MS at Pier C at 1000. This Port is a secure port and cannot be accessed without an invitational ticket for the commissioning or a TWIX pass.

Further question can be directed to Mark McDonald, Chairman of the Navy League Committee. His email is mcdonaldpines@gmail.com


Joseph M. Ioffredo CSM USA (Ret.)
Commander, Tullibee Base
Biloxi, MS

3-30-2012 Deadline for Ordering Deterrent Park Engraved Bricks is April 15, 2012  The deadline for ordering engraved bricks for May, 2012 installation in the missile deck of the  full scale topside mockup of USS Woodrow Wilson at Deterrent Park, NBK, Bangor is April 15.  Currently several are in  the queue. Details here.


3-29-2012 Subvet News

Date: 3/28/2012
To: Distribution List
NEWS-01: Subvet Golf Tournament on May 12th in Antioch CA.
Submitted by: Barry Commons on 3/26/2012
The USSVI Mare Island Base is holding a charity tournament on May 12th in Antioch, CA at the Roddy Ranch Golf Course.

The proceeds of the tournament supports the young men and women of the Sea Cadets, Kaps for Kids (USSVI Charity) and Kaleidoscope providing hope and connection for those afflicted with a life threatening condition.

The registration period is open until April 12th. The cost for the event is $100 which includes 18 holes of championship golf, cart, lunch, banquet dinner (tri-tip & chicken), door prizes and more.

We will be giving many prizes including an opportunity to win a new 2012 Buick in our hole-in-one competition. Other prizes are given for closest-to-the-pin, long drive, and a putting contest.

Our ceremony at the golf course begins with the Sea Cadets posting colors and the National Anthem sung by vocalist Joe Young. The format of the tournament is a four man scramble.

Please direct any questions and send registration fees to the Mare Island Base Secretary Bill Dornik, 751 Rollingwood St., Vallejo, CA 94591.

There may be many submariners local to the area or in town during our event. Please help us to get the word out.

You may retrieve the application on line at the link below:

Barry Commons
USSVI National Storekeeper
2063 Main St., PMB 293
Oakley, CA 94561
Phone: 925-679-1744
Toll Free: 855-skussvi (758-7784)
Web site:



NEWS-02: Finding a Sub School Class Photo online
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 3/27/2012
This video linked below explains how to find a submarine School Graduation picture in the SUB SCHOOL PICS section of the USSVI website at www.ussvi.org




3-27-2012 USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2012-023

Date: 3/26/2012
To: Distribution List

NEWS-01: SUBVETS Anniversary Celebration
Submitted by: John “Gumba” Carcioppolo on 3/26/2012
SUBVETS Anniversary Celebration. Each year during the first weekend in May, SUBVETS Groton Base Celebrates the Anniversary of the incorporation and birth of USSVI. The three day event is about camaraderie, good times with Shipmates, and returning to your roots in the Submarine Capitol of the World, Groton CT. If you have never been there before, it’s a great time worth checking out.

The 48th Anniversary Celebration is scheduled for 3- 5 May 2012. The weekend’s events are open to all SUBVETS and their guests. SUBVETS come from all over the country, and you never know who you are going to see there. Here is the link for the registration form: http://subvetsgroton.org/anniversary/Shared%20Documents/2012_Registration_Form_Final.pdf

Here is the schedule of the weekend’s events:

Scholarship Golf Tournament is scheduled rain or shine for Thursday 3 May.
UBVETS Anniversary Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday 3 May

Return to Submarine School Is scheduled for Friday 04 May 08:30 am, and includes a Basic Submarine School Graduation Ceremony, Submarine School tours, and lunch at SUBSCHOOL.
Welcome Aboard Reception The Welcome Aboard Reception will be Friday 04 May starting at 6:00 pm.
Submarine Tour is scheduled for Saturday morning 05 May 09:00 am and is strictly dependent on SUBASE security conditions and Submarine availability; it can be cancelled without notice.
Tolling of the Boats Ceremony Saturday afternoon 05 May 1:00 pm. SUBVETS WWII National Submarine Memorial East, Groton CT. There is no cost and this is open to the general public..
Anniversary Banquet Dinner Dance will be held at the Port and Starboard Banquet Room in New London and will begin with a social period and cash bar at 5:30 pm on 05 May.

