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Annual Tolling of the Boats Ceremony

Thursday, May 26th, 1030

Deterrent Park, NBK, Bangor

Saturday, May 28th- Run to Tahoma, Port Orchard Court House

 Monday, May 30th, 1300? Annual Wreath Presentation at Ivy Green Cemetery,

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(A Non-profit Organization for 35 Years)

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Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country...

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Gertrude Check: A universal navy term for requesting an underwater telephone check with another boat or skimmer .

Patricia Thurlow - In Harrison

(Posted  May 24, 2016)


Bremerton Bse HC Member Al Thurlow's wife, Pat, has been admitted to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton with an intestinal blockage.  Pat and Al are regular Soup Down attendees.  You can reach Pat in Rm 406, phone # 360-377-3911.



Base Commander Sends - Run to Tahoma

(Posted  May 24, 2016)

Deterrent Park Semi-Annual Engraved Brick Installation

(Posted  May 23, 2016)



On Sunday Morning, May 22th, base members Ray Pitts, Sam Swenson and Ron Lewis installed 14 engraved bricks as shown in the images below. Next install will a week or two before Veterans Day (November 11, 2016).


Brick Installers; L-R: Bremerton Base Members Ron Lewis, Sam Swenson and Ray Pitts

(Sponsors may want to view this collage which shows your donations to the park. You will be notified by e-mail in the next 3 days of the exact location of your brick donations, Thank You/ed)

Bremerton's 68th  Armed Forces Day Parade

(Posted  May 23, 2016)


About 9 base members braved the weather in this annual event on a cold (54o), rainy Saturday morning, May 21st

L-R: Steve Corcoran, Wayne Peterson, Sam Swenson, Dutch Kaiser, Dennis Nardone, Jim DeMott, Dave Pittman, Dene Rogers, and  Ralph Harris. (Photo provided by Dennis Nardone.)

They were greeted by very appreciative parade watchers.  It was a rewarding experience, as usual.

Base Commander Sends: Up-coming Events

This message has been Bcc'd to all Bremerton Base members;

Hello to all. I just wanted to send a quick note for up-coming events that our base will be attending. I hope you can join us. Thanks for the support.
Friday, May 20th - Soup down- ***CHANGE OF VENUE*** We will meet at Cash Brewing Company in Silverdale at 3388 NW Byron St Ste 100, Silverdale, WA 98383. It is in Old Town. Red has it on Gertrude.
Saturday, May 21st- Bremeton's Armed Forces Day Parade, additional info on Gertrude or please contact me if you have any questions.

We will stage in Section D on 6th St between Roosevelt & Hewitt Ave.

All  Base members are encouraged to march or ride the float in the parade.

The parades are a fun event. Hope to see you there!!

Saturday, May 28th- Run to Tahoma, Port Orchard Court House. I will get more info and have it posted on Gertrude, or you can contact me. This is a very moving memorial service. I hope to have a good number of members attend.

Monday, May 30th, Memorial Day - Our annual wreath presentation at Ivy Green Cemetery. Normally at 1300. I will send additional info as I get it, and again it will be posted on Gertrude.

Thanks again for all your support at our events. I do appreciate it. If you have any questions or concerns about base functions or events, please contact me. I will help as much as I can. Take care my friends

Steve Corcoran
Base Commander
U.S.S.V.I. Bremerton Base
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704

National Office Manager Looking for a  Member to Assist 2hr/Week

(Posted  May 18, 2016)

USSVI National Office Manager Fred Borgmann is in search of a volunteer to to spend 2 hours a week at his office in Silverdale.  Under his guidance, the job requires mailing out letters to members for various reasons.; i.e, new membership cards, thank you notes etc.  It is rewarding, and keeps you up to date on current events.  Freds's telephone # is 360-337-2978  and email: /ed

May 17th General Meeting Summary

(Posted  May 18, 2016)


Opening ceremonies, with about 30 members attending, Cdr Steve Corcoran introduced submarine book author, retired Navy Commander Rick Campbell.


Rick briefed his life, Navy and new author careers.


Rick gave a thorough review of his first, of three books,  THE TRIDENT DECEPTION.  He then gave a few hints on his latest ICE STATION NAUTILUS which involves a US submarine & a Russian submarine collision under the North Pole ice cap and the recovery response.  It sounds exciting. It will be on sale June 28th, with a Kick Off at the Silverdale Yacht club.

After a break with hotdogs provided by the base, an efficient business meeting was conducted with no new or exciting news.  All upcoming events are addressed below, or you will be informed by website updates, and/or e-mail from the base commander.

Eileen Drumm Takes a Fall - In Recovery at North Woods, Silverdale

(Updated May 24, 2016)


HC Member Jerry Drumm's wife, Eileen, fell while approaching her car at the Silverdale Mall.


Apparently she passed out and fell hitting the pavement hard.  Transported to St. Josephs She is now recovering in recovery at North Woods Recovery Center in Silverdale.  See or call her.  Rm 43, 360-328-5258.

Base Commander Sends: Immediate Past Bremerton Base Commander as Assistant Vice District Four Commander

(Posted May 12, 2016)


Hello all, this message has been Bcc'd to members of Bremerton Base. Congratulations to Immediate Past Base Commander Jim DeMott. Well done Jim.


