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 September Monthly Meeting

Tuesday Evening

September 20th, 1900

FRA #29, 521 S. National Ave, Bremerton

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Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...

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Gertrude Check: A universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Remembrance Gathering for MMCS(SS) Sonny Dilg

(Posted August 26, 2016)

MMCS(SS) USN ret Johnnie (Sonny) E. Dilg, III went on Eternal Patrol on on Sunday, July 17th at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

His wife, Kari, has arranged a "Remembrance Gathering" to be held at the West Bremerton Pancake House, on Kitsap Way at 1400 (2PM) on Saturday, September 24th.
Sonny served in  Ronquil, Rock, Mariano G Vallejo, Catfish, Parche (a Naval Reserve Training Submarine) ,and George Washington .

Please plan on attending and share your thoughts and stories of Sonny and his submarine service or those in retirement.

WWII/HC/Life Member Goes On Eternal Patrol

Bremerton Base member retired Captain Harold Barker (89) went on eternal patrol in Reno, Nevada (after attending the USSVI National Convention) on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 in Reno.


His ashes will be mixed with his wife's (who died in July, 2016) and interned in a San Diego cemetery.

Captain Barker enlisted in the Navy in 1944 and served in Naval Air.  After the war and graduating from college, he reentered the Navy as an officer and served in destroyers before serving in Bluegill, Pomfret, Queenfish, Balao and  Bream before commanding the Sabalo.

During his Navy career, Captain Barker earned several awards including the Legion of Merit, 2 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. 

After Navy retirement in 1981, he was a stockbroker and restaurant entrepreneur in the Tacoma WA area.

Sailor, rest your oar!

Bremerton Base Founder Honored for 73 Years Qualified in Submarines

(Posted August 24, 2016)

Earlier this month at the local Blueback base submarine veterans summer picnic, Tudor F. Davis (center) was awarded his 70 year qualified in submarines pin. His original date for qualification in submarines is October 1943 USS Halibut (SS232) which actually makes a total of 73years qualified in submarines.

L>R: George Hudson (Base Commander), Tudor (Plank Owner Blueback Base) and Bob Walters (Plank Owner Blueback Base).

2016 USSVI National Convention Report (Preliminary)

(Updated August 24, 2016)

Shown here are most of the base members that attended the National Convention's Awards Banquet  at the Great Sierra Resort in Reno, NV on August 20th.

At the Awards Banquet, Base Commander Steve Corcoran accepted the Robert Link Award from NC Al Singleman for Life/HC Member John Gardner for John's volunteer base and national organization service since joining in 1997.


Puget Soundings Editor Dave Pittman can be proud of his  newsletter as it was first runner-up to first place in the large base category. 

Hopefully a slide show to follow next week.

HC/Life Member Goes On Eternal Patrol

(Posted August 13, 2016)


EMCS(SS) USN ret Ronald (Lefty) Frank Hnatovic went on Eternal Patrol on Thursday, August 11th. He was preceded in death by his wife earlier this year.


Lefty had been in declining health.


Lefty (79), served in Besugo, Caiman, Sea Fox, Baya, and Charr.

Sailor, rest your oar!

Deterrent Park Engraved Brick Installation

(Posted August 6, 2016)



USSVI Bremerton Base is taking donation orders for engraved bricks to be installed in the USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN-624) full scale topside model's missile deck in late October, 2016.  The model is located at Deterrent Park in front of the ComSubGruNine headquarters on the NBKClcik for Big Pic Bangor Base.


The donation for each brick is $40. Half of the donation is cost, the the other half goes toward base charitable gifting such as scholarships.


Detailed information and donation form located at .


Summer Schedule

Monthly Meeting

 Tuesday, September 20th,  1900

FRA #29, 521 S. National Ave, Bremerton


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July 15, 2016

Photos by Don Bassler


R-U Burble 3/20/2016

JAN 2016 1MC

Venting Sanitary Inboard 2/2016

The Klaxon, Dec 15, 2015


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The family of a retired Master Chief with 30 years in the
Submarine Service reluctantly decided that at age 92, he
needed more care than they could provide.

The only decent place close to their home was a nursing
home for retired military. They approached the facility
and were told that, while Army vets got first choice,
they would take vets of the other services if there
happened to be an opening; which, by good fortune, there

A week after placing the retired Sub sailor there, his
sons came to visit. "How do you like it here, Pop?" they

"It's wonderful," said the old sailor. "Great chow, lots
to do, and they treat everyone with great respect."

"How so, Pop?"

"Well, take Harry, across the hall, 88 and was in the Air
Force. He hasn't worn the uniform in 30 years, but they
still call him 'General.' Then George, down the hall, used
to lead the Army band. Hasn't conducted a note in 40 years,
but they still call him 'Maestro!' And, Bob used to be a
surgeon in the Navy, has not operated on anyone in 20 years,
but they still call him 'Doctor.' "

"That's fine for the other guys, Pop, but how do they treat

"Me? They treat me with even more respect. I'm 92, haven't
had sex in 10 years, and they still call me,

'That F_ _ _ing Bubblehead!'"


MCPO Wayne S. sends

European  "plastic" Bag

Compliments of Tudor Davis


Next Brick Install - Late Oct

Before Veterans Day! Fri, Nov 11


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