All information about the SUBVETS 48th Anniversary Celebration is located at http://www.subvetsgroton.org/anniversary/default.aspx or by contacting Groton Base Commander
John “Gumba” Carcioppolo at commander@subvetsgroton.org or (860) 514 – 7064.

3-27-2012 USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2012-022

 Date: 3/25/2012
 To: Distribution List
 NEWS-01: A special request to all who send out multi-address emails to Sub Vets.
Submitted by: Office on 3/18/2012
 PLEASE do not send out broadcasted emails using the 'CC' feature of your email program (which leaves all the recipient email addresses exposed.)
 (Please, this is very important, GC ed)

 The reason why we ask this is if forwarded on (as oftentimes happens) and the email falls into the wrong hands, or a recipient's email is infected with a virus that harvests emails, the people listed can be subjected to spam emails or worse.
 The way to do this is to use the BCC feature of your email program (BCC means Blind Copy). The message gets sent as before, but does not display the email addresses.
Thanks for your consideration.
 NEWS-02: School of the Boat: USSVI Museum on Facebook
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 3/22/2012
This short "School of the Boat" video shows how to access the online USSVI Museum on Facebook.
 If you like it (and I think you will), be sure to click the "like' button so that you are kept up to date with the changes that are happening there.
 NEWS-03: A message for Base Commanders and Storekeepers
 Submitted by: Office on 3/23/2012
 Base POC, please get this message to your Base Storekeeper as soon as possible.
 Barry Commons, our National Storekeeper, reports that he is receiving requests for the 2012 USSVI Calendar, and their stock is depleted.
If your base has any of the 2012 calendars remaining and wish to sell them, please send a email to Barry Commons at nsk.ussvi@yahoo.com telling him.
 1. Who your Base Storekeeper is and how to contact him (email and mail address)
 2. How many calendars your base has available for sale.
 As Barry receives orders for calendars, he will direct them to contact the Base Storekeeper for purchase of the calendar. The additional sales will add to your base coffers, which is a good thing.
 NEWS-04: The museum boat USS Ling gets a reprieve
 Submitted by: Office on 3/24/2012
 Natl Sec Tom Conlon (As E-Board member of the New Jersey Naval Museum) reports that a lease has been signed to keep the USS Ling (NJ Naval Museum) intact and in place at her moorage in Hackensack, NJ.
 There was concern about a new Walmart being built on the property (which will happen) but the Ling will remain as well although of the exhibits may need to be repositioned, along with the trailers.
 Submitted by: James A Fox on 3/25/2012
 While this was sent to be by Wayne, the CRD, it is a great wake-up call for all hands...
 DC’s Please pass on to all your bases ASAP. (note: YOU can make nominations also) We are 2/3 of the way through the nominating period, and there are very few nominations. Let’s not wait until the last minute.
 APRIL 30 is the absolute deadline for nominations (with exception of Newsletter Awards) to be received by the National Awards Chairman (John Stanford) ( Robert Link nominations may be sent to John Stanford or National Commander, Michael Bircumshaw)
 May 15 is the absolute deadline for nominations for Newsletter of the Year Awards to be received by John Stanford
 The Awards program is a very important part of USSVI and we should recognize those shipmates that go “above and beyond”. The qualifications for the various awards are specific and plainly spelled out in the Awards Manual, which can be accessed on the USSVI website, www.ussvi.org. when you get to the Home page, click on the greenish-gray button on the left side of the page entitled “Awards”. Next, click on the blue button entitled “Manuals”. On the next page (Manuals), click on “2012 USSVI Awards Manual.PDF”.
 Please take the time to nominate one of your shipmates or Bases for one or more of the various awards.
 Thanking you in advance,
 Wayne Standerfer
 CHARITABLE-01: 2012 Donations to date for the Scholarship Fund
 Submitted by: Paul Orstad on 3/23/2012
 The Scholarship committee wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who have donated to the USSVCF Scholarship Fund in the 2011-12 period. Last year without your support many students would not have had the opportunity to reduce their college cost without your help. Hopefully you will see fit to continue to do the same. We have received thanks from a number of the awardees telling us how gratefully they are for the financial help they received. We are about to embark on a new season and hopefully we can give out the same or as many as we have donations for. On behalf of the Scholarship Committee and all Submarine Veterans, Thank You! Paul Orstad, Chairman


3-25-2012 Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball. It will be April 14 at the Sheraton in Seattle. The Base has received 10 donated tickets. They will be made available to WWII Subvets first, then to the general membership. If interested see Cdr Jim DeMott.