From: USSVI, WD 4 Commander Al Durkee



On 2 May 2016 I appointed Immediate Past Bremerton Base Commander as Assistant Vice District Four Commander. His appointment was approved by the Western Region Director, Bob Bissonnette on 6 May 2016.


This appointment is made in accordance with the decision of the USSVI Board of Directors as documented in in the notes of the USSVI BOD Online meeting dated December 18 2015.


Please note that what appears to be a redundant title is in fact what was adopted by the USSVI BOD.

This appointment is meant to accomplish two objectives: first to assist the District Commander with his administrative commitments and second to ensure that at least one additional past Base Officer is up to speed with the business of the District and the requirements of the office of District Commander.

While I did receive a commitment (as much as any of us can commit) from AVDC Jim Demott to run for the DC4 position when my current term expires, his appointment in no way should be construed as limiting any other qualified candidate from becoming involved with the business of WD4 and preparing himself to also be a candidate. In fact, I would welcome such an outcome.
Base Commanders: please inform the membership of this appointment as the content of the USSVI website may be delayed by the impending changes.


Al Durkee
Steve Corcoran
P.O. Box 6216
Silverdale, WA 98315
Cell (360) 471-2704

RADM Horton Smith Goes on Eternal Patrol
(Updated May 19, 2016)

(At the Base Commander's request, Base SK Ralph Harris and I attended Admiral Smith's funeral service at the Washelli Cemetery in Seattle this past Tues, May 17, 2016.  About 75 were present including about a dozen USSVI Subvets in colors, and I am sure a few other retired Navy veterans. Several attendees made eulogies to the  deceased Admiral including his stepson.  All validated his life as depicted below. An active Navy duty honor guard gave him a gun salute and bugler played taps./ed)

He worked in many roles including Attorney, King County Superior Court Judge, and most notably as a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy.

RADM Horton Smith was commissioned in 1945 from the University of Washington Naval ROTC. He graduated from the University in 1947. RADM Smith's first command was patrol craft 555. By the time he was 21, RADM Smith was the commanding officer of Landing Service Medium (LSM 288). As an active member in the Naval Reserve, he made the switch to the submarine fleet. As a LTJG, RADM Smith was the first Naval Reserve officer in the 13th district to earn his submarine warfare pin.

RADM Smith was recalled to active duty during the Korean Conflict. He was first assigned to the USS CORSAIR (SS-435) and later transferred to the USS GROUPER (SSK-214). The USS GROUPER was retrofitted as the Navy's first "hunter-killer" submarine and during his time aboard, he qualified for command and served as the boat's executive officer.

After the Korean Conflict, RADM Smith returned to the Navy Reserve where he served as a commander on both a destroyer and a costal minesweeper home ported in Tacoma, Washington. As a Captain, he was assigned as the Navy Liaison to the State of Washington Adjutant General staff, where he served under Major General Howard S. McGee. RADM Smith also spent time in Washington, D.C. on the policy board for determinations of Navy and Navy Reserve. He also served as a quasi-instructor at the National Defense University, and was a Blue and Gold Officer for the Naval Academy. He achieved the rank of Rear Admiral in 1975 and in 1976, RADM Smith commanded region 22 of the Naval Reserve Readiness Command.

During his civilian career, RADM Smith graduated from University of Washington Law School and served in the King County Juvenile Court during the Vietnam years. He was also elected as a King County Superior Court Justice, a position he held for almost 20 years. He would later return to the active duty life as an enlisted Coast Guard Able Seaman in 1980 and after 9/11, he became the oldest active member serving in the Persian Gulf. He served as Third Deck Officer on both the USNS JOHN LENTHALL (T-AO-189) and the USNS LEROY GRUNMAN (T-AO-195) whose primary mission was to provide jet fuel and accompany aircraft carriers in the Gulf.

RADM Smith remained an active member and ardent supporter within the submarine, Seattle civic, and University of Washington communities.

RADM Smith is survived by his wife Lei-llah Smith, his son Vern, and his daughters Caroline and Corenne. He will forever be loved and missed by those he leaves behind, and known far and wide for the incredible career and legacy he created.

Funeral Information

An outdoor gathering will be held in RADM Smith's honor on Tuesday May 17th at 1:00pm, at the Washelli Cemetery next to the Doughboy statue.

(PS: RADM Smith was a member of the USSVI Seattle Base, attended all Auburn Veteran's Day Parades, either marching or riding with the NW USSVI Bases./ed)

Annual Tolling of the Boats Ceremony

Thursday, May 26th, 1030 - Deterrent Park, NBK Bangor

(Posted May 8, 2016)


This year, the Tolling of the Boats Ceremony will be held inside the NBK, Bangor Base. 


(To me, this is sad, as as it does not allow the public to witness the serious ceremony that past and active duty submariners do to show in their respect for those who sacrificed their lives to bring all the standard of living we and most countries in the world enjoy today./ed)


Your presence would be appreciated.



Summer Schedule

Monthly Meeting

Jun 21st, 3rd Tue, 1900

  FRA #29, 521 National Ave, Bremerton


Be Patient - Calendar will come up




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Bainbridge Island

May 13, 2016

Photos by Dennis Nardone


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