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Sunday, May 24, 2020 06:32 AM

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Bremerton Base Life Member Assumes Deterrent Park Brick Detail

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Today,  Sunday, May 24, 2020, Bremerton Base Life Member Phil Paugh took on the Bangor Base's Deterrent Park Engraved Brick Acquisition & Installation detail from Don Bassler, the lead on this detail for the past ten years.


Phil, a relative new member, qualified on the Michigan, and also served in Alaska, Kentucky, Jimmy Carter and Henry M Jackson during his 17 years of active duty, before transferring to the reserves.


Phil is currently an employee of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, putting his skills to work on special projects.












Bremerton  Base Founder Tudor Davis


Please listen to Tudor's remembrances of his life including his WWII experiences.







Thomas McAuliffe Lee (79) passed away on May 8, 2020 at 11 pm at St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, WA Tom was born in 1941 of Mary Jane Maher and James Ord, and adopted soon after by Alice McAuliffe and John Edward Lee. He resided at the Milton Hershey orphanage during his adolescent years, graduating with a diploma in candymaking. His career as a submarine sonarman earned him the position of Senior Chief Petty Officer. Tom was extremely proud of his Naval Service about which he frequently told many sea stories. He served over 20 years on five submarines: Cutlass, Sea Leopard, Carp, Whale, Batfish. He told tales of disembarking at the north pole, playing a ball painted orange on the frozen ice, being attacked by depth charges and torpedos and sailing the narrow passageways beneath the ice in the seas north of Norway. Tom is survived by his wife of 17 years Lois, his two sons, David and Dan and his daughter Cathy, four sisters (Connie, Theresa, Linda, Letitia) and a brother Jimmy, several grandchildren and great grandchildren living in Pennsylvania and Washington states. Two previous wives preceded Tom in death, Jackie and Beverly. Tom was active in several naval organizations and served on his residential association in Driftwood Key. Tom was well liked in his community where he made efforts to help residents construct their dream homes in a beautiful community where he could view submarines traverse the Hood Canal as they deployed to ports around the world. He will be on final patrol henceforth. Carrying on from a background of men with great integrity, his uncle General Anthony McAuliffe refused to surrender in Bastoinne which disallowed the German progress in Belgium. His influence to Tom was to encourage integrity and dedication to a life of military service. Tom is on final patrol henceforth. He will be interred in his community of Hansville. A flag ceremony and celebration of life will be delayed until everyone is safe from the pandemic of Corona 19 virus.



Base Commander Sends

Date: 5/15/2020
To: Distribution List

NEWS-01: Submitted by: Join Jaques, National Senior Vice Commander on 5/15/2020


The Board of Directors and the Convention Committee members held a teleconference meeting today, Friday, 15 May to determine whether or not to hold the 2020 National Convention scheduled for Tucson, Az.

This POC Bulletin contains the combined comments from that meeting from National Senior Vice Commander Jon Jaques, National Election Master Tom Conlon and National Awards Chairman Bill Scott.

To all USSVI shipmates:

In light of the current national pandemic emergency, the USSVI board of directors has voted to cancel the 2020 National Convention in Tuscon. This convention will be rescheduled for August 2023.

The BOD felt a number of uncontrollable circumstances made having the convention not in the best interest of the organization.

If you are due a refund for your convention registration, please give the convention committee time to issue checks and get those refunds in the mail.

Please address any questions or concerns to me via email at

Best regards,
Jon Jaques


As you are aware, this afternoon the National Board of Directors voted to re-schedule the USSVI National Convention to August 2023. Iím writing to inform you that this decision does not affect our National Election.

The election will continue as scheduled. Online voting will begin at 0001 June 18th and continue until 2359 August 17th. The National Ballot and other information related to the election is printed in The American Submariner. I urge you to read this carefully as you consider your vote. Additionally, the ballot will be available for download on the National Web Site.

You can vote in any format you wish. Mail-in ballots must reach me no later than August 17th. As a reminder, when voting by paper ballot, the member must complete his own ballot in his own hand. Members may not complete ballots for other members (i.e., proxy voting).

Base Commanders may print a supply of ballots for voting at a Base meeting. Base Commanders may submit their Baseís ballots in a single package.

As always, your vote is your voice in the operation of our organization.
Running Hot Straight and Normal,

Tom Conlon, Elections Master


Due to the recent decision by the BOD to reschedule the USSVI National Convention until 2023, I will be sending National Award recipientís plaques and patches to the appropriate Base Commander for proper recognition in the August 2020 time frame. In addition, I will be sending 1st and 2nd runner-ups certificates for NLOY awardees. I will be also sending certificates of participation to all other nominees. The vendor has volunteered to send the individual awards to the recipients separately, and I will provide him appropriate names and addresses to accomplish that activity. on committee chairs will be notified of this change when I submit the nominations to them the week of May 18th

Honored to Serve,
Harold W (Bill) Scott II, STSCS(SS) USN RET.
Central District 4 Commander
Chief of the Boat, USSVI Central Texas Base
CTB Newsletter Editor, USSVI National Awards Chair




April eBoard and General Membership

Base Commander Sends...Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I seriously doubt that we have any real chance of having a meeting for April. The extension of the Stay-at-Home guidelines to/through April 30th is pretty much going to put the kibosh on the meeting schedule.

It is, of course, still possible that it may be extended into the future. We will have to wait and see.

To that end, I believe that the best way to proceed for this week (eBoard) is to simply send me your reports, either eMail, video or telephone. Another virtual meeting for the General Meeting is likely a possibility, for which I would once again need your video presentations. Through today, we have had nearly 350 views of the March General Meeting. More than fifty members participated by "checking in" via comment or eMail.

As of today, I think that this is the best we can do for April.

Things have been pretty crazy at work, as you might imagine. I am pretty tired and in a good deal of pain, but we keep pushing forward. Like my old days in Social Services, just when you start thinking that it's just not worth the effort, you come across somebody who really needed you. It has been remarkable and uplifting. And very tiring.

As I am being called into work almost every day, if you need me ASAP the best way to get me right now is via text. I will get to calls as quickly as possible.

Anything else?





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This video on the Last Fighter Pilot, is probably NOT what youíre expecting, but itís only four min long, so, give it a try.

Jerry Yellen is 93 years old.

Worth your time.


Base Member Dave Davenport sends.




$40 Each

Engraved Bricks on Order for:





Next Install: 0900, Sunday, May 24, 2020














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