3-24-2012 Bremerton Subvets Picnic 2012 at Elks Picnic Area, August 4, 2012 at 1200
SUBVETS will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Buns, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cups, Plates, Paper Towels & etc.  All you have to do is bring yourself and provide a salad, a desert or etc to share. BYOB or cans. COB Hank Hollis Sends.

3-24-2012 Profile | Tudor Davis one of the last USS Halibut veterans

Tudor Davis, 88, is one of the last six, living crew members who served aboard the USS Halibut SS-232, the Gato-class submarine which was damaged beyond repair during its 10th patrol off the coast of the Philippines, Nov. 14, 1944.

The Halibut became the 52nd U.S. submarine lost in World War II though it was not sunk. The early morning attacks were described as “one of the most devastating” against a submarine during the war by Clay Blair, Jr. World War II historian and author of “Silent Victory,” a chronicle of submarine combat during the war.  Read the rest of the Story

3-24-2012 Deterrent Park Update

Since the October 2011 brick installation, eight sponsors have donated 19 engraved bricks to Deterrent Park.  They will be installed, with other donated bricks, in May 2012.  These sponsors are Barton, Davison, Aiello(2), Kolbeck(2), Briggs, Langeliers, Roth(10) and Sullivan.


Bremerton Base E-board and the Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association have approved special engravings the on missile deck of the full scale replica of USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN 624)'s sail and upper rudder honoring the World war II Submarine Force Medal of Honor recipients.  It will be enclosed and centered in 5 rows, the middle row will be M1.  Those engravings, brick applications/donations on order, plus any others received by April 15, 2012 are planned for installation in May, 2012.

















An engraved brick for a loved one that served his/her country could be an everlasting memory.  You may want to consider one or more for gifts for other occasions.  All the Park information you may want to know about the Park and an order form are online. (And the donation is IRS deductable.)


Recently, Kenny Roth donated 10 engraved bricks honoring those of his family that served in the military. Some of you may have known his deceased Dad, FTCM(SS) Roth.  Kenny was kind enough to permit me to print part of his correspondence that may give you food for thought.


"As a personal note to you Red, there is a VERY SPECIAL event occurring this coming June. In the list of 10 there are 3 officers. Technically there really is 2 right now, my Grandfather LtCol Wenzel Roth and my Uncle LCDR Mike Nigro, both of whom are limited duty officers. This June my little sister DT2 Linda Roth's daughter, Justine Sands, will become the first line officer in the Roth family. Her commissioning will be at San Diego St. University and she will be commissioned a 2ndLt. in the US Air Force. It is so sad that my Mom and Dad, FTCM/SS David Roth and Sherryl D. Roth, who both passed within a year of each other 2 years ago, could not be there to witness such an earth shattering news. I know you would like for me to write a paragraph on what "motivated" me to do this. Are you kidding. I thank you and everyone associated with this Memorial for allowing me the total honor of showing the privilege of serving the greatest country in the history of mankind. Thank you Red and if there is anything I can do to help just say the word. Sincerely, Kenny Roth(ET2)"


3-12-2012 Submarine Officers’ Birthday Ball in the Pacific Northwest


1 March 2012

Dear Mr. Borgmann,

I would like to extend an invitation for you and the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. to join the 2012 Submarine Officers’ Birthday Ball in the Pacific Northwest.

The ball will be held on 21 April at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, Bangor Plaza. Social hour begins at 1700 with the event officially starting at 1800.

My point of contact is LT Chen Chang. He can be reached at (360) 396-6761 or at chen.chang@navy.mil. I graciously await your response

Sincerely yours,


Commanding Officer
Naval Submarine Support Center Bangor

United States Submarine Veterans Inc.
Frederick W. Borgmann
PO Box 3870
Silverdale, WA 98383-3870


updated 3-9-2012






The following Members are recognized for their generous donations to the Base General Fund.
Rig for Dive Periscope Depth

Battle Stations

Deep Submergence Unit Citation
$1 - $19.99 $20.00 - $29.99

$30.00 - $49.99

$50.00 - $99.00 $100.00 +





George Schaefer

Tudor Davis

Lynn Ryan

Anonymous-WWII Vet

Updated: Mar 20,, 2012. Thanks Shipmates


SOUP DOWN Lunch Every Friday a Different Establishment.


