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Issue/date: 20181105

Up-dated: Friday, November 09, 2018 02:14 PM


2018 National Convention Western Caribbean Cruise

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(Founded in 1981, Membership today is 270^)


P O Box 465, Silverdale, WA 98383-0465  

USSVI National Office Tel (360) 337-2978 (6-12 PST)


Auburn Veterans Day Parade

 (Sat, 10 Nov)


Kitsap Veterans Day Event,

(Fairgrounds, Mon, 12 Nov, 1000)


November  Monthly Meeting

FRA 29, Sat, Nov 18, 1000


Current Scholarfship Raffle Gift Request Ltr

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November (Ref: Pig Boats)

  We shall not forget those that were lost in defense of our nation!

USS Corvina


USS Sculpin


USS Growler


USS Albacore


USS Scamp


NEWS-02: Scholarship Application Process and Proceedure
 Submitted by: Robert Frick, USSVCF Chairman on 11/5/2018
Shipmates:CORRECTED scholarship message below

The Chairman, USSV Charitable Fund announces the launching of the process and procedure of the August 2019 to June 2020 Academic Year Scholarship Program. All sponsors are requested to provide this information to their direct dependents, grandchildren or legal guardianship children who wish to apply for a USSV CF Academic Scholarship.

 This year’s application process has been converted to a user friendly Web-based application request, scholarship eligibility and detailed procedures for submitting a complete, accurate and secure application.

The USSVI Scholarship Application page can be found by logging on to USSVI.ORG; c” then Selecitable Fund”; then select “Scholarships”; then select; “application”.

This USSVI Website page contains a PDF Document that provides the background, process and procedure for this program and a link to the website for secure application. This scholarship application site has been co-produced and is co-located with the Dolphin Scholarship Program. Student applicants, who are qualified may also apply to the Dolphin Scholarship and other associated scholarships from this we page.

The application website may also be accessed directly by a copy and paste of the following web address: “subforcescholarships.smapply.io” and selecting the USSVI Scholarship Program.

Robert E. Frick RDML USN (Ret) SS Holland
Chairman USSV CF Academic Scholarship Program.

Newsletter of the Year Awards Program
John Stanford, Chairman
3026 Cesery Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32277-3527

Subject: Newsletter of the Year
USSVI Base: Bremerton Base
Class: Class I (Large Bases > 150 Members)
Newsletter Name/Issue: Puget Soundings Volume 22 Issue 1 published February 1, 2018
Submission Format: PDF......  Review winning entry here or
Greetings Shipmate,

The Puget Soundings is created and published by David R. Pittman (Base Newsletter Editor).

The Puget Soundings is sent to all Bremerton Base members and other interested parties via a digital format (PDF) and can be found on the Bremerton Base Website – The Gertrude Check.


David R. Pittman
10600 Lathrop Ln NW
Silverdale, WA 98383-7335


USSVI Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 465
Silverdale, WA 98383-0465

Congratulations to our Puget Soundings Editor Dave Pittman

Posted November 2, 2018


Congratulations to our Puget Soundings Editor Dave Pittman for receiving the awards listed, News Letter of the Year-Class One, and Over All Newsletter. Well deserved Dave. Thank you. I would also like to take time to thank all those who send in contributions to the newsletter. Cdr. Steve Corcoran

You may view Dave's hard work at this link: http://gertrude-check.org/archives.html.

Welcome Aboard New Members:

Chris Martin (Salt Lake City, Michigan, Florida, Henry M Jackson)

Eric Antoine (Greenling, San Francisco, Parche, Oklahoma City, Greeneville, Jimmy Carter)

Zackary Jeter (Pennsylvania,  Louisiana)


Join Us

Monthly General Membership Meeting

Winter Schedule (Oct-Mar: 3rd Sat 10 AM

(Except DEC: Xmas Party)

Summer Schedule (Apr-Sep: 3rd Tue: 7 PM)

(Except Aug: Picnic)

FRA #29, 521 National Avenue, Bremerton

Membership Application


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"Take my advice — I'm not using it.












537 Dekalb St,

Port Orchard, WA 983660

October 5, 2018

Photo by Red Bassler


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Navy sailors accused in LSD ring on board USS Ronald Reagan

What the Lull in Aircraft Carrier Deployments Means

Congratulations to our Puget Soundings Editor Dave Pittman

Save the Army’s Navy

The Only Enlisted Submariner to Ever Receive the Medal of Honor Locked Himself Inside a Sinking Submarine

US airstrike kills about 60 al-Shabab extremist fighters in Somalia



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