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Issue/date: 20180813

Up-dated: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 05:28 AM



2018 National Convention Western Caribbean Cruise

Oct 21 – 28, 2018

See Who is Coming!  507 Thru 7/20^

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(Membership 272^)

P O Box 465, Silverdale, WA 98383-0465  

USSVI National Office Tel (360) 337-2978 (6-12 PST)



The Rainier's Tail Gate Party & Ball Game

Friday, August 24th,  Party starts at 1630,

 Game at 1905

Contact Cdr Steve Corcoran for tickets ($6/ea)


September General Meeting

Tues, 18 Sep,1900 FRA29











Revised calendar displayed thru 2018 to show our 2018 raffle prize donors our appreciation. 2019 calendar will also include Soup Down favorites who were likely not asked to donate.

If calendar date(s) seem incorrect, right click on calendar to "refresh"

July-Sep Puget Soundings On-line

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Current Scholarfship Raffle Gift Request Ltr

  Our purpose is to: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country..."


U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base Events

Posted 8/14/2018


Base Commander sends:


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!  In my opinion, I believe we had another successful picnic. I want to thank those of you who made it a fun and enjoyable event.

  • The COB, Wayne Peterson and Associate member Hank Rose for manning the grill, not to mention help set up and break down.

  • Trina Baker (Wayne's girlfriend) and Associate member Bee Rose for manning the kitchen and keeping the food full, not to mention help set up and break down.

  • Treasurer Dennis Nardone and Joe Gavasso for handling the 50/50 raffle.

  • Jim DeMott for taking care of the beverages and ice.

  • Storekeeper Ralph Harris -  Doing his thing, selling stuff and doing a hell of a job.

Just to name a few. There is no way I can mention everyone, because you all made it a success, and I truly appreciate it. I apologize if I didn't mention you personally, but please know, I thank you. The Subvet teamwork was awesome!!!! In my 8 years that I have been back in the Northwest, attending and helping with this picnic, this had to be the picnic with the most food. You guys out did yourself. Now I can eat, but even I didn't get a chance to try every dish, but I tried my best. We did have some stuff leftover and the COB and I took notice and will prepare better next year. (I always get carried away with the brats) I have tentatively reserved the Elks pavilion for Saturday, August 24th of next year, so mark your calendars. It is the best date I could get as they are booked pretty full already. If you have any feedback pertaining to the picnic, please share with me or any member of the E-Board. I have received some already. I have a few ideas also. I will share all information as I receive it and compile a list. I do appreciate the feedback.


Next event is the ballgame at Chaney Stadium, Friday, August 24th. All the tickets the base purchased are accounted for. Game begins at 1905, tailgate @ 1630-1700. We can meet at Lowe's in Port Orchard to carpool and or just convoy. At this time, we are keeping it low key. Bring your chairs, beverages, snacks, and we will meet before the game. I do not plan on setting up a grill at this time. Please give feedback if you have ideas. If you still need tickets (I know of a few), please let me know A.S.A.P. I (or Bear) will contact the stadium and see what we can do. We were told there were extra tickets if needed. I will share final details soon (parking) when I get it.

You all make this base what it is, and I am proud to be a part of this organization and this group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I thank you for your support. Be safe and take care.

Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704


Posted 8/12/2018

Welcome Aboard:  Warner "Bud" Anderson (Pickerel,  Bang, Tang, Barbel, Sargo, Skate, Alaska)


2018 Annual Base Picnic - Bremerton Elks 8-11

Posted 8/12/2018


Base leadership led by Cdr Steve Corcoran provided about 50 members & guests  with an enjoyable picnic, good chow, liquid refreshment and entertainment.  COB Wayne Peterson spent a good part of the day behind a hot burner cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs for the folks. Others help set up and breakdown.  Shown above are pictures I took during the brief business meeting held before the picnic.  If others have pictures, email them to me, up-scope@wavecable.com, and I will post here. /ed

We also recruited a new member, Warner (Bud) Anderson. 

Jim DeMott provided images below.

Dave Pittman provided images below.



  USSVI Bremerton Base – Eternal Patrol Notice

Base Commander Sends:

This message has been Bcc'd to Bremerton Base e-mail listing.



It is with a heavy heart that I send this message. Today, I received an e-mail from the National Office that informed me of the passing of Billy P. Hrbacek, on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018. Billy qualified in submarines on the USS Cusk (SS- 348) in 1960. He also served on USS Halibut (SSN-587), USS Permit (SSN-594), USS Snook (SSN-592), and USS Sperry (AS-12). Billy was a CWO3 when he left the Navy. He joined USSVI in 2011, and was a member of the Bremerton Base and the Holland Club.

With Julius departing on Eternal Patrol, let it be known we have lost another hero.


Sailor, rest your oar!

Stephen J. Corcoran

Base Commander

USSVI Bremerton Base


Gertrude Check Note from the PS Editor (Dave Pittman)

Posted 8/8/2018


We are back on-line for printed copies of the PS using My Printing Services https://www.myprintingservices.com/ and Olympic Presort http://olympicpresort.com/.


Each printed copy will continue to be 16 pages, while the digital (on-line) copy will be approximately 24 pages (depending on the time of year, Base events, and member input).


The goal is to have the printed copy in your hands by the 12th of the publishing month.


 The Puget Soundings is published quarterly (Feb-May-Aug-Nov).  Article submission to  drpittman@wavecable.com is due the first day of the publishing month in order to allow for printing, addressing, and mailing.


  National elections/voting
Posted 8/2/2018

Base Commander sends:

Hello all, I hope you are doing well. Here are the instructions for U.S.S.V.I. National Voting of officers. Our goal is to have maximum participation to show our support. There is also a mail-in ballot in the current issue of the American Submariner. Any questions or concerns, please contact me. On another note, I will be sending an additional e-mail soon to give final details for our annual base picnic on August 11th. Take care my friends, and be safe.

Date: 8/2/2018
To: Distribution List

NEWS-01: IMPORTANT! Online voting
POC Managers forward ASAP
Submitted by: Tom  Conlon on 8/2/2018
Online voting for the 2018 USSVI National Election is now live.  The poll opened at 0001 today – August 1, 2018.  Voting will continue until 2359 October 10, 2018.

Members may vote by logging on to the USSVI web site – ussvi.org – and clicking on the “Vote in National Election” button. 

Base Commanders:  You may bring a laptop to a Base meeting and members may vote at the meeting.  Members may assist other members in voting, but each member must cast his own vote. 

Remember, your vote is your voice in the makeup of our organization’s “Command Team.”

Tom Conlon
Election Master
This is an official email communication from the United States Submarine Veterans.  Contact the sender if you do not want to receive these messa


Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704


Welcome Aboard : Paul Lucas (Carp, Thomas A Edison, Casimir Pulaski, Clamagore)




Bremerton Base Marches in 2018 Whaling Days Parade

Posted July 29, 2018

Photo provided by Dennis Nardone


Bremerton Base made a good showing at the annual Silverdale Whaling Days Parade Saturday, July 28, 2018 on a very warm day.  Sixteen Members were in attendance. Many retired to the Tracyton Brew House after the parade.  Big picture may be viewed here.

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Summer Schedule (Apr-Sep: 3rd Tue: 7 PM)

(Except Aug: Picnic)

FRA #29, 521 National Avenue, Bremerton

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"A clear conscience is usually the

     sign of a bad memory.”




August 10, 2018

Photo by Don Bassler

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