Go to Calendar for schedule

Join the Fun, click for Images

Ltr of 2012 appreciation/request for 2012 gift certificate


Gertrude Check
Founder & Editor


Other News of Interest to Submariners

Albany-Saratoga Base of USSVI through the Albany-Saratoga Sub Vet Memorial Foundation, Inc has created the New York State Submariners Memorial and Veteran’s Walk Way in a Veteran’s Park in the Village of Ballston Spa, NY. This Memorial is dedicated to those New York Submarines who went on Eternal Patrol while serving in the Silent Service.

It’s the first Memorial to Submariners from a state rather than the Lost Boats assigned to that state. If you are a submariner from the state of New York, a past or present student, instructor, officer or CO of NPTU you can leave your legacy in stone by buying a tax deductible paver for our Memorial. The Memorial Pavers are open to any member of the armed forces past or present. The Memorial consists of a 4 ft x 8 ft black grant stone that lists the names of the 467 NYS Submariners on a 16 ft x 16 ft paver courtyard connected to the 170 ft Veterans Walkway. Across from the Memorial stone is a 20 ft to scale model of the U.S.S. Albany SSN753 mounted on 2 ft high pedestals in a smaller paver courtyard containing the names of the CO’s, pavers from the crew and when she was commissioned. This area is also open to any boat past or present that wants to leave it name in stone. You can see the present photos of the memorial, the listing for the Lost Submariners, paver forms and more at the Foundation website www.subvetmemorial.com <http://www.subvetmemorial.com/> . The model of the Albany will be installed in early May and you are invited to come to our dedication ceremony on May 20, 2012. Help us pave the way and enjoy the website. If you have any questions or need more information contact Al Singleman, Jr at (518) 355-2119 or al@ssbn657.com

USS Santa Fe Receives Navy Unit Commendation
By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ronald Gutridge, Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs, Apr 6, 2012

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (NNS) -- The commander of Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet presented the Navy Unit Commendation award to the crew of the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) at the Pearl Harbor Submarine Park and Parche Memorial on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam., Hawaii, April 5.

Rear Adm. Frank Caldwell recognized the crew of Santa Fe for their outstanding performance during their last deployment from February 2011 to August 2011.
According to the award citation Santa Fe's crew, "skillfully conducted four operations of great importance to national security by safely operating in a demanding and challenging undersea environment, directly enhancing fleet, theater and national objectives. The crew displayed exceptional tactical skill, tenacity and perseverance while operating under extremely challenging conditions to prepare the battle space for future operations. Santa Fe's tactical acumen was further displayed by their highly successful participation in exercise Malabar, a bilateral exercise with the Indian navy."

Santa Fe's commanding officer, Cmdr. David Adams, credits the award to the crew's hard work and dedication.

"The Navy Unit Commendation awarded to the Santa Fe really highlights the best things about our deployments and how we go out and defend the nation," said Adams. "The crew's performance throughout the deployment was outstanding. I am very proud to be a part of this team and to be able to see the crew get recognized for all their hard work."

Established by the secretary of the Navy Dec. 18, 1944, and awarded by the secretary with the approval of the President, this unit commendation is conferred on any ship, aircraft, detachment or other unit of the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps which distinguished itself for extremely meritorious service in support of military operations, which were outstanding when compared to other units performing similar service.

Santa Fe is currently assigned to Commander, Submarine Squadron 7 and is the second ship to be named in honor of the capital city of New Mexico. As an improved Los Angeles-class, it features retractable bow planes and 12 vertical launch tubes for cruise missile stri


The Naval Undersea Museum has a lot going on! Don't miss out on these upcoming programs!

Science Saturday: this Saturday, April 7th from 10am-Noon
Magnetism and Electricity
The creation of a power source such as electricity is essential for the running of undersea vehicles. Electric power is generated from a variety
of sources. Come explore some concepts behind electricity and magnetism this week! Activities:
-Make magnets dance
-Create a circuit and light a bulb or create an alarm
-Have a hair-raising experience with static electricity
Programs are designed for Kindergarten- sixth grade, but children of all ages are welcome.

War of 1812 Speaker Series: Saturday, April 21st from 1100-Noon
In conjunction with the opening of the Naval Undersea Museum's new War of 1812 Bicentennial exhibit, Laurence Kerr will provide a presentation on the Navy's first six frigates that helped establish the United States Navy as a credible sea power. He will draw connections to the legacy that ships like USS Constitution have on our Navy today.

