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2018 National Convention Western Caribbean Cruise

Oct 21 Ė 28, 2018

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P O Box 465, Silverdale, WA 98383-0465  

USSVI National Office Tel (360) 337-2978 (6-12 PST)

Annual Whaling Days Parade

Saturday, July 24

Parade starts at 10, be there at 9 on 

Kitsap Mall Blvd (by Sears)


Annual Base Picnic, Elks Club, Bremerton

Saturday, August 11th

Kicks off with  1100 Meeting, bring a side dish











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Bill Trilsch AARP Volunteer Sends
Posted July 19, 2018
Morning, Steve -

Attached is a pdf of the AARP Fraud Presentation I read from last night (I tried the projector in my office this morning and of course it worked perfectly. Donít know what went wrong last night). This presentation is the body of what I presented, and covers most of it but not quite all of it. The emphasis is on cyber security because thatís harder to understand that some dumb phone call from a fraudster. I hope I reached a few of your crew. I enjoyed being there and having the opportunity to present to a nice group of guys.

If you know of other military organizations I could give presentations too, please tell me who to contact. I promise to do a better job with the projector than last night.

Thanks again.

Bill Trilsch
AARP Volunteer
Fraud Watch


Posted July 18, 2018

Welcome Aboard 

Larry Warthen (Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton, Sargo, Florida), Carleton Black (Michigan, Alaska, Hawkbill) Alexandra Enzinna (Michigan) and Christina Punzalan (Michigan)


July 17th Monthly Meeting Summary

Posted July 18, 2018


After traditional opening ceremony, Cdr Steve Corcoran introduced AARP Volunteer Bill Trilsch to nearly 40 members present.


 Bill gave an interesting presentation on various types of fraud being made on especially older citizens.  They were everything from telephone, internet, e-mail and mail fraud.  The bottom line was "Do not provide your personal information to anyone that can not be identified or verified  as legitimate to need your data". (See AARP Fraud Presentation)


Details of upcoming Saturday, August 11th annual picnic.  Details noted below.


This was followed by  a business meeting.  Of importance was  interest in the Aug 24th Tacoma Rainier's ball game with a preceding tail gate  party.  It is outlined below in Commander's Note.


U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base up-coming events

Posted July 15, 2018

Base Commander Sends:


Hello Base Members;


 I hope this e-mail finds you doing well. The weather is beautiful, just a little too warm for me, but it could be worse,so I am good. We have had good turnouts for our parades. The 4th of July parade on Bainbridge Island was awesome. There must have been a couple thousand people lining the streets and gave us a very warm welcome. Fathoms of Fun in Port Orchard was also enjoyable. I just wanted to share events coming up for our base.

- July 15th, Sunday, 1200-1600- USS Buffalo Decommissioning BBQ, Camp McKean Recreation Area, 950 Kitsap Lake Rd, Bremerton
- July 16th, Monday, 1000. - USS Buffalo Decommissioning Ceremony, Keyport Museum
I sent in RSVP cards for 8 at each event, but I am sure you won't be turned away if you attend. Please wear your colors and represent U.S.S.V.I.
 - July 17th, Tuesday, 1900, general membership meeting. We will have a speaker from AARP to present material on scams and additional information that will be beneficial to us. They are not here to sell us anything, just provide useful information. Chow will be provided by shipmate Bear Stiffey (pulled pork sandwiches). I hope to see you there.
 - July 20th, Friday,1130, Soupdown, Blue Goose Tavern on Bay street in Port Orchard.
 -  July 28th, Saturday, 0900, Whaling Days Parade, Silverdale. We usually meet for lunch afterwards.
 That is it for the month of July.
 We have a few events in August.
 - Annual base picnic on Saturday August 11th, Elks Pine Road in Bremerton. This will be co-hosted with American Legion Post 149 of Bremerton. Meeting at 1100, chow begins 1230-1300, live music 1300-1700. Please provide a side dish. The Base and Legion will provide burgers, brats, dogs, and all the fixings. Beverages will be provided or you may bring your own. This looks to be another fun and successful picnic. I think the COB will be the head chef again, as he does a great job. I hope you can join us.
 - Friday, August 24th 1500. The Base has purchased 35 tickets for the Tacoma Rainier's ball game at Chaney Stadium. Price for ticket is $6.00. Tickets will be available for sale at the meeting Tuesday.  We will begin tailgating at @1500. Game begins at 1800.There will be a fireworks show after the game.  Base member Bear Stiffey has taken the lead on this event and I will share his e-mail below with details.
Seats are are on 1st base side (should be shaded as the sun sets) There are still some available close if we run out. They are going to set aside a space in parking area for us to tailgate. We will get a score board posting of ten words. I have told him just what was on check ........ U.S. Submarine Veterans USSVI Bremerton Base ......  but we can change it  and we maybe able to add USS Michigan SSGN-727 if we get a large enough group from them we can also get more tickets if they want to come as a group. Tyler (Rainer's Dude) did good for us.  I will touch base again on 19th and around 26th and then at least once the week before.   They need to know ASAP if we need an ADA seat or Seats I only know of one person in worse shape than I am so I told him initially no but we can change that.  Seats are pretty accessible.
We are looking to car pool to the game. It would be nice if we had an RV to set up for the tailgate. As of now, we are going to set up canopies and have a generator for power. Please provide your own chairs. We have time to finalize the details for this event. I look forward to any feedback to help with this event.
Well, I think that is it for now. It has been a fun and busy summer so far. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Be safe friends, and see you soon. Take care.


Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704


The Hawaii Subvet

Posted July 12, 2018





2018 Grand Old Fourth of July Bainbridge Island Parade Summary

Posted July 5, 2018


The base was represented by several base members and 5 active duty sailors' Color Guard (some also base members) from  USS Michigan SSGN 727 in this annual event.  After the parade we went as invited guests to the American Legion Colin Hyde Post 172 on Bainbridge Island for a wonderful home made lunch provided by the legion members and associates.  A good time was had by all!


Photo provided by Dave Pittman

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June 8, 2018

Photos by Don Bassler


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