The Naval Undersea Museum is looking for more volunteers! Volunteers perform a variety of different tasks and are key to the museum's success. We are looking for volunteers to greet visitors at our front desk and volunteers to assist with Education programs. We are especially in need of more volunteers on the weekends, but more weekday volunteers are welcome!

Please call the Museum Educator, John Buchinger, at 360-396-5547 for more information about programs or if you are interested in volunteering. We hope you will join us!

Operations Manager
Naval Undersea Museum
Tel: 360-396-5548
Fax: 360-396-7944


"Watertight: How I Survived the Submarine Service Without Losing My Mind"

Shipmates and Friends,

For you who enjoy a good book you may want to add this one to your library. If it reads anything like the author speaks it promises to be a good one. Barry Danforth, a Nautilus shipmate, says, "This is the nuclear submariners world from the Rag Hats perspective and it's approved by the A Ganger's local 1. Enjoy,

Tommy Robinson, '63 - '67
NAAI-Association Secretary
360-871-6899 (message




Submarine’s Top Sailor Axed Amid Hazing Probe
By Sam Fellman, Navy Times, Mar 31, 2012

The top enlisted sailor on a Kings Bay, Ga.-based guided missile submarine was fired Friday for “dereliction of duty” amid an investigation into hazing claims onboard the submarine, Submarine Group 10 said.

Master Chief Machinist’s Mate (SS) Charles Berry was relieved as chief of the boat of guided missile sub Florida’s Gold Crew by Capt. Stephen Gillespie, commander of Submarine Squadron 16, SUBGRU 10 said in a news release.

“During an investigation surrounding allegations of hazing onboard USS Florida (Gold), Berry was found to have neglected his duties as a leader onboard the submarine,” the release said. “While not involved in the alleged hazing, it was determined Berry had knowledge of the alleged events and failed to take action and inform his chain of command.”

Berry is the sixth top enlisted fired this year, and the second from the submarine force. He was the second top enlisted fired this week; the top enlisted at a Virginia Beach, Va.-based strike fighter squadron was fired Tuesday after an investigation into claims of sexual harassment, the Navy said.

Specifics on the investigation remain unclear, such as the nature of the alleged hazing, when it may have occurred or who may have been involved.

Florida’s Gold Crew was in the news a year ago after it successfully launched more than 90 cruise missiles as part of Libya campaign. These were the first Tomahawk warshots fired by a guided missile submarine, the Navy said then.

Berry has been reassigned to Submarine Squadron 16. Command Master Chief (SS) Brett Prince, who was set to relieve Berry next month, will assume duties as chief of the boat earlier than anticipated.

“The Navy’s standards for personnel behavior are very high and we demand that our people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” SUBGRU 10 said in the statement. “When individuals fall short of this standard of professionalism and personal behavior, the Navy will take swift and decisive action.”

Longer Life For Delta-IV
Barents Observer, Mar 28, 2012

The Zvezdochka yard puts the upgraded nuclear submarine “Verkhotulye” on the water, the first of Russia’s six Delta-IV class subs to undergo modernization.

The upgrade includes a wide range of works, with the hulls, the outboard systems, the endurance systems, as well as the reactor system and other mechansms, a press release from the yard informs. The remaining part of the upgrade will be completed while the vessel vessel is afloat. It will handed over to the Navy in November this year.

The Delta-IV (project 667BDRM) has been the backbone first in the Soviet and later in the Russian submarine fleet since they were introduced in the mid 1980s. A total of seven Delta-IV subs were built by the Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk in the period 1985-1992. Six vessels of the class today remain in the fleet, among them the “Yekaterinburg”, which caught fire in a dry dock outside Murmansk on 29 December 2011.

According to General Director Vladimir Nikitin, Zvezdochka is ready to upgrade all the six Delta-IV subs. Next in the line is the “Yekaterinburg”, he confirms.
The upgrade will prolong the service life of the vessels with ten years from 25 to 35 years


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I am the point of contact for tickets for the Retired and Reserve Chiefs.

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Submarines Eye Goal Line
Ben Green, lookoutnewspaper.com, Mar 26, 2012

The next chapter in the Victoria-class submarine's journey is set to be filled with positive achievements.

Three of the four long-range patrol submarines will become fully operational and ready for deployment in both domestic and foreign waters in 2013.

Since their arrival on Canadian soil from the United Kingdom, all four submarines - HMCS Victoria, Chicoutimi, Windsor, and Corner Brook - have undergone "Canadianization" in the form of Extended Docking Work Periods (EDWP).

These extensive maintenance periods have repaired and modernized the 200-plus systems on board, to give Canada a submarine presence not had since retiring the three Oberon-class vessels of Ojibwa, Okanagan, and Onondaga.

Each submarine is at various stages of their work period or subsequent tests and trials; here's a look at their current status:

HMCS Windsor
Currently completing its EDWP this year at Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott in Halifax where it will advance to complete in-harbour and at-sea tests, training, and qualifications. Expected to commence operations in the fall of 2012.

HMCS Chicoutimi

Currently completing its EDWP at Victoria Shipyard Co. Ltd. in Esquimalt. Following the same procedures as Windsor, expected to commence operations in 2013.

HMCS Corner Brook

On June 4, 2011, Corner Brook ran aground while conducting submerged manoeuvres during submarine officer training near Nootka Sound. The damage incurred to date includes the rupture of the sonar dome, and minor leakage in a forward ballast tank. The full extent of the damage will be verified during its scheduled EDWP, which has been extended from 24 to 36 months. Under the Department of National Defence In-Service Support Contract, only one submarine can be in an EDWP at a time, therefore Corner Brook won't begin until January, 2013, at Victoria Shipyard Co. Ltd. With this schedule, work will be completed and the vessel ready to test and trial by 2016.

HMCS Victoria
In April, 2011, Victoria undocked from Esquimalt and completed a series of in-harbour tests and personnel training exercises. It progressed through its EDWP to sea for equipment trials and crew training, completing the Surfaced Safety phase of readiness certification.

In February 2012, it completed the first dive of its operational cycle and the Dived Safety phase of workups.

Currently, it's working on the Tiered Readiness Program, which will see it authorized to fire the MK-48 torpedoes and have its crew fully certified.

With Victoria the farthest along in its progressions, Capt(N) Luc Cassivi, Director Canadian Submarine Forces, says from now until Easter, the submarine will continue to undergo equipment trials and operations. After a short maintenance period in April and May, Victoria and its crew will participate in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) in late June. The biennial exercise held in the waters off Hawaii is the largest multi-national maritime exercise in the world.

"It'll provide a great environment to demonstrate its [Victoria's} capability and provide a rich environment to enhance the crew experience," says Capt(N) Cassivi, the navy's lead on coordinating all aspects relating to submarine specific, force generation, force employment, and sustainment.

As the submarines progress towards full readiness, navy leadership is beginning to focus on supplying the vessels with a steady stream of recruits. Until recently, the need for submariners was at a minimum, causing a backlog for prospective trainees. However, after years of patience, Capt(N) Cassivi encourages those who considered applying, but waited, to reconsider as the timing is now more appropriate.

"After a long wait, come next year we'll have three submarines operating," he says. "We'll be at a normal capacity to train and generate submariners."
Submarine training starts with a three-month Basic Submarine Course, something all trades and ranks must take. Following this, technical personnel will undergo technical class packages that vary from a few weeks to a few months in length. Personnel then undergo watch keeper training, ranging from two or three months for technicians, longer for officers.
All occupations are required to complete on-the-job-training once they've joined a specific submarine. However, they won't have to return to the CF Submarine Naval Operations School unless they need refresher training, new equipment training, or they receive a promotion.

"We need a few good men and women," adds Capt(N) Cassivi. "People who want a challenging, interesting environment should not hesitate to visit Victoria and talk to the crew to determine if it's a right fit for them."

The RCN is looking to recruit around 60 submariners a year to meet their demands.
Quick Sub Specs:

To date, the four Victoria-class submarines have accumulated about 900 days at sea since being purchased.
The submarines can operate more than 45 days without needing to be refuelled or re-supplied.
The submarine's diesel-electric engines provide a surfaced speed of 12 knots, a submerged speed of 20 knots, and stealth and flexibility in all weather conditions.
One submarine can conduct covert surveillance of 125,000 square kilometres of ocean.
One submarine possesses a crew of 48 with five additional trainees and can dive to a maximum depth of 200 metres.


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